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posted 5/14/2008 8:26:52 PM |
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I'm sorry,

I'm getting PISSED OFF. Why is it that people get so anal when I/ a person does not cam. I think it's stupid. To tell you truth, I don't want to see some dude/chic that I don't know. I mean, yeah if I chatted with them for a while and was interested. I think it's awkward. The only times I've done it, dude has been DISGUSTING. (with 2 exceptions and I still talk to them) I don't mean cause he's fat or ugly, but the way he carries himself and fidgeting and chowing down on food with his mouth wide open between chomps. Ick. What is the big deal? REALLY? Is it to see if I'm real? I've posted pictures. I don't want my face plastered here but I'd be glad to send that to some people. I mean come on.

Okay, I'm calmed down. I've ranted out my bit-o-rage! I swear I'm not bipolar (as that is everyones excuse now days) not a prozac poper that's out of meds, nor am I Gemini nor suffering from schizophrenia! Just frustrated. Maybe sexually, who knows?

I did run across something interesting in a magazine.
Common Myths Associated with Lasting Longer

Myth 1: Men are under the impression that if they think about other things while they are sexually aroused they can delay orgasm and last longer.
Answer: This simply isn’t true. Wandering thoughts only take away from the pleasure of the moment. They don’t prolong the inevitable.

Myth 2: If I try hard enough, I can keep my erection really hard.
Answer: Again, this takes away from the pleasures of the sex. You need to learn to relax and stay relaxed while making love.

Myth 3: I can’t hold back my ejaculation. I’ve tried to stop it.
Answer: You can if you know how and take the time to practice this skill.

Just thought I'd share. It's from a relationship magazine

Female orgasms.....!!!!!! Listen in

An orgasm is a emotional and psychological pleasure that is caused by prolonged sexual stimulation. Women can have two different types of orgasms, vaginal and clitoral. Orgasms by clitoral stimulation is the most common. Many women can't have vaginal orgasms. Oddly enough, there are many women who don't have orgasms at all. (poor poor soul) Have you ever read about women faking it? (which is another article in this mag) Don't laugh, because many women do. As I was doing my research I was blown away by reading that many women don't have orgasms. Some women think they may have one from time to time but aren't completely sure.

Has that ever happened to anyone here? It did to me when I was younger. When I really had an orgasm I knew.

When a woman has a combined orgasm from both vaginal and clitoral it is called blended orgasm. Blended orgasms don't happen very often. The clitoral orgasm takes place when the clitoris is massaged slowly and is well lubricated. Vaginal orgasms is caused from the pressure being applied to the G-spot. This happens usually when the tip of your partner's penis touches it. The G-spot is on the anterior wall of the vagina, about two inches from the opening. There is a big difference between the way these two orgasms feel. That is because the major nerve connected to the clitoris is different from the one connected to the G spot. All women are capable of having orgasms, even multiple orgasms, unless you have a medical problem that prevents you from having them. Most women don't know their bodies well enough to have orgasms. Ladies learn your bodies and learn how it reacts to certain things so you can have mind blowing orgasms. There are some factors that cause women to have orgasms. For you to get the most out of your sexual encounter you need to free your mind from stress, tension, and any problems you may have. You can't give your full attention to what's going on if you have loads of stuff on your mind. Therefore having an orgasm is impossible. If you wait longer than two days to have another sexual encounter it will be harder for you to be aroused and you are less likely to have an orgasm. However, if you do have sex again before the two day period is up you can get emotionally involved in the sexual encounter much easily. This is because your body is still warmed up emotionally and physically. Take time to learn your body, what it likes, how it likes things, and so on. You need to feel comfortable with yourself to get the most out of your sexual encounters. Some women are very self conscious of their body and that puts a real strain on your pleasure. Try taking a hot bath and relaxing while thinking about your man. Also try reading a romantic novel or watching a movie to relax you and get you focused on your partner. Sometimes us ladies just need to block everything out and the only way to do that is to focus on something sexual. Men often feel that they are not enough for us, that they alone can't turn us on and in some cases that is true, But in most cases it is not. A woman's body reacts totally different from a man's body. Therefore we need extra help from time to time to get aroused. Women often worry about the bills, the kids, work, and their financial situation which is the main reason we have trouble focusing on our sex life. That is where the psychological part comes in. When we are psychologically stressed we can't focus on our lover. Those of you who have never experienced an orgasm, don't lose hope. Your time will come.

And I'm well aware that many people already know this, it's not rocket science... but I just wanted to share it anyway.

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May 14 @ 8:30PM  
Myth 3: I can’t hold back my ejaculation. I’ve tried to stop it.
Answer: You can if you know how and take the time to practice this skill

yes i know......... .......ummmmmm coach i'll take any pictures you want to give away.......

May 14 @ 8:34PM  
only reason I like to see people on cam is to see their reactions when you type something. You can tell by their face what they're thinking rather than give them time to think about it and type something they think you want to hear.

May 14 @ 8:35PM  
i never thought of that. That's a good reason

May 14 @ 8:36PM  
and if they looked like you....well that would just be a big plus

May 14 @ 9:09PM  
I don't mind camming if it is to chit chat or knock down some shots and get so drunk you lose a bet and end up singing Bohemian Rhapsody on mic.... yeah, been there.

I tend to stay away from camming because it gets so boring when people only talk to you in hopes you flash some titties or moon. I need the real thing.

May 14 @ 9:31PM  
If you will forgive my windy response, which I am not helping make less painful by telling you it will be windy
It has never ceased to amaze me that people using the internet seem to somehow think that it is different from the "real" world. I am old enough to remember when we had to actually go out and ask a girl out by looking her in the eye while trying not to stare at her beautiful breasts, the two reasons we were asking her out in the first place. In high school it was better because we just looked at her breasts really quick then stared at her feet and tried to get some kind of words to form together that made sense. My point here being that somehow people tend to view the internet as an open invitation to act out all those things we had in our pee brains as kids...problem is that most of them here are like...50! Somehow people need to understand to use the internet as a great tool to meet and then we still need to be human to each other. I agree that the "real" thing has always been my "thing". Cams are just a poor sub for really talking to someone...and then really getting them to squirt all over your face because you like each other so much....Now that is real!!!!

May 14 @ 9:32PM  
Oh a kudo for making me think about female I never think of them...sheesh...

May 14 @ 9:36PM  
I have done the cam thing twice and it's not all that exciting...

May 14 @ 9:39PM  
I'm sorry I was such a disappointment Shawn. I promise I'll try HARDER next time

May 14 @ 9:55PM  
When a woman has a combined orgasm from both vaginal and clitoral it is called blended orgasm. Blended orgasms don't happen very often.

That'll be me :) Happens more often than we think.

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