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Additives in our food

posted 5/20/2008 6:41:15 PM |
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I was blogging inside a blog... and figured I'd post my own... I was talking about preservatives and how bad they are said to be for your body. I'm not by any means a health guru, but I did find this information disturbing. I copied this list from and they state the additive, it's effect, followed by the foods and beverages it is found in.


A family of about 10 chemicals that are banned in Russia
Believed to cause brain damage and to trigger allergies such as asthma and skin rashes
Margarine, fruit juices, beer, fruit purees, tea and coffee extracts, pickles and flour.

Destroy nutrients and cause nausea and diarrhoea
Used to bleach and to "mature" flour. Found in bread and white flour.

Have been implicated in high blood and cholesterol levels, as well as impaired kidney and liver function.
Margarine, butter, vegetable oils.


(butylated hydroxyanisole - a preservative)
Suspected of causing liver ailments and cancer
Fresh pork and pork sausages, steak sauces, vegetable oils, shortenings, crackers, potato chips, dry cereals. cake mixes, frozen pizza, instant teas, drink powders and many more.


Colorant and flavorant
Stimulant, diuretic, causes nervousness, heart palpitations; may cause heart defects
Coffee, tea, cocoa, cola, soft drinks


A popular coloring and flavoring agent
Suspected of causing vitamin B6 deficiencies, having genetic effects and possibly even causing cancer
Candy, instant tea, soft drinks, bread, frozen pizza, brown colored foods like spreads, chocolate and baked goods.


Thickening agent and binder
Suspected of colitis effects, possible genetic effects
Sour cream, cottage cheese, yoghurt, whipped toppings, chocolate milk, ice cream, beer, jelly, gelatin, pudding desserts, baby formulas, punch drinks, olives, vegetables packaged with sauces, cookie dough, bread.


Banned everywhere in the EEC except Britain
Powerful Irritant
Used to bleach flour and fat. In bread, flour and water.

Coal Tar AZO Dies:

Includes Tartrazine.
Hyperactivity, birth defects in animals, allergies, stomach upsets
Packet soups, sweets, smoked fish and meat, salad cream and jams.


They stop fats from going rancid
Stomach irritant and allergen
Vegetable oils, bread, dry cereals, and fats.


As in monosodium glutamate
Can cause headaches, neck and/or chest pains in the sensitive, dizziness, palpitations and cancer. May cause genetic damage.
Used in almost every convenience food

Mono- and Di-glycerides
May cause genetic changes, cancer, birth defects and other abnormalities
Shortening, margarine, peanut butter, broth, bread, pies, dry roasted nuts, vegetables packaged with sauce, cookies, cakes, ravioli.


Used to preserve meat and give hams their pink color
Increasingly suspected of causing cancer - especially in combination with other products. Overdoses have caused deaths
In cured meat products, some cheeses and in water where nitrate fertilizers are frequently used

Propyl Gallate
May damage the liver. May cause birth defects.
Meat products, potato sticks, vegetables packed with sauces, vegetable shortening and oils, chewing gum, pickles.

Red Dye 40

(Allura Red AC)
Possibly causes birth defects. Cancer suspect
Frankfurters, red gelatin desserts, red sweets, red soft drinks, red pistachio nuts, red chewing gums, cereals and baked goods.


Inexpensive sugar substitute. Popular with diabetics. Danger warning now required on packets in some countries.
Causes allergic response and toxic reactions affecting skin, heart and gastro-intestinal tract. May cause tumors and bladder cancer.
Sugar substitute used in diet foods, ginger ale, plain and diet sodas, frozen desserts and breakfast drinks.

Sodium Erythrobate (Preservative, coloring agent, used to "freshen" foods)
Possible genetic effects, banned in several countries
Bacon, ham, frozen turkey roast, frankfurters, baked goods, potato salads, beverages.


As in sulphur dioxide and calcium sulphite
Genetic mutations, cancer and allergies
Fruit, dried fruit and some wines


(Tannic Acid) Used for flavoring and in leather tanning
May cause liver tumors, cancer and other ailments
Wine, coffee, tea cocoa, beer, butter, artificial flavorings such as caramel. brandy and maple

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May 20 @ 6:46PM  
i will smoke another a cheeseburger..........drink sum decaf coffee..........damm ......break is over..........gotta git back the the mines.....another load of asbestos is on the way

May 20 @ 6:47PM  
Yes i have known all this is bad for you...but nowadays everything is bad for you..its sad but true...I try and eat the best I can and hope for the

May 20 @ 6:52PM  
doctors can fix more stuff now but we have created more stuff with our technolgy...........tit for tat.......nice tits by the way.......

May 20 @ 6:58PM  
It is just common sense to eat everything as purely produced as possible.

May 20 @ 7:23PM  
The nitrates aren't susspected of causing cancer. They have been KNOWN to cause cancer for many years. When you cook meat with them it creates a chemical called a nitrosamine which is a known carcinogen. If the meat is lightly cooked it has fewer nitosamines.

There are natural foods that have carcinogens too. Peanuts have a fugus that is a carcinogen and you get it every time you eat peanut butter.

May 20 @ 7:47PM  
they don't have the carcinogen if they aren't roasted. Eat them without salt I dare you!

online now!
May 20 @ 9:09PM  
All you can do is try to avoid as many as possible.

And exercise regularly. lt's amazing what the body can process and get rid of if it is allowed to work at it.

May 20 @ 11:39PM  
Thanks for the list...there are a lot of things we absorb into our bodies that we can't avoid, so drinking enough water every day helps to help flush them out.

May 21 @ 8:41AM  
Well, coach i do know a little and if u cannot pronounce the word do not intake it, Try Herbalife! All natural nutrition.!

May 21 @ 5:00PM  
...And that's why I plant a garden...every year.

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Additives in our food