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What's your middle name?

posted 5/25/2008 5:20:19 PM |
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tagged: people, life, names, straddle

*************** Interesting enough, some people have the most weirdest middle name, or even a middle name that fits better than their first name. So with that said, what's your middle name? Mine is Patrick. Been called "pattycakes" by a chick in high school who had the hots for me. Also, have people called you something simular to your middle name because they liked you, or because they didn't, and what was it?

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May 25 @ 5:26PM  
Edward....but I never use it on anything

May 25 @ 5:29PM  
Mines Corinne. Nothing special or sybolic. I'm not even sure why my parents choose it.

No one calls me by my middle name but several call me Nic which is an abreviation of my first name.

May 25 @ 5:32PM  

Nah, just teasing, a lot of people with that middle name.

Off topic: Just called Tash, and said "hey babe, it's me". Only problem is this person I said that to was another young woman. I made her blush, and I think she actually liked it, along with the sound of my voice I think. lol She didn't know who Tash was and she laughed after I did. Going to have to call back up there and see where they moved Alex to now.

May 25 @ 5:35PM  
named after my dad so I use Junior on all of my paperwork to avoid confusion with him.

May 25 @ 5:58PM  
Edwin - my Dad
been told it should be "wreck"
also been told I wreck really, really good
off topic
I'd say - so sue me
ya never know
so I never did
so there
what was the question?

May 25 @ 6:12PM  
Jo....when we were small girls, my sister would taunt me by have a boys name, you have a boys name....

I was named after my aunt, Betty Josephine...and have a cousin named after me, she is Jennifer Jo

May 25 @ 6:43PM  

May 25 @ 7:37PM Mom always calls me "Rie" (pronounced ree).

Of course..when I was a mom always made use of my full name when she was a bit "upset" with me.

May 25 @ 7:39PM Have you no creativity Mother?? Lol............It sounds like a hot cheerleader though...........(it's the only reason I kept it)

May 25 @ 7:40PM  
my fam drove me nuckin futts calling me Debbran..............Debbran get in here and blah, blah, yada............

May 25 @ 8:03PM  
you mean like Lisann when I was in trouble?

I have an aunt who's name is Joann her sisters called her Juicycock wonder why

May 25 @ 8:15PM  

I've never been too crazy about it, but the name exists on both sides of my family, and I found a way to incorporate it into my oldest daughter's name, too.


May 25 @ 8:22PM  
Middle Name = Dee
First Name = Sandra

Figure it out....I'm 46 years old, so I am not named AFTER the character from Grease

May 25 @ 8:32PM  
after a granddad

May 25 @ 8:41PM  

Mine would be James, but know one has ever used it outside the Government.


May 25 @ 8:46PM  


May 25 @ 8:46PM  

" Shawn Patrick " Sure and 'tis a good Irish name.

May Kim never find Erin's Go Bra in your glove box.

May 25 @ 9:08PM  

May 25 @ 9:15PM  
Lisbeth. My parents argued over my name. Dad named me Elizabeth Christine after his mother who was known as "Bess". Mom said she wasn't having a daughter named after a cow, went to City Hall and changed it to Barbara Lisbeth at least conceeding a bit on the Elizabeth portion but still spelled it with a S instead of a Z.

It's not good to pair a stubborn German mother with a hard headed Irish father..and then let them produce 7 kids

May 25 @ 9:22PM  
Quentin - I used to hate it when I was a kid and would tell people I didn't have a second name, now I quite like it.

May 25 @ 9:59PM  
Louisa...and if you knew my first name, I would never hear the end of it!!

May 25 @ 10:04PM daughters middle name is Lyn, and now my youngest granddaughters middle name is Lynette.
First time I can recall ever liking my middle name...

May 25 @ 10:45PM  

May 25 @ 11:46PM  

May 26 @ 1:33AM  
Mine is Martin - I am named after my mother's father. But, my mother wanted to change my middle name to Night Horse - but never did. I plan on changing it to that before I graduate from college

May 26 @ 2:55AM  
I generally go by:

Lou Bitgood, Pat McGroin, Phil McCracken, Seymore Butts, Mike Hawk, Heywood Jablome, Hugh Jacoc, Hugh Jass, Hugh G. Rection, Dick Hertz, Dick Vanpatten, Hugh Janus, Connie Lingus, Kraven Moorehed, Jack Mehoff, Shi Ton Mi, Harry Weener, Dixie Normus, Dixie Rect, Howie Feltersnatch, Jack Offalot, Moe Lester, Halotta Fagina, Patty O'Furniture, Harry P. Nass, Wee Tard, Eric Shon, Phil Uranus, Stu Pidasso, Gabe Uttseks, Ben Dover, and Mike Hunt.

However, my real middle name is......not tellin'!!

May 28 @ 2:12AM  
My middle name is Michele. My parents wanted a boy I guess, my name was supposed to be Christopher Michael, but I came out without the appropriate equipment so i'm Christina Michele instead.

An old boss used to call me Christybelle. Hence the screen name.

May 28 @ 10:51AM  
My middle name is Aleah pronounced ah lee ah my first name is Fawn so i guess as of right now i take the prize for most unusual name

May 28 @ 12:28PM  
lol my middle name is Rose its a family name there is one rose in every generation and i'm the lucky one i guess never been used in any nick names though

May 28 @ 1:09PM  
so my middle name is helen, my grandmothers name which i am not a fan of... i have one lil girl with Rose-Lynn, Rose after my mother in-law name Rosemary and Lynn from my moms middle name.... and one one the way her name will be Rayne Starlyn... my husband liked rayne,,, and i loved Starlyn for years because i have a close friend named Starlyn Sommer Flowers.... i guess i am a lil hippie... lol

May 28 @ 11:36PM  
My middle name is leann. My initials are TLC and i always liked that...

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What's your middle name?