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Female Orgasms, Real or Not?

posted 5/22/2008 4:26:18 AM |
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Just when you think you have heard it all!!

The other day I was listenting to the radio in the car and they started talking about these telemarketers calling everyone with extended warranties for their cars.. Just out of the blue, regardless of your car. They offer you a warranty.
Well since I keep getting these calls and can't seem to get them to quit calling I listened.
Some reporter did research on this company and discovered that at least 1 in 30 calls ends up being a sale.
So when the reporter got a call one day from them he acted all interested and asked for a copy of the warranty so he could show his wife and get her to agree to purchase it. He was told that they don't actually send out anything until you send them a down payment of 50% of the total fee based on your vehicle.They keep their and your costs down that way.
I thought..And people actually fall for this? How stupid can people be?

Tonight I'm wide awake and don't want to be, so I was laying across the bed flipping through channels on TV hoping to find something to hold my interest for a little while til I could fall back asleep.
I came across a "supposed" gynecologist taking calls and answering them on the air---but it was previously recorded-- and since "he" was telling a woman how she should embrace the wonderful changes happening in her body as she was getting older, I thought oh, this should be good. ( Do we have a sarcasm emoticon?)

As he was explaining to a woman in her early 50's how this is the best years of her female life. How many women complain too easily and blame everything on menopause.
I was hoping some power from beyond would give him hot flashes, night sweats, moodiness he couldn't explain or control, not knowing when to expect a period or not,bursting into tears for no reason and tender boobs.. ALL at Once!!

Then, when the subject changed to orgams, I discovered how stupid some people can be...He actually said there is no such thing as the ability for a woman to have an orgasm. ( You mean my body has been faking it all this time?) It may feel good, but there is no possible way for the release of any body fluids, in terms "cum" or to have an orgasm of any type. Any change in intensity that she may think she experiences is the mental and emotional desire to feel such a thing. That's all. HUH?!?
I have always said I want him to stimulate my mind, but dayum, that's not exactly what I meant.

So thinking back to my last earth shattering orgasm...No, we will not go into that, ....I have some major news for him.... My imagination is good..But it isn't anywhere near That damn good!! And I always thought my imagination was in my head, not between my thighs, so how do you explain....oh never mind...

So guys, keep in mind the next time she or you "thinks" she has an orgasm, it's not anything you did that created it. She just imagined it. Yep, her mind is that good.
And ladies...make sure you keep your minds active....Isn't it amazing the things we learn about our bodies from a person who could never experience it to tell us? Well, I can't imagine that he is experiencing any of his own least not with the help of anyone else...

No more TV for me in the middle of the night..It's too scarey!! .

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May 22 @ 5:13AM  
For the record...Yes, I do beleive that mental and emotional desire do play a big part in having an orgasm..but there are also a lot of physical aspects to it happening.
And they are real, not just something we want to feel or to happen...and definitely not just something we "think" we experience.

May 22 @ 7:47AM  

Making a note as I type.*Keep my mind active*


May 22 @ 7:51AM  
You're right cas, on all counts. Orgasms are real
And yes, late-night cable is scarey. Amazing what people will buy. Both monetarily and emotionally.

May 22 @ 7:54AM  
Dayum!!! You mean last night was all in my imagination??? I wasn't really wet? My muscles in spasms due to my imagination? All that hollerin' and carryin' on was from a figment of my imagination???

Well crap! Methinks if my imagination is THAT good I wouldn't need a man. I could just drive down the road, conjure up a scenario and let my mind do the rest.

I'd venture to guess that ole boy couldn't turn on a light bulb...let alone a woman!


May 22 @ 8:07AM  
What the Doc should have said, and would probably be true..."At least that's what I have experienced when with MY wife"...

May 22 @ 8:34AM  
Well if that is true, then I know a few women with fantastic imaginations.

May 22 @ 8:53AM  
Ridiculous. Some people will say anything to get a reaction from others. Looks like the Doc just wants some personal attention. lol

May 22 @ 9:58AM  
So let me get this straight. All this time, you ladies have been faking something that wasn't real to begin with?

And you say us men are silly?

So women that have multiple orgasms really just have vivid imaginations?

If you gals can do all that, why can't you imagine I'm rich and handsome?

I'm feeling a little discriminated against.

May 22 @ 10:01AM  
Sounds like that warranty was as good as the paper it was written on.

Maybe I should start selling Honeymoon warranties. Ladies, if you are not "satisfied" on your honeymoon night, our trained technician will step in and make SURE you are. Satisfaction guaranteed ! ! !

May 22 @ 10:32AM  
WHAT??!!?? WOMEN have orgasms? Notice it was a HE that said we don't............and I too have a great imagination............just not that great.....

May 22 @ 4:29PM  
it takes a smart man 2 b on late night cable TV

May 22 @ 7:40PM  
soooo i'm just wasting my time??

May 22 @ 8:39PM  
soooo i'm just wasting my time??
Some how I don't think Jeanie would look at it that way.....
And she may just hurt you if you quit doing what you do... I'm just sayin' lol

It amazes me that a "male" can tell us women what we do and do not actually feel. However I am quite sure he has never been with a woman that has had, or come anywhere near having, an orgasm......

May 23 @ 2:45AM  
If they arent real then I am wasting my time several times a day lol. I may have to start saving my money instead of buying batteries

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Female Orgasms, Real or Not?