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Is calling a female stranger "sweetie" offensive?

posted 5/15/2008 3:05:07 PM |
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tagged: women, politics, news, straddle

Okay, heard this last night in the news. Seems like Obama had called a young female reporter "sweetie" asking to get back to her with her question. I guess he said "in a minute here, sweetie". She made a little stink about it and it's played all over the news. I actually see nothing wrong with what he said. I may not like where Obama stands for as far as politics go, but he did nothing wrong in my opinion. Are we as a society becoming a society that is too easilty offended? I think we are. Do you think Obama was wrong for calling her "sweetie"?

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May 15 @ 3:19PM  
No, I don't think what he said was wrong, just maybe that the person he said it to was the wrong person. I waitressed for a very long time, & it's really easy to get in the habit of calling someone "Sweetie" or "Hun", when you work with the public & some people would get nasty about it, & others just went with the flow! I guess it's just the individual, some people, no matter what you say or do, they're going to bitch about it, life's too short to get your nose out of joint about such trivial things....but I definetely have seen both sides of the arguement!!

May 15 @ 3:33PM  
No, he didn't do anything wrong. Unfortunately some people only accept words like sweetie or hun, as terms of endearment meant personally for them. The world is full of people who take a normal word or expression and turn it into something vulgar and offensive.

May 15 @ 3:38PM  
yeah I also call people hun and sweetie. I don't find it offensive unless its a teenager calling me hun

May 15 @ 3:40PM  
She must be from up "north". I am, and in public it's not common.

I remember the first time I traveled to the south and stopped in a diner. The waitresses call EVERYONE hun, or sweetie, or the like. At first I thought she was just hustling tips, then I noticed they all talk like that down there.

So....... I'd say he was just showing southern hospitality. She should be glad he didn't lay a...... back OFF, bitch...... on her.

May 15 @ 3:55PM  
Not that there is anything wrong with addressing someone as sweetie, however as a man running for office as president of the most powertul country in the world it is not appropriate!Think of it this way if a judge addressed a woman as sweetie would that be right? Or if a govener answered a question with sweetie, how about your doctor calling you sweetie.When you are in a position of great power you expect respect and it should be given as well.

May 15 @ 4:03PM  
I don't see anything wrong with it,only a feminazi would think its demeaning when in reality he was just being polite.

May 15 @ 4:13PM  
I think it is sweet...and I like Obama...but it isn't appropriate for someone in office. I am not a feminazi...thank you! Sweetie!

May 15 @ 4:23PM  
It could have been worse, he could have said "wait you turn asshole".

May 15 @ 4:30PM  
I think Strad it all depends on the person you're saying it too. I for one am terrible at saying that all the time. At work I usually have to be careful but it just seems to come automaticly!

May 15 @ 4:49PM  
what guy did he say it 2???

May 15 @ 5:42PM  
It's all in the delivery............sometimes it's like nails on a chalkboard! And sometimes it can reduce a grown woman to an mindless bimbo......but all those things aside......Sweety can be a refreshing change coming from someone pleasant.........

May 15 @ 5:46PM  
I called one person in chat here babe...and that started a fucking war...with no one on my where the hell were you people then?

Some people just have sticks up theyre asses lately, its not a "feminest" thing, its simply that she can get away with complaining about it. Its like how some young "african american" men take offense to being called "black" ...even if they happen to be black as fucking night...whats next european american? I understand disliking terms that have the negative connetations of the past connected to them...but how did sweetie and black become offensive?


May 15 @ 7:27PM  
Damn, Beefy, I didnt know you had been in a time, tell me...I'll side with ya!

As for the blog question....He should not have addressed anyone as "sweetie".

May 15 @ 7:47PM  
In the South this may be acceptable but he is not a Southerner so no it is not appropiate for him to have said it.. Smile..

May 15 @ 7:53PM  
I don't see anything wrong with calling her a sweetie, but maybe she's pissed because she's not sweet at all and would have preferred to be called a dumb bitch!

May 15 @ 8:53PM  

That kills me. No nothing wrong with his comment. And he apologized....and he didn't try to make a date with her for later...they actually played the message on her answering machine tonight.....on my favorite...MSNBC..

May 15 @ 9:03PM  
I saw the clip where he did that...and I think it's just a case of someone being overly sensitive and acting like a bitch. It doesn't bother me in the least...I know I'm a sweet person.

And no...I don't think he was wrong in calling her "sweetie" wasn't like he was hitting on her.

May 15 @ 9:17PM  
Here in the northeast it would be more appropriate to have called her dear than sweetie.

May 16 @ 12:01AM  
I think it's cute. She just wanted her 5 minutes of fame and she got it.

May 16 @ 10:15AM  
As with everything, there is a time and place.....

My wife has no problem with being called "Sweetie", or "Hun". or "Darlin' " when she is out and about either with or without me.....BUT...Walk into her office and call her that, and she will hand you your nut sac on a platter....

Think mebbe HE would have been offended if she had called him "Stud" ? Or "Sweet Cheeks" ?.....just sayin'...

May 16 @ 10:37AM  
It has a lot to do with whare you are.........Here in the south you hear that all the time.'am.....sir......Nothing derogatory about it. People just being friendly. Better then "hey you"

But go to some places up north and its a different story. People seem to get offended over those choice of greetings. I once got told, in a restaurant up in New England, that if I called her ma'am once more she would refuse to serve me. For some reason they find that offensive. Call someone sweetie, hun or something of that nature and you get funny looks or they will tell you they aren't your sweetie or hun.....

As for Obama and the rest of those high profile people, they may want to choose their words a little more wisely.

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Is calling a female stranger "sweetie" offensive?