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Do you color your hair, or would you ever to hide the gray?

posted 5/27/2008 8:19:00 PM |
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tagged: hair, straddle

This question is for both men and women on here. Do you color your hair, or would you ever color it to hide the gray? Also, what brand of hair coloring is best in your opinion, or one that works best for you? As for me, yeah, I had a little bit of gray since I was in my mid 20's. I dye my hair dark brown (dark auburn when there's no dark brown left in the brand I buy at the store). The brand that I buy, works best for me is the Excellence from Loreal', the women stuff!

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May 27 @ 8:25PM  
I leaves
the women stuff!
to da womens

May 27 @ 8:26PM  
Grey can be sexy....

May 27 @ 8:28PM  
Yep....sure do. I'm very attached to my light to medium brown hair and those nasty little gray strands that keep showing up are not invited.

Oh yeah..and I like using Clarol...(however it's spelled! ) Speaking of which...I think it's time I head to the store tomorrow.

May 27 @ 8:28PM  
Hey, Bigflirt...welcome back!

Where did ya go?

May 27 @ 8:36PM  
That's funny, Shawn. I know a woman who swears by "Just for Men."

I get mine professionally done, but in between, whatever is on sale as long as the color matches. I like reddish browns. Never dark brown. It has a tendency to look black.


May 27 @ 8:39PM  
I like reddish browns. Never dark brown. It has a tendency to look black.

Yeah, when I do mine with dark brown my hair then looks almost black. But I think it's cool!

May 27 @ 9:13PM  
HELL no, I don't! I relax it though - gotta keep the frizz under control!

May 27 @ 9:22PM  
Hell yeah I do, if I didn't I swear I would be totally grey! Hey BF welcome back

May 27 @ 9:34PM  
look at my pics........i'm color free.......

May 27 @ 9:47PM  
A 40 yearoldvirgin has got to be at his best. Gotta dye out the gray. Just for men 5 minute stuff is alright. I dye the pubbies too. Gotta be prepared!

May 27 @ 10:12PM  
Nope, au natural for me, as I'm just starting to get there. By the time it goes grey, I'll probably be bald

May 27 @ 10:26PM  
I have to admit that I colored the gray on both sides of my head, used Just for men of course.... Tried it a few times and gave up.......... That little gray doesnt look bad at all ...... besides, its artificial and fake.... why pretend, just be yourself was my thinking.

May 27 @ 10:27PM  
I have dyed mine so many times I don't remember the normal color anymore
I like mine blond but it is too hard to keep up..I would rather have it done by someone who knows what they are doing. But it is expensive. Now I am doing a light brown to med brown..Closer to my own color..I have a lot of grey in again and when I can get around to it and the money I will get it colored.
I have thick hair so I would need more than one box to do my hair.

I have a friend out in South Webster that does my hair and she is cheap..Compared to everyone else around here..But I can never get a hold of her she is so busy all the time. She only works two days a week out there..And works someone else also. Plus her kids are in sports..She is always on the go..

May 27 @ 10:34PM  

I never have and never will color it. At 65 I still have dark hair.

May 27 @ 10:38PM  
Yep I color my hair. I started to get gray hair at 19.. That just didn't do for me...LOL
I use what ever is on sale... LOL..

May 27 @ 10:46PM  
yup, color it is!! L'Oreal Excellence creme does wonders!! If I didn't, I'd be totally gray...not ready for that yet!! My twin brother was totally gray at 40...could have been a stand in for Sam Elliott!! And no! we are NOT identical!!

May 27 @ 10:53PM  
By the time it goes grey, I'll probably be bald

And this he blames on thigh burns... I'm just sayin'

My hair has been just about every color imaginable...Pretty much natural now except for some hi-lights... But I can honestly say, no grey..Not yet anyways.

May 27 @ 11:07PM  
I've never colored my hair. I'm starting to see more and more grey but it will take a lot for me to color it. Once you start you can't stop and I'm not ready for that yet.

May 27 @ 11:16PM  
color it... no
i shave it all off

May 27 @ 11:23PM  
Yep i do color my hair right now its a purpelish red if i didnt i would get gray hairs thanks to the family genes my father started getting gray hair when he was 19 i started when i was 25 not many but enough i like using herbal essence and stuff yes i orgasm even when dying my hair and straddle lol u do know they have hair dye for men now right !!! lol I got mine done by my hair dresser a few times but being on a strict income i stick to the box now alot less expensive i think $20 is more worth it then $60.

May 27 @ 11:26PM  
Yep I've been coloring mine since I hit 30 and had this strange gray/white "patch" appear on one side of my head! Now if I let it grow out a bit it would be mostly silver/gray. At least IF and WHEN I let it go all natural it will be a pretty shiny silver, not dull and yellowed gray! I like Revlon Colorsilk, one of the cheapest, and my friend who is a colorist swears by it!

May 27 @ 11:29PM  
I don't color my hair, have had it highlighted in the past but now I'm trying to SHOW the gray. lol. And as for men coloring their hair...yuck.

May 28 @ 12:09AM  
straddle lol u do know they have hair dye for men now right !!! lol

Hey, the womens stuff has been out far longer than the guys have, and it's actually better than the guys...just sayin'...

May 28 @ 12:12AM  
All natural baby! Even when I get gray hair I still wouldn't ever color my hair!

May 28 @ 12:32AM  
I am of the small mind that since I own it, I will leave it be.

It is natures way of showing your mileage (in some cases).

Why people are so damned fascinated with faking out Mother Nature is beyond me. (Though fake redheads.......hmmmmm........I can go for that).

If I wanted to play Barbie........I would buy one, no sense in doing it to myself.

Plus, I am a Man. 'Nuff said.

May 28 @ 1:08AM  
although a natural blonde..i do play barbie now adays...

May 28 @ 2:06AM  
Yep I color my hair, i've been doing it since I was 16 so it wasn't to hide the gray then LOL. My hair hasn't seen it's natural blonde since then. My step-son calls my red hair artificial intelligence.

May 28 @ 4:21AM  
Grey can be sexy....
Grey can be extremely sexy..on men. Most women can't pull it off as usually makes us look older.....Sorry ladies.... and I did say most, not all.

BF...welcome back..

May 28 @ 6:05AM  
Sometimes I dye my hair with clairol natural instincts, which washes out in about 28 washings, I don't dye to cover my gray hairs, but do so when i want a change. My favorite color for me is egyptian plum, but due to one family member hating it, she is in the minority, i tend to use something else usually a dark auburn/brown

May 28 @ 6:13AM  
No Way...I've earned every single one of mine.......

May 28 @ 6:35AM  
I never have colored my hair. Other than my sideburns I have no grey. my hair is medium brown with no grey. At my age I feel pretty lucky although my grandmother died at 98 and didn't have a grey hair in her head. Everyone thought she colored her hair but she didn't.

May 28 @ 8:41AM  
My first grey hair showed up at 13. Better turning grey than loose.

May 28 @ 1:42PM  
I tried coloring my hair once- very messy. But people have told me that I look good with the gray I have, so I'm leaving it be.

May 28 @ 1:55PM  
i like bein a blonde

May 28 @ 3:21PM  
I do color...and find women's haircoloring to be better for my hair and to last longer,also.Jazzing is always fun to add to any haircolor. Most of the time I use Hydrience by Loreal, or really a combo of several to make a unique color.

May 28 @ 7:04PM  
I've had gray hair since i was 14. it was cool when i could buy the beer for the parties. I don't color now but may some time. I salt and pepper look, ok ok the salt look.

May 29 @ 12:04AM  
I play with color from time to time but it is usually with my girls and we are up to something.. worst color I put in was a purple red.. ACK and it turned pink when we tried to tone it down.. Talk about an adventure went back to college with it too ack.. last color attack was with a red under my already red hair... so I have two tone hair

May 29 @ 12:10AM  

I like to try different colours... shades of red to auburn to dark brown...
recently tried closer to my natural light brown hair with blonde highlights...

I've got mixed feelings about the hair color... my pic shows the light hair..
other pic dark hair..

May 31 @ 12:22AM  
Nope, I've never done it. I would hate to have to keep up with it. I'm not going gray so I'm not worrying right now.

Jun 17 @ 6:15PM  
I like a lot of the woman in here have been gray since i was a kids call it my skunk stripe...I use nice & easy it works the best on my hair. :>)

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Do you color your hair, or would you ever to hide the gray?