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My Unscheduled Vacation/Roadtrip

posted 5/18/2008 3:43:31 AM |
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Yes, I went MIA for a little while, but it was for a very good reason for all the emails I got wanting to know if I was okay...thank you for your concern and Yes, I'm doing Great..

After hanging up with LilGriz one day last week, and both of us really missing the other, I decided that I was going to take an unscheduled road trip..To MN..
So I did...I learned a few things there and back.....

First off.....I'm not real sure how AMD decides their mileage calculations..BUT they were only about 200 miles off on this one..... Not that it would have made a difference..
Chicago rush hour is 3 days long....especially on a Friday.
Wisc. has way too many cops on the highway...
And every radio station plays the same songs at least three times....

But about my trip and this wonderful man in my life....
After spending what honestly seemed like 3 days in Chicago,it's a really long drive to Mn. Especially when I got barely an hour sleep the night before.. So, as I thought I was almost there and couldn't seem to find the next route on my directions, he had texted me to ask how I was doing and where I was...
I was too tired to see the road, I sure wasn't going to try and text, so I called him. He told me he needed to know Exactly where I was..when I saw a sign and told him what it said, he told me I was still about an hour and a half from him and there was no way I could drive any further.He talked to me while I got to the nearest town and told me to park and take a nap, he was on his way to get me.

Sounded simple enough. Except it's a good size town, I didn't know which exit I took,what road I was on and couldn't find the place he told me to park. So I parked at a gas station. When he got there he called me to see exactly where I was. I didn't know. Somewhere in a gas station parking lot, with restaurants around it.. funny now..NOT then. I went in and asked the guy where I was and he gave me the wrong route #, but did get a cross road correct.
Before I could walk back out to my car, my knight in shining armour..okay my Lilgriz in a jeep, found and rescued me. Damn, he got there fast! He got out, wrapped me in his arms and gave me a kiss, put my stuff in his backseat, me and my pillow in the front seat and took me home. We would go back and get my car the next day.
So much for those people who say chivalry is dead. They are so wrong.

The next morning, he had an appt to give blood. Not just your typical donation. It takes a couple hours. After we got there, he suggested that I take his jeep and go shopping for a while. The mall and Walmart were both near. He gave me his cell so I could call home and let them know I got there okay. (Mine was in roam)
Long story short...I got mixed around in the traffic and got lost..Really lost! I even forgot to look at the name of the building or the road to see where I started from. It always helps to know where you need to go back to. lol
I swear I am normally very good with this sort of stuff..

I was driving around totally freaking when I remembered I stuck a pamplet in my purse. It had an address, no phone#. I asked 3 different people, one was a cab driver and not one knew where it was. Eventually I did find my way back. He had already finished before I got back but was just calmly waiting..He said he knew I would eventually find my way back. He had a lot more faith in me than I did right then.

All I knew was that I wasn't sure if I was more happy to see him right then or the night before when he found me..I think it was a tie. He found me in a strange town not knowing where I was and I couldn't find him where I had left him..Yep, I'll plead blonde on that one..this time.

Monday he went into work a couple hours late,but while he was gone I went to the store and had dinner ready when he got home..NO, I didn't get lost. I fixed T-bone steaks, potatoes,a couple side dishes and a bottle of Asti...He was later teasing me about fixing him dinner so I could have my way with him. He told me hot dogs would have worked for that and they didn't even have to be the really good ones....(did I ever mention that he is a little ) ..Now he tells me this... I'm storing that info away for the next time....

What else did I learn on this trip...
I saw some really cool stuff on my way there and back..
I am one VERY lucky woman.. loved by an extremely wonderful man..
I'm too old to decide to take a roadtrip this long one day and do it 2 days later.
Next time, flying sounds like a really good idea...
Buy lots of hotdogs before he gets here... lmao
Mn is quite interesting....I'm looking forward to going back again, soon. ...Yes, we actually went and did things.. However, he did do all the
I have a very different outlook on my future than I ever imagined having...

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May 18 @ 3:56AM  
I have a very different outlook on my future than I ever imagined having...

WOO HOO!!! Do I hear wedding bells in the air?

May 18 @ 4:26AM  
Do I hear wedding bells in the air?
Ummm, No Shawn...that's not what I meant by that statement.
No wedding bells planned here.


May 18 @ 5:15AM  
Ah come on..........driving to Minnesota isn't that bad and you had less mileage to go then I does however amaze me.........that we both live in Ohio 3 hrs away from each other..........good friends.........and yet we never met...........and than we are both in Minnesota..........approximately 3 hrs away from each other........and still haven't met.................and since I am moving next weekend back to Minnesota.....unless you are into helping me pack..........we still aren't going to tell LilGriz.........that the next time you come to Minnesota we HAVE to get together as I doubt I will ever be back to Ohio...............I am glad you had a good time............glad you found him.............and by the come you didnt tell in your blog about those women in Chicago who thought you had the cutest little accent??

May 18 @ 7:02AM  
Chicago rush hour is 3 days long....especially on a Friday.

I spent a week in Chicago one day. One thing that you should know... It doesn't matter if it's 3PM or 3AM -- the traffic isn't any better!

May 18 @ 7:15AM  
Hey Trease , Sorry , I told the cops in Wisconsin to keep a look out for you and make sure you were heading in the right direction ... I`m happy for Rick and You

May 18 @ 7:24AM  
Yes some interesting things happened on your trip here and back home. I remember how amazed you were when we went to the Mans Mall - Fleet Farm, and you couldn't get over 11 aisles of fishing stuff. This was MN I reminded you, and we do have a few lakes up here. I am still glad you came up here - we have a beautiful country to see, but the plane thing though - should be interesting, as you have never flown before.....

May 18 @ 7:58AM  
ain't love grand.........

May 18 @ 7:59AM  
Trease .... You have never been on a plane ? I love it !! Take cosmo w/ you to read and time will fly ...

May 18 @ 8:05AM  
Trease .... You have never been on a plane ?
Don't forget to take your parachute training prior to flying..................

May 18 @ 9:13AM  
I am so excstatic for you both!! That is so wonderful!! Its amazing what finds one who isnt looking!! Good luck and keep having fun!!!

May 18 @ 9:48AM  
Congrats on being so brave! I can never make a trip that's longer than 2 hours and I've gotten lost on much shorter ones. Once in the South Bronx where you don't dare risk asking for directions. Talk about hyperventilating panic attacks.

Flying is good. We're not really saving much in gas these days. Plus you can always get 90 days without payments on some airlines using the bill me later features for flights over 200-250 depending on the airline.

Best of luck to both you and Griz :)

May 18 @ 9:52AM  
Man you think the cops are bad on the highway, come into town, those fuckers are everywhere! And I'm glad you got to meet your night in shining armor those are very hard to find!

May 18 @ 10:23AM  
After spending what honestly seemed like 3 days in Chicago,

yeah i heard about something like this........when the mrs came thru there to see me a snow storm........................TWICE

sure showed me my value to her early on.......

He talked to me while I got to the nearest town and told me to park and take a nap, he was on his way to get me.

mmm i tried that once...she says '' nope it's not worth it cause the snow keeps falling and we'd just have to come back for my car" sooooo i just talked her in the rest of her trip................the things we go thru for love huh?

He was later teasing me about fixing him dinner so I could have my way with him. He told me hot dogs would have worked for that and they didn't even have to be the really good ones.

*ponders if Lil' Griz is his long lost brother from another motha* yano i thought bout this............but then thought better of asking .......''what and or who was dessert''

in short we're glad you had such a fun time............BUT is it about goin there and NOT stoppin to see us on your way back? i mean it's the same Mn that dayna just came from RIGHT????

May 18 @ 10:30AM  
As we all know flying is expensive. I found a site that is free called Airfarewatchdog. Everyone check it out. You put in the city you are flying from and they email you cheap flights for the day. You don't have to fly on some of these for 300 days from time of purchase. Now you need to do it right away because where you want to fly to doesn't always pop up quickly. I waited 2 months to find a flight to Minneapolis from Memphis. I got one for 189.00 roundtrip...I will be visiting my sister there in June. Just letting everyone know...good info to share.

May 18 @ 11:37AM  
Wow, sounds like you learned a lot, had a great time and are ready for a 2nd trip. That's awesome. And very brave of you to head out on your own. I'm glad you had a wonderful time.

And I'm glad you made it back safely.

May 18 @ 12:28PM  
After spending what honestly seemed like 3 days in Chicago

avoid the city at all costs ! ! !
pay the tolls - take 294
it's a bypass - and , yeah
it's under construction - as always
it does move

May 18 @ 12:50PM  
Glad you had a good trip..

When I drive to Mn I avoid Chicago..I tried that route one time and was stuck in traffic for 2 hours on a expressway...The way I take to MN you only pay at two toll booths also..You don't go near Chicago..I was just looking into airfares and they are not cheap.

MN is beautiful this time of the year.

May 18 @ 1:08PM  

MN is beautiful this time of the year.
Not yet Tammy.........they had a late spring..........but the pussy willows are blooming out and the lakes are getting warmer........and yea its working its way right up to beautiful...........

btw if she had followed the directions I gave her she would have missed chicago completely and only payed one toll booth.............but hell knowing Treas it was all an adventure anyways lmao

Tammy............some things you might recognize..........these were taken at Enger Tower in Duluth MN.......


May 18 @ 7:29PM  
It's good to hear that you didn't get into any real trouble. Moral of the story: maybe its better to fly- I mean that one scared me :(

May 18 @ 7:46PM  
Sounds like you had a wonderful time! I'm so happy for you and LilGriz!!!

May 18 @ 8:47PM  
Beautiful pics Dayna, and it really is from the Tower - can't mistake that skyline. Lets see, in about 5 months.......and her first plane ride......

May 19 @ 1:28AM  
Those are really nice pictures from Enger Tower Dayna..Makes me even more homesick

I took some pictures from Enger Tower the last time I was home..I love the view from up there it is so pretty...

By the way we have a late spring here also..I still have my heat on at night
Usually by this time of the year people have their pools ready to go. Not this year.

May 19 @ 8:46AM  
I came back to this blog to see the pic's that Dayna posted from Enger Tower..The first one you can see Park Point.. *Thinking of home*

When I was there the last time it was July. A little warmer. And flower's in the flower gardens at Enger.

I would not climb the tower. I am afraid of heights. My daughter and her cousin went to the top..

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My Unscheduled Vacation/Roadtrip