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How many times a week do you have sex??

posted 5/19/2008 9:45:11 PM |
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tagged: sex, sunshine

Just a question, outta curiousity. I'd love to have it 2x's a day
But, that's not happening. So, on average, how many times a week do you all fuck, make love, or have sex??

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May 19 @ 9:50PM  

May 19 @ 9:56PM  

May 19 @ 9:59PM  
What's that?

May 19 @ 10:02PM  
not often enough

May 19 @ 10:02PM  
is "no comment"
a comment?
if it is
then I'm not commenting
if it isn't
then I haven't

May 19 @ 10:03PM  
Depends, do toys count? Or are we talking with an actual partner?

May 19 @ 10:04PM  
OMG and you people call this a sex site!!!

May 19 @ 10:07PM  
1st we need to know are you related to Bill....yanno Clinton.....then ...we probably need YOUR deffinition of sex and THEN we might have you a number ................we'll go have sex .........again.........and wait for your reply

''c'mon baby put on yer hat n spurs it's time for another round"

May 19 @ 10:08PM  
I haven't had it since this past Feb. after Kim left back for Washington. Before that I was getting it 3-5 times a week.

May 19 @ 10:11PM  
I haven't had it since this past Feb

not even with a plushie toy?
why'd I ask?

May 19 @ 10:11PM  
So far this week I have had sex 3 times and I should get it a little more. Next week I won't get any so it really depends whats going.

May 19 @ 10:17PM  
not even with a plushie toy?
why'd I ask?

Nah, never have done that. I have always prefered having my sex partners to that. Kim is pretty good at humping and grinding on one.

May 19 @ 10:47PM  
On average,1-2 times in a 3 or 4 month span,which people hate me for obviously because they think its "a lot".

May 19 @ 10:54PM  
don't ask that question again........ it ain't getting none right now........

May 19 @ 11:17PM  
Sex???? That sounds familiar.............lets see..........daily? hmmmm I_wish............

May 19 @ 11:51PM  
somewhere along the line i faintly recall having had something called sex, but cheeesh, i've forgotten what it was like even. wanna refresh my memory?

May 19 @ 11:54PM  
Not counting Rosie Palmer and her five sisters? Hmm, let's see... yes, every night. DAMN! Now you know why I don't play poker, can't bluff to save my life. [sarcasm] I was told that if I ever saw a naked woman that I would go blind so I try to be careful you know. LOL. Is sex even legal in Utah? I think most people slip across the boarder to Nevada for those sorts of wild and crazy times. [/sarcasm]

May 20 @ 5:48AM  
4-5...she's always horny

May 20 @ 6:30AM  
Not often enough at all

I live too far away

May 20 @ 6:33AM  
I think you should re-word the question...

Make it yearly....sadly even then I'd still post a big fat zero.

May 20 @ 7:30AM  
Let's see.....when I was about 15, my Dad caught me staring at a SUPER fine ass in a mini skirt. He told me if I kept looking at those, I'd go blind. I asked him if I could just look at em until I had to start wearing glasses?

Sex? Sex is available more readily now than my HS years. And it was fairly available even then. I guess I'm different. I love SEX.....anything but pain and degrading acts is great as long as both agree and enjoy whatever is done. I just need chemistry. I'm not really satisfied with just a warm body so that limits my activity to mostly a relationship. So, how often I have it depends on those circumstances.

May 20 @ 7:44AM  
2 times a week ... I try to do anal at least once

May 20 @ 7:47AM  
She might read this so .................

All I will say is the MOST trouble I can get into is
If I get a woody, and don't share, me and the dog
are in his house

For the ENTIRE weekend!


May 20 @ 8:00AM  
with or with out the aid of VIAGRA ...............

May 20 @ 2:34PM  
Used to be about 5-6 when we first met. In the subsequent years since we started seeing other people, it's more like 3-4 times in a normal week, and if I get someone else for a night or two, maybe 8-10 depending on the situation.

May 20 @ 3:08PM  
Does sex with one's self count? If so, I'm getting it about once every two days.

May 20 @ 3:18PM  
LMFAO....If I told the truth, no one would believe let's just say..."often"...

May 20 @ 5:31PM  
When I'm involved with someone...hopefully everyday. But men don't want it that often so I end up begging.

What up with that?

May 20 @ 7:21PM  
I'd love to have it everyday myself. I don't see that vision happening for a while. I will say, though, even once a month with that perfect lover... is worth waiting another month for.

May 20 @ 11:58PM  
Damn! I almost had to lookup sex on google to remind me what it is

Honestly an average of 3 to 4 times a day once a month. We both tarvel for work a lot & rarely are in the same place @ the same time. But when we are

May 21 @ 2:36PM  
no comment

May 21 @ 3:30PM  
Only once, so far, this week...we're in the middle of moving and tired! But, we've got a long weekend coming. I'd say we average 3-5 times a week. Not bad for working different shifts, I think.

May 22 @ 7:05PM  
in the past month... 4 times... about 6 months ago it was maybe twice a week... and about a year ago it was maybe 3 times a day almost everyday (took sunday off)

May 22 @ 7:23PM  
In my 20's it was "how many times a day"...
In my 30's it was "how many times a week"...

In my 40's, it's "how many times in my dreams"...

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How many times a week do you have sex??