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The soap General Hospital

posted 11/15/2006 1:44:27 AM |
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Ever since I was 13 back in '80 I have watched the soap General Hospital when Luke & Laura (played by Anthony Geary and Genie Francis) first went on the run that summer. I still watch General Hospital today, and even though in my opinion it's not that same great show it once was with the storylines, writing, and casting on my soap, I still see old favorites from the hey days pop up from time to time. This coming Thursday will mark the 25th wedding anniversary of Luke & Laura, daytimes most popular super couple of all time. Both the actors are with G.H. today, with the actress (Genie Francis) recently returning to the show to honor this 25th wedding anniversary. The ratings should spike up this week for my General Hospital.

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Nov 15 @ 1:54AM  
I could never follow soap operas. It's not that I'm too macho or any crap like that. I'm just the sort of person that's always had their head in the clouds. GH, AMC, OLTL...they were all just reality based fantasies to me, and that wasn't a turn on.

Until I saw the soap opera Emperor Wang Gun (sp?). Get your minds out of the's not some twisted Flesh Gordon reference. The Emperor Wang Gun was the first sovereign emperor of Korea. The Koreans made a fantastic soap opera based on his life in the feudal states of his empire. For the first time I was able to get into a soap...and sadly, now I can't find it anywhere.

Well, that's my fault for not being a realist, I guess.

Nov 15 @ 2:03AM  
Nope...sorry, I can't get behind this one. I've been a Y&R watcher for the last 12 years and B4 that All My Children (I gave that one up after that bitch was in the well for how long? Like 3 months! Don't U know soap opera children can go off 2 boarding school and come back 3 months later full grown and engaged 2 your third wife? And the bitch's hair never did get messed up, ok?). So I traded Tad and Daisy for Nicholas and Sharon. Besides...Phillis is soooo hot! 2 bad she's evil. But hey, nobodys perfect...


Nov 15 @ 2:10AM  
lol...Yeah, I hate when soaps ages kids on the show overnite. It screws with the history of the soap.

Nov 15 @ 2:47AM  
OMG...remember the time Port Charles froze?? How out there was that? Do the Cassidines still rule there? I haven't watched a soap opera in so many years...but I know all I have to do is watch the first five minutes and be all caught up again!

Nov 15 @ 3:07AM  
Oh yeah, that was with the Ice Princess back in 1981. The Cassadines are still around but the writing is very weak today in my opinion. Even though some old favorites are back this year they have been put on the back burner and only on every now and then. I remember the Grant Putnam/Grant Andrews storyline back in 1984 where the actor played both roles (Psycho/DVX Agent-Doctor). Very good storyline!

Nov 15 @ 6:07AM  
Too bad her stay is short lived!!

Nov 15 @ 7:51AM  
Luke and Laura were truly captivating - hell, me and most of my friends skipped school to watch them. But back you remember when Leslie Webber - Laura's mom - went to prison for a murder she didn't commit? See, Leslie was having an affair with David Hamilton...but so was Laura. Laura had pushed David in one of her emotional moments, he fell and hit his head on the fireplace and died. Leslie knew who'd done it but allowed herself to take the blame to protect Laura. Laura, meanwhile, couldn't remember; when the memory finally came back to her, she confessed. Leslie was let out prison and Laura got a SUPER light sentence (basically, just be a good girl until she was of age).

But before there was Luke and Laura, there was Scottie Baldwin - who used to be the golden boy of Port Chalres and was in love with Laura when she was a minor (he was not), but who also seemed to have a thing for Bobbi Spencer - Luke's sister. See, Bobbi wanted Scottie so she brought in her brother Luke as a diversion for Laura...but Laura wasn't intersted (well, until after he raped her at the disco - go figure on that one!) But Scottie and Laura's love for each other was too strong, and eventually they got married...well, kind of...Luke rushed in at the last minute and saved the day! He scooped them Laura up and off they went...

And does anyone remember that Bobbi Spencer was at one time a prostitute - and her nurse mentor, Jessie (can't remember her last name) was at one time the slut of the hospital. And Bobbi was a devious little bitch.

Alan Quartermaine was HOT, as was Dr. Jeff Webber...*sizzle* Oh yes, and around this time was when a sexy little number by the name of Demi Moore played the role of Jackie (???), an ambitious and spunky journalist/reporter...

I haven't watched GH in probably 17 or more years - can ya believe I can remember this much???

Oh...Where were you when dude took a shot at Regan? I was at home watching GH - bitterly disappointed when the show was interrupted for a special news flash. I was trying to figure out what the big deal was; I mean, it's not like Regan got hurt! I saw no need to interrupt our regularly scheduled program - which was, of course, resumed IN PROGRESS, so the whole world had to miss some very significant goings-on in Port Charles for nothing! *giggle* Okay, coffee has hit me WAY too hard. LOL

Nov 15 @ 1:14PM  
Yeah, Jackie had a sister that was almost a look-a-like to the main Laura, and her name was Laura too, and both sisters last name were Templeton. They brought these sisters in after the main Laura left the show and was tied into the David Gray storyline at the end of 1981 to early 1982. In the spring of 1982 Luke met Holly up at a lake. You're right when you mention all that history 30 years ago. I started watching bits and pieces of it after getting home from school when Laura was working at the Campus Disco and Luke rapping her (Still debatable because they changed it to seduction instead). lol I did learn all that history of some of the characters leading up to all that over the years before Luke & Laura. As for Laura's return, Zena is right, it's for only a small time before they put her back in the coma again. See, that's one of the things wrong with my show, they bring back old favorites just for a short time and the writing is weak and it doesn't do the characters any justice. They brought back Rick Weber four years ago just to kill him off. They brought back Robert Scorpio this year and he's always on the back burner does mainly comedy bit scenes with Luke. Scorpio was a secret agent and later ploice commissioner at one time and has a lot of integrity and always caught the bad guys.

Nov 15 @ 7:40PM  
Ok, I just sat here and read the blog and all of the comments and my head is spinning! LOL J/K I have watched General Hospital on occassion, and I do like it. My work schedule is fucking up my tv time too. I know who to ask to catch me up though.

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The soap General Hospital