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Smile and Say Cheese..Or Not?

posted 5/20/2008 3:58:56 AM |
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I love taking pictures of people...I have oodles and oodles of pics of my grandchildren. And I take more every single time I see them....I think the camera phone is one of the best inventions..EVER!!
My daughter says I am going to be one of those little old ladies that everyone runs from when they see her coming cause they know she is going to bore them to death with the grandkids pics... She's silly, how could anyone ever get bored seeing my beautiful grandchildren.. lol.

I get a little upset with my daughter though because she won't let me take pics of her..She's gorgeous...Ask anyone who has seen her But she has gotten to the point she doesn't like her pic taken. I really need more recent pics of her, so I sneak one in whenever I get a chance and then I just listen to her complain for a little while...She's actually even offered to put the camera or my cell some place I'm thinking would Not be very comfortable... Rotten kid..

But I have to admit, I am the same way...I HATE my picture taken. I know that's not fair at all. But I can't help it. I'm trying to get better at it. IF on those very rare occassions I let someone take one, I either end up looking away, having a fake smile or giving them a stupid look...

While I was in Mn last week I took a pic of LilGriz with my cell that I think he knows I took, but I'm not sure...(if not, chances are really good he does now lol..) ..I have it on my cell as my main pic. I love this pic!! (bad thing is, it makes me miss him even more everytime I open my phone)
But, I have realized I seem to like pics better when they are not posed for...well of adults anyways..It just seems to capture more of who they are..

Do you pose for pics? Do you get upset if someone takes one by surprise..are you the type that jumps in front of the camera...or somewhere in between?
Do you take lots of pics of people? Would you rather they are just being themself and not expecting it or saying cheese and smiling for the camera?

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May 20 @ 8:06AM  
But, I have realized I seem to like pics better when they are not posed for...well of adults anyways..It just seems to capture more of who they are..

And boy does it! That's why I hate them being taken by surprise. All those little quirks. All my kids love the camera. Everywhere they go they snap pictures with their cam phones. The oldest is continually changing photos on her web page every weekend. At least, when someone uses a digital camera today, I can usually sneak it and delete those 9 out of 10 I hate

May 20 @ 8:16AM  
.I think the camera phone is one of the best inventions.
Yes and picture transfer is great too...........probably why I have pics of your grandkids on my phone and why you have my granddaughter on yours.............

As for natural poses...........well I would rather warn them because I have yet to see a pic of me that I liked when I didnt realize that they were taking it..........As a matter of my sons fiances bridal shower she took a pic of her mom and I when we didnt realize it..............Thank God the next day was mothers days and we all went out to dinner...........when DnL wasn't looking her mother stole the pic out of her envelope (double copies she got both of them) and they have been about a really bad pic.................

May 20 @ 8:34AM  
I hate people taking pix of me. If i'm not taking it of myself, they come out really shitty. Always giving the fake smile too. But, I love to take pix and have a billion of my kids and I got a huge cork board at work filled with a collage of them, so everyone has to look at them...LOL

May 20 @ 8:42AM  
I have the meanest grandkids in the world
but I love them the mostest

May 20 @ 8:47AM  
I love taking pictures..I like my digital camera..I don't hardly use the camera on my phone..

I hate having my picture taken. To me they never turn out good..I don't like my smile at all.

When my daughter was little I was always taking pictures of her..and making double copies..Up until she started school I would take her to have her picture taken..Either Wal-Mart. JC Penney's...Sears..Whoever had the best deal going on at the time..I took her every 3 month's until she was a year old..Then once a year. Usually on her birthday. Now she hates having her picture taken.

May 20 @ 9:59AM  
I love taking pictures, but the older I get and umm wider I don't like my picture being taken. I was with Soft_Touch at the camp-out this past weekend and am terrified to see the pictures okay there is one going around of me teaching the proper way to eat a banana

May 20 @ 2:28PM  
I HATE having my picture taken. My friends rarely take pics of me- when they do, I usually do something goofy like look the other way or have a look of shock on my face- hence I have no good pictures of myself to put on AMD

My dad is like you- absolutely has to take pictures of me all the time. I started flipping the camera the bird whenever he pointed it at me- now we just have a couple hundred pictures of me giving the finger. Worst of all was whenever we went on ski trips out west, he had to go halfway down the mountain, usually a run he was not ready to ski on, and take "action shots" of me. I had to sit at the top and wait for him to put a professional SLR together in the snow- usually took about 45 minutes.

Worst of all are some of my friends who live here in town, and actually take pictures of themselves at various landmarks around Columbus- when they LIVE here!

May 20 @ 11:10PM  
Hmmm, now I wonder if I will ever be allowed to see it

May 21 @ 12:02AM

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Smile and Say Cheese..Or Not?