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Nudity VS drugs

posted 5/15/2008 10:00:21 AM |
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Sometime we have to wonder why laws are created like they are and for what purpose.

Case in point.

Go to any adult public event and just watch the police and the participaters. I attend many bike rallys where the old customs were the women flashing on request from spectators. Mardi Gras is another one where its an old custom to trade flashing for strings of beads. Outdoor concerts are another that come to mind. Anyone remember Woodstock?????

In the past couple years there has been a big increase of women getting arrested for flashing their boobs. Up to a $500 fine with it. The authorities are now considering body art part of indecent exposure due to only having paint covering their "sexual" areas. They say does not constitute a substitution for clothing. No matter how much it seems to cover up.

At these same activities I have seen police walk right by people smoking dope and doing other illegal substances. They don't bother with that at those events unless someone is selling a lot of it right out in the open. It also has to be big enough to be worth their time. Now I even see "Beach Police" hassle people for showing too much but leave the drug users alone. (Daytona Beach a couple weeks ago)

Recently there was someone (male) arrested for indecent exposure because he was taking a piss behind some bushes beside the roadway. A cop saw him and stopped. Arrested him for indecent exposure in a public place. He was staying as hidden as possible and his reason for stopping to do it there. He was on fluid tablets and has to go frequently. Not always a rest room handy when he has to go.

A lot of us read, and it was on the news, where a woman got arrested for breast feeding her baby in public. Women have been thrown off public conveyances for doing that. But don't quiet a hungry baby and they will still throw you off.

Here's a fact for all of you. Did you know that if you get charged with any public indecency offense and plead guity or found guilty that they can and in many instances, will add your name to the "National Sex Offender Registry" ? The guy relieveing himself beside the road had that happen. He is now a sex offender. Once on that you can't get your name off. They don't give the reason your on there. So the public seeing your name has no idea if your just one that flashed their boobs or took a piss alongside some roadway or are some dangerous child molester or rapist.

What the hell is wrong with this country? Have they gone completely insane? Where are they going to go next? Into our bedrooms to dictate how we can breed. Who here is getting sick of the government dictating and chiseling away at our freedoms?

"Smoke a joint but don't show a nipple" This is what our government is teaching our children. Think about it........then get pissed and do something. Suggestion.......Million Boob March on the White House. Give old GW heart failure.

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May 15 @ 12:59PM  
It's all about money and politics. What's easiest to prove and subsequently categorize for political gain.

I was at a party once, and two people were using the restroom to get to know each other better. I walked outside and completely into some woods to take a leak. When I returned to the parking lot, a police officer gave me a $90 littering ticket. I took the day off work, and demanded proof and a trial. Since it was a civil statute ticket, such was ridiculous of course, but they dropped the ticket.

I lost more than $90 missing work, but I cared more about the principle, so yeah, I'm with you on all that and more.

May 15 @ 1:35PM  
If I'm not mistaken....and I could be....there are old, old laws still on the books about what goes on in our private homes so feasibly there are things we could be arrested for that goes on between two adults in our own bedroom.

There's a lot of things that piss me off about our laws. If I've had enough to drink that I could be arrested for DWI....I may choose to walk home. Not stumble or weave....just walk. But if seen coming out of a bar, the cops will arrest me for public intoxication....whether my demeanor warrants it or not. If I crawl in my car and choose to go to sleep instead of driving....yep! They got ya!

My view on nudity or flashing....leave 'em the fuck alone if there ain't no kids around. Consider each incident on it's merits the man on meds that was pissing behind a bush.

I remember our cops "way back when"....they were apt to put you in their car and TAKE you home if you was drunk and didn't think a thing about it. These new cops are so anal and "by the book" they have people scared to even walk sober. I cringe everytime I leave the Eagles and I spent the afternoon drinking Pepsi but I am still a target to be detained and questioned.

Government is going too far and I have no doubt about that whatsoever!!

Good blog....I detain you long enough to pin a kudo to your nekkid

May 15 @ 1:48PM  
Bikers, beer, naked boobs, string bikinis go hand in hand together. Wouldn't be Daytona without it. Watchagonna do?

May 15 @ 3:12PM  
Here's a fact for all of you. Did you know that if you get charged with any public indecency offense and plead guity or found guilty that they can and in many instances, will add your name to the "National Sex Offender Registry" ?

A lot of laws are flawed, and this one certainly is.

May 16 @ 10:43AM  
The basic problem....ALL Police officers form their OWN opinions regarding laws.

They tend to only enforce the ones they agree with....and ignore the offenses they "see nothing wrong with".

So, you put a couple of police officers at an event (although there may be hundreds of officers there) and those officers don't like to see women flashing tits...SOME OF THEM ARE GONNA GET ARRESTED....

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Nudity VS drugs