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Could you date anyone with a low I.Q.?

posted 5/16/2008 2:22:23 PM |
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Again, not sure where any of you stand on this, but me being the curious person I am by nature I thought that it would be interesting to see where people stood on this issue. Would you date anyone with an i.q. of less than 90? If so, what is the lowest i.q. you would consider going out with a person? As for myself, I feel that smart and sexy works for me as far as what I look for in dating. Call me what you will, but stupidity is a huge turnoff for me as far as dating goes. How low will ya go, and is low intelligence a turn off to you when going out with people?

This is a repost of a blog I did last Sept.

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May 16 @ 2:32PM  
Dumb people need lovin' too!! At least you'd always have something to laugh at!!

May 16 @ 2:38PM  
Dumb people need lovin' too!! At least you'd always have something to laugh at!!

I see too much of stupid people around here in my area, and no, I don't think they deserve any lovin'....well, most of these people here in my area anyway!


May 16 @ 2:39PM  

Being the illiterate person I am. To me it's not a question of I.Q. as long as they're not rude or crude. It's more a question of being loving and caring. So read into it what you will. I go for what's in the Heart and soul, but intelligence is good.

May 16 @ 2:45PM  
I married someone with a low I.Q. Now there is also a language barrier but it is very frustrating. Some of the simplest things are a struggle for her to understand. Plus comming from a third world country makes it doubley tough. Our 8 year daughter gets frustrated sometimes when trying to explain things to her mom.

In answer to your question - no, I won't do it the next time. My cut off? Since 100 is average, I'd go out with someone at 90.

May 16 @ 3:43PM  
I think thats at least 50% of the population! Or at least most I've met! Yes it is a big turn off for me also!!

May 16 @ 4:12PM  
Lemme see here.......According to the women....ALL the men they date are low IQ...??.....And according to the men, the only ones they have dated with a high IQ are the ones that think they are fantastic and are spoiled for other men, after being with them....

Since IQ is a measurement of ABILITY to learn, rather than actual intelligence, I'd have to say I'd go down to around 50...(that is, if I were truthful).....Any lower than that, and they start to get those funny facial features, and the Motel people look at you funny when you check in........

May 16 @ 5:33PM  
I like my men dumb

May 16 @ 5:35PM  
Someone with a limited intelect can be a problem,more so at times, embarrassing(unless you're like me, with a slightly morbid sense of humor),but I think the real matter lies with the moments that you share when you are alone with her. If he/she is so diffucult that you cant understand one another, then it probably wouldn't work out.

May 16 @ 6:29PM  
If they can hold a conversation and comprehend what's going on, that's all matters. Likewise, someone like either of the Frasier brothers characters on TV (though they make me laugh) would drive me bonkers in person. While the less intelligent person may have a limited vocabulary, I've noticed the intelligent ones do have the capacity to speak on a less intelligent level where warranted and I think they should when conversing with someone with a lower IQ. My ex was very intelligent and multi-talented, but, his arrogance earned him the reputation of an asshole.

Does any know another person that mouths/repeats to themselves every word you say to them as you're speaking? I don't why people do that, but it irritates me.

May 16 @ 6:30PM  
Oh, yeah.... and I irritate me when I leave words out of sentences. lol Sorry :)

May 16 @ 7:20PM  
i hope so.....or no one would ever go out wit me

May 16 @ 10:53PM  
I watch that show on Thursday nights.."Are you smarter than a 5th grader" and they give the IQ level of the people playing. I have no idea what mine is .

But then I don't need a high IQ level to tell me how some men I meet are dumber than a rock and can hardly spell their own names..

May 17 @ 12:21AM  
IQ is irrelevant to me, I base my choice more so on how well they can hold a conversation and how long it takes before the I wanna fuck comes out

May 17 @ 1:56AM  
Date? Hmm... I'd fuck a dumb guy. As long as he has a gorgeous face and a hot body, even if he has velcro shoes or he happens to drool a little, I will still fuck him.

May 17 @ 5:23PM  
I know this sounds really bad, but yes, I as much as I'd love to parade around claiming I'd never fuck a person with a low IQ, I probably would. Actually, come to think of it, I have. Dating is another story.

May 18 @ 2:22PM  
I tend to view IQ kinda like age. High or low isn't bad however beyond a certain range of your own and you start run out of things in common. Well, sure we all have bodies and compatible parts however I hate relying on the lowest common denominator.

May 25 @ 8:19PM  
I'll say it since no one else is...I want a MAN WITH A BRAIN IN HIS HEAD, Not His DICK! I won't say I have never fucked a dumb ass, because God Knows I have had my share. But I will tell you, I prefer a man with a higher intelligence for a real relationship!

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Could you date anyone with a low I.Q.?