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What's your pet peeve(s)?

posted 5/13/2008 7:19:16 PM |
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tagged: life, straddle

Everyone has at least one pet peeve. What's yours? Mine would be...

1. People showing no respect and consideration for others out in public.

2. Cell phones being used when driving

3. The slow McDonalds drive through in Portsmouth in Ohio (I think they have nothing but slackers working there).

4. Long baggy ass shorts or pants that hang off peoples asses today.

So what's your pet peeve(s)?

This is a repost from Sept. 2007

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May 13 @ 7:26PM  
One of my pet peeves is being at a resturaunt and someone is talking on their cell phone so loud you know what the whole conversation is.

Another one is tailgaters...especially when I'm already a couple.................few...................oh ok....10+mph over the speed limit already.

May 13 @ 7:29PM  
People driving in the passing lane .... It's a passing lane people!!! Go do your 40mph in the right lane

May 13 @ 7:33PM  
my biggest pet peeve is stupid people

May 13 @ 7:33PM  
People driving in the passing lane

I do this one quite often...

I forgot to mention people buying up houses in a certain area (that's always been kept up by owners who lived there and took pride in their property) and turn around to rent the houses out to scumbag type people who doesn't care about the property.

May 13 @ 7:35PM  
I would have to agree with the cell phone usage

Also, people that look down on me for being a housewife and not working...little do they realize that I worked all my life until I got married. I enjoy being a housewife, damn it!!!


May 13 @ 7:36PM  
housewifin is hard work

May 13 @ 7:39PM  
1. People that can't figure out how to merge onto the freeway.

2. I said a plain cheeseburger. That means nothing on it but meat and cheese.

3. We are out of quarters can I give it to you in nickles?

4. Too much ice in my pop.

5. People that can't find the crosswalk. And expect me to stop.

6. When I know more about the menu than the person taking my order.

7. Being asked to do something at 4:45pm when it's going to take an hour. I'm not getting paid extra, Im not going to do it. Stop asking.

8. Women that want equal rights, but wants to be treated like a woman. One or the other.

9. Solicitors. My house is falling apart because I don't have he money to fix it, not because I was waiting for you to show up on my doorstep.

10. Attorneys (I deal with these people all the time) that talk down to me. Just because they went to 8 years of college doesn't make their I.Q. higher than mine.

I have more but time is limited.

May 13 @ 7:41PM  
Also, people that look down on me for being a housewife and not working...little do they realize that I worked all my life until I got married. I enjoy being a housewife, damn it!!!

Yes, as Roseanne would say, a "domestic goddess'!

May 13 @ 7:43PM  
waco texas...nuff said

May 13 @ 7:44PM  
Definitely drivers on cell phones. They drive like they're sitting at home, pacing back and forth or worse, they just sit there until the light turns red again.

Severely outdated fashion, especially haircuts. Women that wear their hair long and stringy, with the DA layers on top. Guys with crew cuts and long stringy braids at the nape of the neck.

McDonald's? Heh! I waited 10 minutes for a simple Chicken Caesar Salad. Drove home (15 minutes). Open the bag... WTF? Where the hell is the chicken?

May 13 @ 7:47PM  
waco texas...nuff said

Good point!

May 13 @ 7:51PM  
my PP would have to be...young men that wear the big baggy pants, and walk around gripping their penis, to keep their pants from falling off...

May 13 @ 7:59PM  
In no particular order

1. Companies sending credit card offers and catalogs for my ex wife to my address when she hasn't lived here since 1989.

2. Pharmaceutical companies running expensive TV ads for prescribed medications to treat medical conditions like Flomax (if your doctor thought it was the best treatment, he/she would prescribe it regardless).

3. Parents that bring toddlers and infants to public places like a nice restaurant or movie theater that won't retreat somewhere else if the kid starts crying or acting up.

4. People that don't speak understandable or fluent English manning a drive thru.

5.Veterinarians charging me $20 - $30 for a generic antibiotic for one of my dogs that would cost four bucks at Wal-Mart if prescribed for me.

May 13 @ 7:59PM  
People judging others because they are OVERWEIGHT!!! That fucking pisses me off!!! Sorry Ive had a bad day!!!

May 13 @ 8:03PM  
Sorry Ive had a bad day!!!

I hope you start having a great night soon!

May 13 @ 8:34PM  
3. Parents that bring toddlers and infants to public places like a nice restaurant or movie theater that won't retreat somewhere else if the kid starts crying or acting up.
This. All day long,this.And people who bring babies/kids to R-rated movies(when there we're R-rated movies).

-Phone calls in the middle of the night.(I know,it could be an emergency,but its still annoying).
-When you're walking to get some place in a hurry and someone walks in front of you really slow.
-Cellphones going off in the middle of a movie or some place that requires quiet.
-People who "scratch their throat" making that clicking noise(I know some cant help that either,but its annoying).
-Being stared at for an extended period of time.
-Going to the bathroom and there's no toilet paper.
-Talking online to person who doesn't give you a word in edgewise,then they have the nerve to ask:"why aren't you talking enough?"
-When I'm online on a place like this or AFF,etc someone manages to look over my shoulder without me knowing.
-When there's water all over the bathroom floor.

I'm sure there's more,but that's all I can think of...


May 13 @ 10:15PM  
silly questions

May 13 @ 10:27PM  
silly questions

Eh, it's all in fun...

May 13 @ 10:56PM  
1. People who stand in a isle at a store and talk to people they know and won't move out of the way

2. My post office where they usually have one person working and a line of people.

3. Customer's who think I am their personal waitress and leave me a damn $1.00


May 13 @ 11:10PM  
Gum might as well be a pig snorting around in shit...and I like pigs! People who solicate you for" NSA" some point you would be "A" it doesn't exist!

May 13 @ 11:17PM  
Gum smakers...

Yep, that would be me. I love chewing my gum like it's going out of style. Just ask get's on her nerves.

May 13 @ 11:53PM  
1. Dumbass ignorant people
2. Parents who think only of themselves and not the best interest of their children
3. Scandilous women
4. Rude, disrespectful people
5. People who think they are better than everyone
6. Haters

May 14 @ 12:10AM  
1. I concure with the gum don't eat food like a pig, why chew gum like one?

2. Liars, cheaters, people who have no honor

3. Rude, nasty people

4. bad drivers

5. unreliable vehicles (that of course break down when you least need them too)

May 14 @ 7:44AM  
hey Straddle my biggest pet peeve would be people that do not return phone calls and being sttod up on a date sucks as well!

May 14 @ 10:07AM  
All the fake profiles on this site for example: Woman in Ghana, who claim to be in love with me in their first email. lmao and, claim to live in Texas, since she was 5 years old, and is now 35, and has never heard of "The Alamo!"

May 14 @ 12:07PM  
Those fuckin' little minature grocery carts for kids to push around and parents who let them run wild running into everything and everybody....

Those screamin' bawlin' kids at Wal-Mart....for gaud sake take them home and put them down for a nap....are you so fuckin' selfish ya can't see they are tired and bored???

And the ones who bawl and scream cause you won't buy them what they want!

And those people who block a whole isle so they can stand there and visit oblivious of everyone else!

People who think they can park their car anywhere they want.

People that let their dogs shit on the sidewalk!

Really old people behind the steering wheel that's off in their own little world just dawdling along. And alot of others that do the same...and it's usually women who have grocery list/kids/what to have for supper tonight/yada yada yada whirling around in their heads and forget they're driving a car.

People who think they know it all....and are quick to tell you so....and tell you-and tell you-and TELL you....

May 14 @ 7:38PM  
I hate people that argue ANYTHING you say.

me: Oh wow it looks like the flowers are blooming.
them: I doubt it. That's probably not a bloom but a deformity on the flower of some sort.

me: man I love... kid rock
them: oh he sucks. I like Yanni.
me: oh yeah yanni's music is so soothing
Them: it's not supposed to be soothing it's motivational

Yeah, this IS an actual conversation I had!

May 15 @ 5:26AM  
People who constantly complain!

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