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My heart is breaking and the tears keep falling..

posted 5/21/2008 10:58:03 PM |
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I am so heart broken..You would think it was my child. Well she is almost like mine..Except only 2 1/2 years old...
She has a deadbeat mom..Who don't care about her or her sister... Her sister is 3 now..

I have babysat the little one since she was 9 months old off and on...Her mom has seen her maybe a total of 4 months of her life. I will call her K for short..The baby. Well she is a toddler now not a baby..Her mom has taken no interest in K..She ships her here to Ohio to stay with her grandma who is one of my best friends..
Her mom has been in and out of jail for over a year now..She got out a couple of weeks ago..Did she bother to call and check on her own daughter?

Little K's great grandmother wanted the mom of K to sign paper's for guardianship so she could get insurance on her..The mom of little K was fine with it until her mom told her that if she did that this side of the family would try and take custody..I told my friend what does she care? She has never once called to ask about little K..
They had a court date for today and the mom and her mom drove here from Indiana and decided not to go through with it..Plus they took little K back with them to Indiana..My friend said that little K cried she didn't want to go..Why would she..She don't know her mom or that grandma. She only know's my friend who is the grandma and her greatgrandma here..And her pawpa..and her dad..Her dad works out of town all the time. That is another story I don't want to go into right now. It pisses me off.
She calls me mom when she is at my house..
I asked my friend if she sent enough clothes with her, her favorite stuffed kitties that she carries everywhere with her, her favorite movies..Her sippy cup..Just like I was her mom. Who knows how long she will be gone?
Little K was at my house for a hour this morning. I felt like I didn't get to spend much time with her.
I worry so much about her when she is gone. Because I know deep down she is not being treated right. I worry if she is being fed. Abused.
Why can't K's real mom just turn over custody to a family that loves her..
I cried all the way home from work. My heart was breaking..Before when she went to Indiana I was ok with it..But for some reason this time something just didn't feel right.
The mom of K has a boyfriend who right now is in jail. He has abused the 3 year old..Broke her arm, beat K's mom many times..but yet she stands behind him..
I told my friend that if he ever lays a hand on Little K I will be going to Indiana and kicking some ass.
For now all I can do is pray that she will be safe..I know my friend is worried sick and so is her mom and step dad.
The tears are still coming down The pain in my heart will not ease up..My worse fear is I will be gone from Ohio before she comes back. And I won't get to say goodbye to her.
For the little girl who stole my heart please be safe..I love you just like my own and miss you so much already..

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May 21 @ 11:19PM  
Oh sad..........I will keep Little K in my prayers and hope she is returned to the family that loves her..........

May 21 @ 11:20PM  
Oh my god Ali my heart breaks for you, and for your friend. It's really hard to let go when you know deep down that the wrong thing is being done. I'll pray for you and for this special little girl that has stolen your heart. I hope everything works out for the best.

May 21 @ 11:32PM  
You and K are in my prayers. May you soon be reunited.

May 21 @ 11:34PM  
It's heartbreaking. I'm sorry to hear this. The shame of it all, is they're going to use this child for state benefits and child support from the baby's father.

My ex stepdaughter had her children removed from her for the third time. She's 24 and has four children. The first two went to their father. The second two (two more fathers) ended up in foster care. She left them home alone (4 and 1 1/2) while she went out, beat and robbed someone. Told the cops to go check her kids, cuz she "promised them she'd be right back." Yeah, you guessed it... as hard as everyone worked to get the little ones out of foster care, the state gave her two babies back to her.

May 21 @ 11:43PM  
Some people should not be parents..It pisses me off so bad..

May 22 @ 1:20AM  

Tammy, I started out with a long comment to this, but changed my mind about posting it. So all I will say I that I will pray lots for both of those innocent little childrens well being..... It's such a shame some people are so damn stupid and the children pay the price.

May 22 @ 2:58AM  
Aly so sorry to hear about little K, I will pray that she is returned home where she belongs and is loved and cared for!! It's so sad when children pay the price for adults selfishness !!

May 22 @ 5:33AM  
we know how it feels aly,
we started looking after a fostercare baby three years ago.the agreement was for 12 mths while his mother showed welfare she genuinly wanted to get him back.
after we went through all the background checks,redtape and endless meetings and house inspections we finally got approved to look after him for her.we agreed to help on the condition that she make a genuine effort.
in two more weeks,he will be three years old,he's still lucky if he see's her for a couple of hours a week and she only lives two blocks away,but the department doesn't do anything about it.
at the end of the first 12 mths,we continued temporarily for the lil boys sake,none of his other family seem to want to know about him,but we constantly get reminded by her social worker and the welfare department that we are;
'just his carer's'.
funny,where were they at 2 am when he had a pain in his belly? 4am when he was teething,laid up late at night cos the dark shadows in his room were scary to him.?all while juggling our family comittments with 5 kids of our own and running our own business as well on top of everything.
oh thats was 'just his carers' wasn't it.
the first time his mother seen him walk was when he saw her at the door and turned tail and run up the passage away from her.
what does this lil boys future hold ? at this rate we will be taking both her and the department to court for neglience and dereliction of their duty of care to him while he has been in 'their' care.neither of them are doing what they are supposed to do and we have been the only consistant part of his whole lil life.
have faith hun,things will work out ok in the long run.

May 22 @ 7:59AM  
What I want to know is in some cases where the court is involved the Judge want's the kids to be with the parents..they say it is in the best interest of the child...

Animal abuse and Child Abuse, Neglect makes me so mad..

There are so many people in this world who can't have kids and want them. Then we have the one's who pop them out just because they can..And don't bother being a good parent..

I went to bed thinking of Little K and woke up with tears in my eyes..
Maybe I became to attached to her. I was teaching her her colors now..How to count...Just like I would my own.
Little K loves the wiggles..She has a ton of dvd's..Plus shoes, t-shirt's..other wiggle's toys..And her grandma just got her some stuff off of ebay of wiggles. I told my friend she won't be here when it comes in...
Yeah she is a little spoiled... But she is the only grandchild of my friend's..

May 24 @ 12:39AM  
I know that at some level, the love you send is felt and will have an impact on K's life. As she grows I'm sure you'll stay in her memory and will provide a great contrast with will influence her choices. Bless your heart and hers.

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My heart is breaking and the tears keep falling..