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An Unfinished Story

posted 5/24/2008 1:55:21 AM |
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Once there was a small bird, who didn't have the sweet song of the other males, nor was his plumage as bright. He was smaller, but that didn't stop him from trying year after year to find a mate. Every season he was among the first to arrive, and the last to leave. He would find the best nesting site and sing his heart out trying to find one female that could see past the loud song and better plumage of the other males. But year after year, he was ignored, no female could see what he was under the rough coat and raspy song.

One year, he did not come early, it was late in the mating season when he finally arrived. He did not sing, or try to find a nest site, and when asked why, he just shrugged, said nothing and went about his business. The light in his eyes had dimmed, he felt so alone that year, he could no longer stand being around the rest of the flock. So one day he flew high into the sky, spun and tumbled and finally straighted out his flight, and took off in what ever direction he was pointed when he opened his eyes.

For many days he flew, until no more of his kind were seen. Then he was chased and harassed by other unfamiliar birds, some much larger, some smaller, but all not wanting an unknown intruder among them. He flew until there was no energy left in him. Not being able to eat while being chased had taken all he had to just get away. So one day, exhausted, disheartened, and ready to give up completely, he fell from the sky.

Not dead, but too far gone to try to go any further. Lying there on the ground, he wondered why life had been so cruel to him, but blamed no one. He felt his heart beating, but took no comfort in it, for it beat for only him.

Then a little girl and her father came along, the girl running and playing, almost stepped on the poor little fellow. But stopped, and looked to see what it was on the ground she had nearly stepped on. Seeing the bird, she bent down to examine him, and saw that tho he was alive, there was something not right. Of course he was scared, but could not flee. So he tried to just back away, but could barely move.

“Oh Daddy, come see, come see !” she said, wanting to pick the poor bird up.
“What have you discovered this time Princess?” knowing his daughters penchant for finding treasures everywhere.
“It's a little bird Daddy, a little bird.”
“Something is wrong, tho, he doesn't try to fly, and he looks very tired, and maybe sick.”
“Then don't touch him, he could have some very bad disease that you will catch.”
“But Daddy, he needs help, can't we do something? Anything? PLEASE?”
Knowing the futility of saying no, he thought for a moment, looked at the poor fellow, and decided to appease his little Princess, it would be best to attempt to do something for the poor creature.

“Run back to the house and bring back some paper towels, and get one of your mothers plastic food containers. Bring them back and I will stay here and see that no further harm comes to this little guy.”

So off to the house she ran, returning with what her dad had asked for. He gently wrapped the paper towels around his body, and lifted him up. Then placed him in the container, not putting the lid on. And back to the house he, his daughter and the bird went.

After informing his wife of the new addition, and assuring her it was just temporary, he called the local vet to see what if anything they could do. Tho sympathetic, there was not much the vet could suggest. Giving it it water with an eye dropper and maybe getting some other soft nourishment in him was all he knew to do at the moment. He was very busy with all the other animals and didn't have time to look at the bird.

“Oh boy, here we go again” he thought. Then he called a local pet store to see what they might recommend. All the while thinking, this is going to cost a fortune for nothing. The store owner had a few possible suggestions, after hearing the story, and said that what he needed was available at the store, along with some other suggestions, but as the father, so were they apprehensive of the little bird living thru the night.

First they tried giving him water, and slowly he did get some down, still wrapped in the paper towels. He was warm enough, but still exhausted, and frightened by all this. The water helped a little, so he decided maybe if he just went to sleep maybe he would drift off, never to wake again. So into a deep sleep he drifted, dreams of long past summer days, and high hopes flowing thru his slumber.

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May 24 @ 3:43AM  
It has to have a happy ending........
Everyone deserves to be loved and a happy ending.

May 24 @ 6:44AM  
now that was re-freshingly differant.
kudo's for such an interesting story.

May 24 @ 7:47AM  
very true and very good,, great blog

May 24 @ 10:25AM  
Great thoughts and how true. Thanks for this one...I wanted a happy ending...not to is ok. Such is life.

May 24 @ 7:03PM  
Hopes and dreams keeps our hearts beating whether we believe in happy endings or not. It isn't what's at the end of the road's how we get there that counts.

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An Unfinished Story