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The Pool

posted 5/20/2008 10:01:25 AM |
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So I have this pool...which I've been fighting with for the last six or eight weeks. It's really pissing me off cuz I'd like to have it nice and clean for Memorial Day weekend...

It seems that there is dead scum floating around in it...that just won't go away! WTF?? I've dumped algaecide in it...then chlorine...then clarifier...but the stupid thing is still scummy! I even tried putting this stuff called Flocculent (or something like that) to bind up the dead algae and make it sink to the I could vacuum it's still scummy!

Ok...not really scummy, but cloudy.

Here's the thing...
We pretty much ignored the pool last winter. Didn't cover it to keep the leaves out...didn't put any algaecide in it to keep the water from getting nasty. Yea...I know, lesson learned right?

So now we're paying the price. The scum just won't go away! We can't get rid of it and that's really bugging the shit outta me!

So, I called a uncle who lives in Florida and also has a pool. He suggested I just empty the damn thing and start over. I asked him if I should invest in a pool service...someone to come over and clean it for us...he's like "oh hell no! They're known for overcharging...I've been to court twice to help get someone's money back from those crooks!" (He's also a lawyer...)
Now I'm sure he wasn't trying to say that all pool services are crooks...that would be like saying all lawyers are! He just doesn't believe in paying out the ass for something one can do themself...

So...I guess the only way to get rid of the scum is to flush it down the sewer drain and start over with fresh clean water!

Next fall...we are covering the pool! I'm not gonna go thru this shit again!

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May 20 @ 11:15AM  
I've always had a pool. They really are very low maint, but DO take some maint. to keep them sparkling and clear blue. The #1 rule is that you can't just ignore them, so I really do agree with your Uncle...empty it and begin again. It's not the end of the world. You didn't say how big the pool is, but they really all take the same cleaning and care..even kiddie pools.
Pool Secret #1: The more you use the pool, the easier the care of it. Using it keeps things stirred up and once you get out for the day, it will quickly settle to the bottom and you can do an evening vacuum and it's clean. Using it keeps algae from sticking to the sides, too.If you don't use it, then maybe invite your neighbors to do some swimming in it for you....when you are there, of course, for liability reasons. I'd not leave a pool in an unlocked fenced yard as kids can't stop it...they see pool and want to check it out,
Pool Secret #2: You will need to find a pool place and buy your chemicals from them and you will get FREE water analysis from them by taking them your pool water in to them, and they will tell you exactly what you need for it. It IS that simple. Wal-mart sells the chemicals, but they are not there to help you when you have not covered it for a season and all the leaves etc fall in it and decay. The pool companies do this for a living and are not all that more expensive and they carry some really cool things for pools that Wal-mart doesn't (not saying that is what you are doing, but I know they selll cheap chemicals). You can scoop up some water and go by the pool place and their machine will tell you what it needs. In a short time of using it, it really should not be out of balance and a small $5 kit you CAN buy at wal-mart will tell you if it is really out of balance or not.
Pool Secret #3: a vacuum is needed and so is a good long handled brush to get the stuff stirred up so it can be vacuumed up and out. A junk catcher (not the real name of it~it's a flat screened thing that scoops stuff from the pool that float to the top) that attaches to the long handle the brush goes on is also essential for reaching floating things and scooping them out. Pools may have been put underneath trees, not thinking that later on all the leaves were going to drop off those tress and into the pool. It is my personal opinion not to put a pool anywhere close to trees. It makes the water cool or cold in the afternoons and then you don't want to swim in cold water. There is nothing like a summer night swim in the warm water before you go to bed.
Pool Secret #4: Invest in a cover for your pool for the end of the season if you do not live in FL, CA, parts of TX. It's warm enough in those places to swim even at Christmas time in some of them, so no cover needed. You will have less 'shocking' to do in Spring to bring it back to life and enjoying it again.
That is about all I can' think of~~start over and make friends at your local pool company and learn from them, They are happy to share their knowledge if you buy your chemicals from them...AND they really do sell some fun and cool things you will never see at Wally World. If the pool is used a lot and kept in balance your filter will do 99% of the cleaning. You should only need to vacuum it 1 or 2 times a week then. OH...Yeah! You need one of those bobbing chlorine things that floats with chlorine tabs in it and they slowly disperse the chlorene a little at a time. It's a must and you can take it out during swimming and put it back in when you are done, but do NOT have to be removed at all. They are inexpensive...the chlorine is pricey but essential.
Best of luck to you and your pool this summer!

May 20 @ 11:24AM  
i hereby shut up on this subject and yield to a Higher Power.

May 20 @ 11:34AM  
Do not change your pool water. Expensive and not effective if algea remains on the pool walls.

A difficult pool after the winter is common. Analysis of your pool water by a pool store that offers this service is the best idea as the real deal mentions. You may have already tried this but the PH level of your pool is the most important test as the wrong PH, high or low, can bind up the clorine you have added and make it mostly useless and hence the algea. Read below.

Swimming Pool pH Levels - What do they mean?
By Dave LeBeau

The pH is probably the most important factor in swimming pool water and should be tested and adjusted on a weekly basis. Measuring the pH level is a way to assess the relative acidity or alkalinity of the pool water. pH is measured on a scale of 1 to 14 where 1 is extremely acidic and 14 is extremely alkaline. A pH reading of 7.0 is neutral - below 7.0 is acidic - above 7.0 is alkaline. The pH level has an amazing affect on swimming pool water and if managed properly can save a lot of time and money!

What if the pH of the swimming pool water is too high (alkaline)?

Calcium deposits, otherwise known as scale, can form and build up on the pool equipment, plumbing, and on pool walls and tiles.

Chlorine becomes less effective. At a pH level of 8.0 or greater, approximatley 25% or less of the chlorine can be used by the pool to oxidize bacteria and algae and the remainder is wasted.

The swimming pool water can become cloudy.

Swimmers may experience burning in the eyes and nose and dry and itchy skin.

What if the pH of the swimming pool water is too low (acidic)?

The swimming pool water becomes corrosive and will dissolve any metal pool equipment it comes in contact with. The acidic water can also dissolve the pool surface making it rougher and causing even more long-term problems.

As the corrosion occurs, sulphates are formed and can cause staining of the swimming pool surfaces.

Chlorine becomes very ineffective and it can become difficult to keep the swimming pool sanitized.

Swimmers may experience burning in the eyes and nose and dry and itchy skin.

It pays to balance the pH level in your swimming pool!

It surley pays dividends to balance the pH level of the pool on a weekly basis. Doing so can take most or all of these problems out of the picture. The recommended pH level for swimming pools is between 7.2 and 7.8. Set an ideal target of 7.4 and maintaining the swimming pool will get much easier!

Also using a shocker at this point is very effective. It may take a few bags to clear the pool. Read below.

Purchase pool-shock products from your local swimming pool dealership. Choose products according to the type of filter system you have. ("Shocker" is known by several names: oxidizer and burner are a couple of the more common ones.) Use the shocker that is suited to your pool system - non-chlorinated for non-chlorinated pools and chlorinated for chlorinated pools.
Step2Use the proper amount of the shocker by reading the manufacturer's specifications. How much you use depends on the size of your pool. Most brands come in a quick-dissolving powder that is broadcast in the deep end of the pool.
Step3Use your pool skimmer to help mix and distribute the shocker treatment and speed the oxidization process.

May 20 @ 11:38AM  
Thanks guys!

We took a sample to the pool store...they told us the Ph and chlorine were good...the alkalinity was low so we added stabilizer. Still cloudy. Tested again...Ph is still good...chlorine is still good. Brand new test kit, so I know it's not that.

Going to vacuum today...add more stabilizer and then shock it again tomorrow.

May 20 @ 11:38AM  
Wow, Sunny! Lookit all the Cabana Boys ready to give you a hand with your pool! lol

Hmmm, all I need is a pool?

May 20 @ 11:40AM  
Sounds like u need a pool guy sundance!

May 20 @ 11:41AM  

May 20 @ 11:47AM  
SHOCK SHOCK AND SHOCK! Sometimes these cures have to be extreme. Or it may be that it is clean but needs time to settle. Run the filter full time. Should be OK before Memorial day.

May 20 @ 11:57AM  
I'll build u a pool g-spot!

May 20 @ 11:58AM  
toss some fish in it
call it a pond

May 20 @ 12:14PM  
Thank you, Prince! I would love a pool

May 20 @ 12:19PM  
Yeah just when I think I want to put a pool in you go and talk me out of it........oh well, the flattest spot in my yard that would be perfect for a pool, works out well for the garden anyway! lol and I've got this lake here that I can always jump into for swimmin!

May 20 @ 12:47PM  
It's really not that hard Boots...we just got lazy (and poor!) and didn't get a cover for it for the a ton of leaves got in it...I think they're all gone now and it's starting to clear up a little. But I still can't see the bottom...

Oh...the pool is 18' X 36'...about 4 1/2 feet deep or's around 40,000 gallons. Been treating it according to the directions on all the chemicals...but all the leaves at the bottom have been working against me!

May 20 @ 1:07PM  
If you end up dumping the water, send it to GA please

We could use it

Good luck with the pool. I know I hated trying to clean our tiny one after a winter like that

May 20 @ 2:41PM  

Someone reported my blog for abuse??? OMG...that's hilarious!!

May 20 @ 2:51PM  
Call several pool service companies for an estimate...make sure it includes scrubbing the pool....and make sure they all know you are getting other'll find the price acceptab;e, and problem solved in no time at all...

May 20 @ 3:15PM  
Captnorm did a great job on PH so won't address that.

What kind of filter do you have? Sand filters are cheep...... but they do ok....... to a point. They don't take out that super small suspended particles that make water cloudy. Not without extra shock, flock, etc.
Earth filters cost twice as much, need three times as much care and maintenance, but will get out the small crap.
Once you get out 98% of the dirt, OxyBrite non chlorine shock does a great job at getting rid of cloudy water.
Oh, before I forget....... If you DO have a sand filter and you've been running it for a couple years, you might need to open it up and add more sand, or remove some surface sand that has become crusted from algae and sludge and it won't work properly anymore. A little sand comes out every time you back flush and if it gets TOO low, there won't be enough sand to filter the water and all you do is pump the dirt right back out into the pool. That might be all you need to do.

Now........ if there is still a lot of leaves and crap in the pool, shut the filter off for a day and let it settle. Dump in some liquid chlorine and a bottle of cheep algicide (not at the same time) and give that a day to knock the stuff down to the bottom. I say liquid because lg tabs are too slow to shock it, and if you sprinkle granules in, they will just sink to the bottom and be immediately bound up by the sludge.

Your filter should have a waste setting on it where water goes through the pump and right out onto the ground, rather than through the filter. Ger your vac hose all set up and ready to go. Open the waste valve, turn on the pump, and vac FAST just trying to get the majority of the leaves & sludge and blow it out on the ground. Trying to run it through the filter will just plug it up in a minute and you''ll spend all day back flushing. Fill it back up with clean water and you are ready to filter.

I never cover mine. In the spring I hook up the hose, blow 500 gal out on the ground WITH most of the leaves and crap, and then start adding chemicals and filtering. It's a little work, but I have a water tank and can haul water for free, so that works for me. I live in the country and the first year I put a cover on it, The third time the wind blew the cover a half mile away, I LEFT IT.


May 20 @ 3:26PM  
We have a cartridge filter...have been rinsing it every day and sometimes twice a day...slowly but surely the water is getting better.

Just did the waste thing with the lots of yucky water out and filling it back up again as we speak. Also got lots more leaves up...vacuumed again and no more leaves! Yeah!!

The filter cartridge seems to work well...lower maintenance than sand or dirt filters. Where do you get liquid chlorine anymore? All I can find is the powdered stuff for shock and the tablets...

May 20 @ 6:34PM  
Someone reported my blog for abuse???


(notice that that is not a question)[/B]

May 20 @ 6:35PM  
shock n awe......shock n awe.....*gits swim trunks out of drawers n heads over*

May 20 @ 6:59PM  
I can't give you advice on cleaning your pool but if you ever need someone to swim in it just let me know....

It has been too cold here to open pool's yet..And a lot of rain also..

I use to have a small 15 foot around pool when my daughter was younger..It was a lot of upkeep if you ask me..I live around people who have inground pools..I think most of them have a pool company come and take care of their's..Must be nice to have money..

May 20 @ 8:54PM  
It's much easier to simply have good friends with a pool then all I have to do is bring a bottle of wine........

May 20 @ 10:39PM  
I have an easy to maintain best friend has a built in..if I want to swim...I give her a call.


May 22 @ 2:40PM  
Get it ready, dammit...I'll need it on my next trip down - and don't forget the big fan and cabana boy we talked about hiring. ;) Oh, and could you make sure I have a darker room this time - I do believe I requested that in my Rider a while back...that still stands. Thanks!

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