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posted 5/14/2008 10:30:25 PM |
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Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging! It's is a great way for others to get to know you. We've put together some guidelines to help you get started in the right direction.

What your blog should contain

Informative Title - The title is important. You want to spark reader interest in your blog.

Subject Matter - You may blog about any subject you like, perhaps a current event or an epiphany you had today. Keep it interesting. Don't just describe what you did today. Talk about ideas, thoughts, or things you might have learned for example.

Tag Your Blogs - Enter keywords related to your blog. If your blog is about how much you love pizza, you should enter "pizza" in the tag field. This will help others find you and other blogs related to "pizza".

A blog can be a statement, an essay or simply thoughts. If one wants discussion, they are invited to post in the discussion forums. Allowing comments or not is a personal choice, but it's not necessarily "censorship".

Blog Rules (Yes, there are some rules.)

1. Do not "broadcast" messages to readers. Example: webcam requests, sex requests, etc.
2. Blogs that are "simply" of what you're seeking - this is what your profile is for.
3. You may not post any copyrighted material, unless you are the copyright holder.
4. If you post a joke you must tag it with "joke" and poems with "poem".
5. You may not post any private emails in whole or in partial.
6. You may not include user names in your subject.
7. Your blog can not "target" a specific user.
8. Do not post any personal contact infomation such as private email, phone numbers or addresses. These may be exchanged privately by email.

Blogs that do not meet all the rules will be subject to deletion. If you regularly delete your blogs, or your blogs don't meet the rules a majority of time, your blogs may not appear on the new blogs page.

After reading the guidelines and rules for blogging...I want someone to point out where it says bloggers can't use profanity. I copied AMD's own guidelines and rules...and I don't see where it says bloggers can't use the "f" word. (don't want to spell it out in case this blog gets deleted ). I know I've been gone a couple of days...did I miss something?

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May 14 @ 10:39PM  
I think "wanna f***?" blogs are considered a broadcast to members as self advertising. That may be why those blogs are getting deleted.

May 14 @ 10:43PM  
I was wondering the same thing when did things change around here....

May 14 @ 10:47PM  
Many blogs were being posted for having user names in the blog...the rules say in the SUBJECT!!! They make it up as they go along. They think that is ok...wanna fuck is an advertisement?

May 14 @ 10:48PM  
Oh Chit! I just wrote it out in my blog! I'm so screwed.

May 14 @ 10:50PM  
wanna fuck........ is a statement......not advertising

May 14 @ 10:55PM  
I'm so screwed.

I asked first ! ! !
damn Gina
that Advil works fast

May 14 @ 10:58PM  
LOL waste not, want not... get right to it

May 14 @ 11:05PM  
let's do the 'roo!

ya mean hop right to it - right?

will that get me bounced?
pastin' from another blog?

May 14 @ 11:08PM  
Isn't "wanna fuck" sort of an icon of AMD??? Wouldn't be the same without it!! WTF...they gonna take away our kudos next because we just happen to like one blog more than the next???

Wanna fuck ain't self advertising anymore than saying kiss my's just a saying...nothing more, nothing less.


May 14 @ 11:15PM  
wanna fuck is damn near a religion 'round here
it's beyond a statement
it's a basic right of all pervs
"All Hail The Wanna Fucks"

May 14 @ 11:29PM  
fuck fuck fuck.......there i said do you wanna.......

May 15 @ 6:18AM  
From what I have observed, it isn't so much as what the rules say, it's more what the person(s) who have their finger on the delete key say. I have yet to have a blog deleted, but, then, I have not stepped on the wrong toes either. I have a feeling if I did, [del]. It does seem to me that if photos are reviewed for inappropriate content before they are posted, the same should hold true for blogs...but, once they're posted, they should be left alone! Just MHO...

May 15 @ 8:25AM  
Why can't we use the word fuck, isn't that what we are here to do??

May 16 @ 11:08AM  
You here it is....Granted it may be as stretched as a White Pussy in Harlem.....but it's the reason.....

Do not "broadcast" messages to readers. Example: webcam requests, sex requests, etc.

" Fuck You"....."Wanna Fuck?"...Just a couple of examples....

You may not include user names in your subject

A large number of user names contain the word "fuck" either all or in part, or some variation thereof.........

Your blog can not "target" a specific user.

By using the term "Fuck", you are targeting this large number of users, not to mention the CLASS of users such as "FUCK-tards"..."FUCK-heads"...FUCK-ers"...and "FUCK-ing Idiots"

You may not post any private emails in whole or in partial.

"I sent her a wanna fuck e-mail and she replied 'fuck you, ASSHOLE!' "
"I got this e-mail from some Stupid ass-wipe that said 'wanna fuck?' "



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