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Anti-Rape Condom------What are your thoughts??

posted 5/14/2008 8:20:37 PM |
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RAPEX is a new product that was developed to empower women to defend themselves against rapists. RAPEX is a device used by women to prevent rape and to identify the rapist. The RAPEX prototype was launched on 31 August 2005, at Kleinmond, Cape Province, South Africa.
The anti-rape female condom was invented by Sonette Ehlers, a South African woman. It is intended to prevent rape by hooking onto an attacker's penis, hurting and disabling him.
The device is a latex sheath held firm by shafts of sharp, inward-facing microscopic barbs that would be worn by a woman in her vagina like a tampon. Should an attacker attempt vaginal rape, the penis would penetrate the latex and be hooked by the barbs, causing the attacker pain and (ideally) giving the victim time to escape. The condom would remain attached to the attacker's body and could be removed only surgically, which would, hypothetically, alert hospital staff and police.

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Your thoughts on this???

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May 14 @ 8:24PM  
Great untill some women decides to use it to punish her boyfriend for cheating... hey I've heard of some women purposely giving guys they hate the clap and such. Why would this be any less likely of a scenario?


May 14 @ 8:25PM  
Yea,,,, it happened to me one time... it did hurt........................................... j/k :)

May 14 @ 8:31PM  
sadly enough, there would be stupid women to do that.

It would be an awesome idea. But then again, he'd probably kill her the instant he realized what was going on. Word would get out about the condoms. He'd know the instant it happened. Bang, she's dead. Unless the disabling happened instantly....

May 14 @ 8:31PM  
i have heard of it.........sounds good to me........

May 14 @ 8:33PM  
Purposely giving some guy they hate the clap?...Right...What woman would intentionally go out and find someone with clap so they could give it to the boyfriend they hate...HEY!!!! WHO HAS CLAP??? What? Is she standing in front of the health clinic at some college campus screaming and soliciting clap victims...? You are...well think about what you just wrote... Self explanatory

May 14 @ 8:56PM  
It's a Great Idea!! Especially in 3rd World Counties where women and little girls are raped all the time.

May 14 @ 9:34PM  

May 14 @ 9:39PM  
Great for those punks that can't get none, but I agree some women out here are off their damn rockers!

May 14 @ 10:17PM  
The condom should have a unique serial number traceable to the purchase. Users should be licensed, there should be a 30 day cooling off period and a background check, convicted felons and those with a history of mental illness or violence should not be allowed to possess them.

We all know that although they will be used to catch rapists, they will also be used to 'punish' boyfriends, husbands etc and of course someone will be irresponsible enough to forget they are wearing it or leave them around where kids can get them.

May 15 @ 5:30AM  
I can just see the scenario now,in the midst of the violent struggle she's going to say ,wait a minute while i just slip this in will you please,and he's gonna say,yeah,not a problem luv.

May 15 @ 6:26AM  
I think my ex wife would have used this on me as she was such a bitter and vindictive flake...

I cannot abide rapists! (the following typed carefully as to avoid deletion) In my opinion their testicles should be painted with a mixture of cayanne pepper and cloves, then nailed to a wooden picnic table. The table should be set aflame in such a way as to burn slowly. Then the rapist should be handed a rusty butter knife and given his choice - burn or remove 'em! Oh, so as not to offend, we should then wish him a nice day, all stand in a circle, and sing appropriate hymns while he makes up his mind.

May 15 @ 9:44PM  
A great idea, although I could see it getting misused. During the Korean and Vietnam conflicts girls would put razor blades in their pussies and unaware soldier would get a little nicked up.

May 18 @ 2:30PM  
butt sex...

it would never make it in america... the pedophile ratio would skyrocket then u would have to hand them out to little girls... and things would just get out of hand... and on top of that the hospitals overcrowded-ness would get way out of hand...

but a anal version could be sold to prision inmates for a large profit

May 18 @ 4:34PM  
Your thoughts on this???

Ouch! Well,from the assailant's point of view,anyway..

May 18 @ 5:02PM  
Obviously people don't recognize that rape is about control and not sex. Sex is just used as the mechanism and now you've managed to piss someone off who was already very angry and he's one inch from your face.



May 18 @ 10:40PM  
I'm totally against it! Just think about how painful it was for those test monkeys in south africa :(

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Anti-Rape Condom------What are your thoughts??