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posted 5/12/2008 8:44:15 AM |
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Whassup, pervy pervs? This isn't a blog about anything, much like many blogs, but at least I'm admitting it.

It seems pretty calm around here lately. The past few days, anyway. We also seem to have lost quite a few members, some longstanding. I'm aware that several folks have gone to another site, some of them tried to get me to leave Pervia for supposedly greener grass.

Well, I enjoy the grass I've been grazing in these past few months. Occasionally I hit a bare spot, and sometimes the grass makes me ill, but after a little recuperation, it tastes good again. I'm not a fly by night, always looking for the next best thing kinda guy.
And our little Pervia here is a good hangout for the most part. Hell, even home gets tiring at times.

So to all you pervs that have stayed true to AMD, and you guys that have rented space in another neighborhood, but can't stay away from home, I give this shout out. You rock, and I'm glad to be your neighbor.

Have a great week everyone..................................................

stay nekkid, and enjoy your sex.

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May 12 @ 8:53AM  
Haha, churr Jeff (Look up churr, its a kiwi saying...not sure if you yany-lads use it!).
Haha, everytime Ileave, I have thesemassive withdrawal symptoms and i'm forced to reactivate my account. Sortalike an itch that needs scratching (or an addiction, eek!).

Anyway Jeffrey-San,
Catch u up later,

May 12 @ 8:54AM  
It is home, isn't it? I'd climbed that fence thinking the grass was greener "over there" but it wasn' least not for me so I left all those other "greener pastures" and just do my grazing here. It's exactly like you said but after trying others, it's still the best.

You have a good week too...

As for staying nekkid and enjoying sex....well.................don't do the first and the second always stays sadly outta reach....sigh..........

May 12 @ 9:03AM  
and enjoy your sex.

Are you forcasting sex for me. After 7 years of celibacy, I finally get to have sex. You're my new best friend. Who did you have in mind for me.

And since this blog is about anything, I'd like to share my new addiction. I'm addicted to water. And my right hand.

May 12 @ 9:13AM  
It's quiet.... because Pervia left. Let's just continue to call this site for what it is, Adult Matchdoctor. I'm a little sad and depressed that people just won't let those who decided to depart alone, and at least.... leave it to the memories we want it to be.

My entire life, I've associated with so many different kinds of people, all ages... some are friends for life, some are acquaintances, some are just those I love to play in the attic with. Some people are content confining themselves to one group. I'm not. I'm a people person and I love people from all walks of life. These people are who helped me form who I am.

I feel somewhat confined now. I'm thankful that I do know where everyone can be reached. Nothing is worse than having people leave or banned, and no way to continue the connection. Just my feelings, JC.

May 12 @ 9:33AM  
What can and does happen is that you get people that are extroverted, passionate, and strong willed. Add some ego into the mix and you have conditions that are ripe for conflict. Additionally, there is the mentality of some that "you are either for me, or against me." We have seen it before, we will see it again.

May 12 @ 9:38AM  
stay nekkid, and enjoy your sex.

must be code or something
or he speaks in an ancient tongue
nekkid - sex ? ? ?


May 12 @ 10:12AM  
Sometimes you don't have to say much to say a lot. You hit it right on my friend and neighbor. I too was invited to that "other site". Actually signed up on it and haven't been back since. Don't see any sence in it. I enjoy being here and trying to keep up with everyone. Then the new people showing up and joining in. I do find a lot of the petty bullshit fighting has gone away.

I have found it disappointing the ones I thought were becoming good friends just up and left with no forwarding address. I log on just to find another one, that I have been corresponding with, cancelled thier account. I reckon they had enough friends.....

The grass is plenty green right here. So I am staying.

Throws a greenie your way and ask the question that all of us pervs on AMD all like to ask... ANYONE.............wanna get nekkid and................

Wanna fuck??????

May 12 @ 11:33AM  
I like this site. It is a comunity of sexual deviants!! I prefer it to the wanna screw sites!!

May 12 @ 11:49AM  
Meh,I'm just here because I've nowherelse to go.

May 12 @ 1:08PM  
It seems pretty calm around here lately.

That is why I like the split! There are people I like that can't stand one another and this way I don't get caught up in their squabbles, or have them get pissed at me for refusing to take sides in their conflicts.

May 12 @ 1:55PM  
Good points JC.

I like WoW sentiments and can’t add much except after saying extroverted, passionate, and strong willed I would add highly opinionated and sometimes antagonistic to go along with ego for creating conditions ripe for conflict.

For some reason too many people, not just at AMD, think they have to change another’s opinion even if it means cramming it down their throat. And if you do hold to your own opinion or don’t jump blindly into the fray on their side you become the enemy or are against them. What is wrong with having your own opinion or sometimes standing on the sidelines? Did they ever stop to think I may not agree with either side?

The biggest difference that I have noticed is lately that I am not seeing all the negative bitching, pissing, fighting, etc in the blogs. Is that a bad thing? I for one say it is not but that’s just my opinion.

On a positive note I have also noticed that is some new bloggers and some old bloggers that are blogging again. Maybe that is because they are not afraid of being jumped on if they post something that someone might disagree with. I for one think the new/old bloggers posting is a good thing; but again that’s just my opinion.

May 12 @ 7:06PM  
Gotta love a home where panties are the welcome mat!!!! Glad your my neighbor too!!

May 12 @ 7:21PM  
I haven't decided if I want to cancel my account or not. I do have a profile on that other site, but i don't like the format as much as i like this one.

I do have to say that some of the people that have left joined the site right around the same time I did, and i've been here for almost two years. They didn't just up and decide to jump ship. They have been putting up with the same bullshit day in and day out for almost 2 years. I'm sorry but I think i would have left long before now. JMO

May 12 @ 8:03PM  
I've had so many of my friends on here try to get me to go over to the other site as well, but this seems home to me. Besides, if I did that Kim would probably kill me. She gets pissed off the way it is that I still come over on here a lot, and just imagine if I had two sites to go to and eating up my time from real life.

May 12 @ 8:40PM  
I'm aware that several folks have gone to another site, some of them tried to get me to leave Pervia for supposedly greener grass.

naww grass is just that.......grass.....not greener or better.......just more grass in a different field......

guess all in all where ever yer comfortable is all that matters.....

I do have to say that some of the people that have left joined the site right around the same time I did, and i've been here for almost two years. They didn't just up and decide to jump ship. They have been putting up with the same bullshit day in and day out for almost 2 years.

dunno bout all that.....hell i been puttin up with shit on here for over 3yrs and i'm still here.........but then thats just who I AM

but yer right JC it IS quieter around here........and yanno...sometimes quiet IS better course as swyeter would say......that's just my opinion

*tosses a greenie and moves on down da road*

May 12 @ 11:47PM  
i have been here long enough to see that this site, like life, ebbs and flows...people come, people go...

May 13 @ 7:34AM  
woooo,I'm th kinda guy who likes to roam around,
I'm never in one place,I roam from town to town..........

ain't that why they call it....freedom of choice ?
each to their own,long as they're happy.

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