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What type of gun do you own?

posted 5/14/2008 9:52:40 PM |
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What type of gun do you own? Having gone through the police academy years ago I started out with a blue steele .38 special revolver. After the police academy I got me a .45 semi automatic. I had that one for maybe a year before selling that one to a friend entering the police academy. After I sold that .45 to him I bought me another gun from a catalog. I got me another blue steele color and it was a 9mm German Makarov pistol. It's the type the East German Secret Police used to carry on them over there.

I remember while in the police academy that our instructor was from Oakland California, and it used to piss him off that people would refer to rounds as bullets. He told us that rounds go into the gun and comes out bullets. Believe it or not a lot of people don't know this and call "rounds" bullets before they even go into the gun. Another thing that pissed him off was when people called the magazine (where you put all the rounds in) a clip for a semi automatic. To him a clip was something you smoked a joint with.

So, What type of gun do you own?

This is a repost from a blog I did back in Feb.2007

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May 14 @ 9:56PM  
Water gun.

May 14 @ 9:57PM  
geez - even in a repost
ya got it wrong
repeat after me
"This is my weapon
this is my gun

May 14 @ 9:57PM  
I'm not allowed to own a gun but even if i was, I wouldn't. I have no use for them for any reason ever.

May 14 @ 9:59PM  
Water gun.

geez - even in a repost
ya got it wrong

How ya figure?

May 14 @ 10:01PM  
I wouldn't have one in my house

I wouldn't let my child have a water gun when she was little either..I am scared of them..Not water guns..Real one's..

Remember the one that was just killed in our area about a month ago Shawn..Playing around thinking it was unloaded and it was not..Now he is dead..They are not toys..

May 14 @ 10:05PM  
After Mick...I don't have any guns in my house at all.

May 14 @ 10:06PM  
this is my rifle
this is my gun
this is for fighting
this is for fun (grabs cock)

Full Metal Jacket ladies

May 14 @ 10:07PM  
I own guns because I am a free man and not a subject or sheep. As to what I own, well that's not your business.

Pacifism benefits the tyrant.

May 14 @ 10:07PM  
semi automatic...can't say what is free advertising, but I tell ya I don't need one of those rape condoms anymore...and it has a night site...and yes I am trained, and I have it locked up and unloaded...what's the point?!

May 14 @ 10:12PM  
now I get it

this is my rifle
this is my gun
this is for fighting
this is for fun (grabs cock)

what kinda gun ya got - ha
gonna try switch hittin'?

May 14 @ 10:33PM  
When I was running for office in the 90's I had to address the 2nd Amendment group during the campaign. I mentioned I support the right to bear arms but did not see the need to own a bazooka or Sherman tank. I thought I was going to get run out of town!!!! So i bought a Smith an Wesson .45 and have it in the drawer of my bedroom.....

May 14 @ 10:36PM  
Smith & Wesson .38 and .357, both stainless. Before I spent nine years in South Florida, I slept with my front door open. Now I sleep with my .38 in my nightstand.

May 14 @ 10:54PM  
did not see the need to own a bazooka or Sherman tank. (not being critical of you greatsax).

It's funny how people like to throw in things that really don't apply to 2nd amendment issues
The funny thing is you can own a bazooka or sherman tank (if you can afford one) because they aren't considered weapons once they are de-milled, the main gun(s) removed or firing mechanism rendered inert etc. Rocket launchers, grenades and launchers are also legal, it's the explosives that are dangerous and outlawed. But people don't know that! And then nukes get added in and fighter planes (yes you can own one too) etc. Some groups just like to obfuscate the issue and appeal to people's emotions or ignorance to get their way.

May 14 @ 10:55PM  
i have a small arsenal..........dont fuk wit shot 2

May 14 @ 11:18PM  
No guns in my house. If I did it'd be a 10 mm Glock 29.

I have numerous swords, knives, throwing stars, darts, throwing knives, blow guns, ect. My 16 year old can wield two katanas at the same time. My 13 year old and I are stuck with only using one. All three us of can hit targets 20 feet with darts, throwing knives and throwing stars. Oh and the mini crossbow.

May 14 @ 11:18PM  
mrknowuwell is waiting for another battle at the Alamo if there ever is one he’ll be ready..

May 14 @ 11:23PM  
^^^^ i am surrounded by mexicans as we speak

May 14 @ 11:23PM  
i own the world's most powerful handgun...........well me and dirty harry....... an assortment of rifles, shotguns, and muzzleloaders.......and a shitload of bullets.........

May 15 @ 12:21AM  
Am I the only one with a blow gun? It's about 60". At one point I could hit a pop can on the theater stage from the balcony. I guess it's all the hot air I have LOL! If you're a grasshopper, run for your life because you're easily taken by my needle like darts.

I also have a M0-utH. Sometimes I shoot it off, depends on how public a place I'm at. It's gotten me into trouble a few times however it often gets me out of trouble. I also have a pen. While it's mightier than the sword it can also be disassembled to create a mini blow gun. I can't hit beans with it, but I can sure blow beans through it.

May 15 @ 12:47AM  
38 Cal S&W short barrell, secret service special, blue steel 5 shot revolver ... Bought it in 1983 upon my discharge from the US Army... It's locked & loaded, oiled with a safety trigger lock..... I wouldn't sell it for the world, It's a real piece of art ... It's main purpose is for pesonal safety and defense. .... BTW, I qualified as an expert in marksmanship with a 45 Cal handgun, M16 assault rifle and the 105 mm on an M60 tank day and night firing

May 15 @ 5:20AM  
guns ?
Aussies only need knives.didn't any of ya's watch Crocadile Dundee ?
we got reeeeeally big knives.
and we don't even have to lock the doors when we sleep of a night either.
(they gotta get past that american bulldog in the backyard to reach the door )

May 15 @ 6:50AM  
what do i need a gun for?

May 15 @ 7:19AM  
.22LR Marlin Semi-Auto
.22S/L/LR Stevens 67R (older rifle, good shape, an original "Sears" rifle)
Rossi 18 1/2" Double Hammer Double Barrel 20 Gauge Shotgun
Brazilian made .22 Magnum pistol
1965 .30-30 Marlin, with Micro-Groove Rifling. (There are 2, matching pair, one is my brothers, one is mine)
1910 Hopkins & Allen Single Shot Break Action 12 Gauge (non-functional, just one I bought to rework because of age, wallhanger)
Remington .30-06 Semi-Automatic Rifle (for those things a .22 LR/Magnum or Shotgun/30-30 will not reach.........)

What I used to own:
1939 Turkish 8MM Bolt Action Mauser Rifle with FM Jacket ammunition.
(I loved that rifle........)
1940? 7.62X54R (.30Cal for you in the know) Russian Mosin Nagant Bolt Action Rifle.
Numerous shotguns in varying sizes, along with .22's over the years and an SKS.

What I will NEVER own:
Any variation of ANY Colt AR-15/M-16. I had enough of that POS years ago.

What I am "shooting" for:
I need to re-up my Curio & Relics License and am looking to get either an M-1 Garand and/or an M1A1 Carbine should the government have a few left (Civilian Marksmanship Program).
Probably a Colt 1911 .45ACP, however, I only like Military pistols, and was hoping to fall across an C-96 Broomhandle Mauser (German, not the Chinese makes).
Possibly a Webley or another .44 Magnum revolver.

Hey RJN? Do a little "SPORTS" shooting?
(Slap, Pull, Observe, Release, Tap, Shoot)
Misfire! Misfire! Clear the Range!
(Or in my case, "Hang Fire! Sonofabitch! Grab the tube dude, we gotta drag this bitch 150 yards down that way and turn her upside down and hope it comes out slow..........)

May 15 @ 2:01PM  
My dad and uncle were expert with shooting match rifles and my uncle with muzzleloaders...he made his own rifle stocks and ammunition. For several years my dad was president of the Liberty Leadslingers....a jr. rifle club.

I don't own a gun....I'd either shot myself in the foot or get it taken away from me and get shot with my own gun. My little stun gun will suffice. I take it walking with me at midnight...carry it in one hand and my cellphone in the other and hope like hell if something happens I don't get confused in the excitement and zap myself thinking it's my cellphone.....

May 16 @ 11:54AM  
There is only one kind of gun.....The kind that kills.

I own guns....My boys grew up around them....

And they were taught at an early age how to handle them, and exactly what the purpose of a gun kill.

While I support the concept of the right to keep and bear arms, I see no reason why anyone would object to having the same controls applied to guns as we apply to our vehicles.....

If we can track all vehicles from date of manufacture until the day they are crushed and melted down to make more vehicles, and impose license and insurance requirements on them.....why not guns?....

Any 13 year old that can get their hands on a credit card can purchase a gun.....but let them attempt to purchase a car, and see what happens......

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What type of gun do you own?