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Gay marriage now allowed in California? A slap to voters!

posted 5/15/2008 1:46:25 PM |
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Just heard the news that the California Supreme Court has overruled their own voters in that state to now allow gay marriage. Not too long ago the voters voted on this proposition and were against legalizing gay marriage. The liberal court out there apparently has no respect for the majority who voted in California! This blog isn't about pro or anti gay marriage, but the total abuse of power from a liberal court to deny what the voters voted for. Any thoughts on this subject?

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May 15 @ 2:03PM  
Why am I not surprised????

May 15 @ 2:04PM  
Politics makes my head hurt. Not very democratic I should say.

May 15 @ 2:04PM  

That is ridiculous. Here in Oregon, they can NOT pass anything,
unless the voters approve it.

May 15 @ 2:34PM  
It reminds me of the electoral process. Seems like the person with the most votes period would win a truly democratic election.

May 15 @ 3:32PM  
I'm all for gay marriage. They should have the ability to get fucked in a divorce just like the rest of us.

Ok, seriously..... the job of the court is not to uphold a simple majority. It is to decide if the law, as written, is constitutional. In that respect, not having read it, I won't comment on whether they did right or wrong.

I WILL, however, observe that laws are written by lawyers & interpreted by lawyers and as often as things are challenged and overturned, etc, you have to wonder if they merely incompetent or if they intentionally fuck up as a form of job security??

May 15 @ 4:49PM  
Once again Liberal Judges overturn the will of the people. (Voters)

May 15 @ 4:50PM  
when will they allow people to marry sheep??

May 15 @ 5:25PM  
just one more bit of proof the the vote means nothing in america today.

May 15 @ 6:39PM  
Maybe they will allow people to marry chickens too. I gotta go west!

May 15 @ 7:45PM  
Well I think it is grand.. as sometimes not everyone who should vote does... it was not to long ago that this same thing was happening to interracial couples where they could not marry and if they did especially brides/grooms from overseas it was considered sinful.. I know many interracial couples who had to hide their love and move out of town when it became apparent that a bun was in the oven.. Heck many black men were lynched here in the South Texas being one of the worse states for doing so, a man of color could not look at a white woman.. It was the courts that decided that this was all a bunch of bullshit. Not the voters.. So Straddle you could not be with Kim unless the Law had been changed not by we the people but by We the Court.. You only have to look at the long bigotry of this country to finally understand that not always do "We the People" know what is really best for the rest of us... Smile..

And like someone else said, why not let everyone experiance the screwing of Divorce why should it only be hetros who do.. Smile... Not that I have experianced this in any way LOL, I got screwed when he died and did not have a will...

May 15 @ 7:54PM  
If it weren't for the constant abuse of power all over the world, things would actually be normal, but the government can't have that!

May 15 @ 8:19PM  
Well I dont care whether they get married or not...have at it...the problem is throwing the voters, the ones who express an opinion on such law, under the proverbial bus. That being said, the point of a three pronged government is check and balance. Sometimes Congress passes a law that is not Constitutional or is vetoed by the Executive. So it all comes out in the wash...checks and balances are the way the Constitution is written. So the voters are important but not a factor in the ruling on the law by this court in my opinion. You still hate seeing the will of the people overturned though.

May 15 @ 8:28PM  
It was a 4-3 ruling with their supreme court. Voters can overturn their state's supreme court ruling with a constitutional admendment. Believe it or not I thought that I just heard that there are more Republicans that are on that supreme court. If this is the case they make the rest of us look bad! But in all fairness, Republicans out there are not like most of the Republicans elsewhere. They tend to be more on the liberal side in Cali.

May 20 @ 1:43AM  
Sometimes the majority is wrong, old predications , backwards thinking ,outdated beliefs, and prejudices can be almost impossible to overcome. Only our legal system has the power ,to make sure that one of the most basic principals on which this country was founded is adhered to . That ALL men are created equal. i know that some will point out that the issue of slavery and womens right were not addressed, but that is why we have amendments. In the end what the Supreme Court is doing is reminding people that discrimination in any form, no matter how you try to hide it, sugarcoat it, try to sweep it under the rug, it is still discrimination . I have tried to keep my personal views out of this blog, but no matter how you approach this issue, denying rights to a specific group of people, whether by race, creed, color, or sexual orientation is wrong. i hope that this may help those with differing views to perhaps reevaluate there take on this issue. We are all humans and love is something that should be treasured . So few of us truly find it, but when we do we should all,under the law be able to express that love and have equal protection and benefits .

May 20 @ 1:56AM  
Sometimes the majority is wrong, old predications , backwards thinking ,outdated beliefs

I wasn't going to state where my beliefs stand on the gay issue. This blog is more less about the majority that have spoken. I disagree with you on your statement above. To slame the majority on this for backward thinking tells me that you're not too tolerent of others views on where they stand on this issue.

Oct 25 @ 1:42PM  
NOPE!!!!![I] The reason I very strongly disagree is because we live in a CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC, not a democracy! The state supreme court has the obligation to strike down any & every law that disagrees with the state constitution! Even IF the voters of our great state wants "that" law, the Justices must rule it as UNconstitutional, IF it conflicts with our constitution in ANY way, shape, or form! Must rule "UNconstitutional" IF it conflicts with the Constitution of the United States! Or IF it conflicts with, or violates, any preceding federal/state law. Or any precedent federal/state judicial ruling. And there happens to be such a LAW & Ruling, from, either 1961 or 1969, U. S. vs. Virginia, where the Federal Supreme Court ruled that Virginia violated citizen's rights when they passed a law stating who could or could not marry whom! Basically the same thing that California voters (& many other states' citizenry) are attempting to do! Especially if it violates the freedoms of ANY citizen, or segment of citizens, of our state!

So, it isn't about "gay" marriage in particular, it is about restricting individual freedoms, by regulating whom you may marry! Whether the person you wish to marry has red hair, blue eyes, tanned skin color, is under 3' 6" tall, weighs over 200#, believes in a different God than 'they' or you do, or has freckles!! If I remember my history correctly, didn't someone try that once? Oh yeah, his name was Adolf Hitler, Chancellor of Germany, The Third Reich!

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Gay marriage now allowed in California? A slap to voters!