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driving and trucks

posted 5/10/2008 12:14:19 PM |
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Another blog this morning got me to thinking of the stupid things I would see people doing on the road every day while I was driving. Some would scare me to the point I wanted to stop, others would just make me so angry I would have been quite happy to let the idiots run off the road or sit and wait for an hour to get on. So here are a few things to keep in mind when you are close to a big truck, anywhere.

1.that truck weighs a lot more than your car, suv, or what ever. 2000 to 4000 pounds for your vehicle, versus 32 to 80,000 for the truck.

2.air brakes are not magic, they work very well for what they are designed to do, SLOW NOT STOP a loaded truck. An empty truck actually takes longer to stop than one with even a partial load. Believe me.

3.A tuck takes over 600 feet to come to a complete stop at 65 miles an hour. Your car stops in less than 300 feet. Who looses?

4.Your vehicle, no matter how under powered it seems will accelerate much faster than a truck, empty or loaded. Use that advantage when coming onto a highway. If a truck can not move to the left, there is usually another car you don't see on the left side. So LOOK, see if you can get in front of the truck, and if you can do it SAFELY, GAS IT, GET UP TO SPEED AND GET OUT OF THE WAY. The truck has probably been slowing down to let you in, do not stop.

5.That space many trucks leave open is NOT for you to dive into just so you can get where you are going. It is a safety zone. Remember the stopping distances? You dive in there, another vehicle in front jams on their brakes, and you become the filling in a nasty sandwich. not sit beside a truck where the driver may not see you, in heavy traffic there is a lot going on, you may not be seen and if the driver has to change lanes suddenly, you may not have anywhere to go.

These are just a few of the things that get people hurt or killed, and when someone does something stupid in front of the truck, bad things happen all around, but since stupidity seems so prevalent on the roadways any more, it is a wonder anyone wants to drive for a living. And before you blame the trucks for just being there, remember, they carry the goods you buy every time you go to a store. They have reason to be where they are. So be damned glad they are there.

added as another thought here

Folks, pass this along to every driver you know, and parents, beat it into your kids heads. And if your high school drivers ed has anything to help educate the young'uns, like guest speakers or such, see if you can get one of the local drivers or trucking companies to give a presentation.

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May 10 @ 12:52PM  
I use to drive horses in a van all over United States . I`ve seen some idiots myself . I had live cargo back there .... People think you can stop on a dime . We had a very bad accident last year here involving a horse trailer . A man pulled in front of her . She tried to avoid him ended up going in the ditch ...flipping her truck and horse trailer 8 times . She was in the hospital a long time and the horse was put down at the scene . What is sad .... she had to make that decision before going to the hospital . Thank you , maybe this will help . Take care , J

May 10 @ 12:54PM  
I'm a trucker too........ You got it.... "IDIOTS" is an understatement.... I'd like to add fools to that too....

Just yesterday I was coming from Columbus OH on I 65... 3 cars right in front of me cut me and another trucker off and ended up banging each other... We came to screetching halt... Then toot, toot thumps up and we continued on....

May 10 @ 1:00PM  
That should have been written I 70 actually heading west.........

May 10 @ 1:44PM  
Good rules of thumb!!

May 10 @ 1:47PM  
thanks to both of ya, lets hope this wil open a few peoples eyes. i'd thought about how to start getting the word out for a while, and this seemed like as good a starting place as any.

May 10 @ 1:49PM  
While talking with Tom (OMG71) over the phone from time to time he bitches about all the drivers out on the road around him.

May 10 @ 2:16PM  
You are welcome. To me, they own the road...I figure either the bigger you are or older you are you earn more respect!!

May 10 @ 6:54PM  
I'm not a trucker, but i see this stuff ALL the time. The times that I happen to pull off the road at the same time as the idiots, i bite my tongue as to NOT tell them how ridiculous they are. Especially when they have kids in the car with them. Which.. reminds me of the idiots (probably the same ones) that are so busy switching cd's in the movie for their kids or swerving all over from.. i imagine texting (of all things. I've seen it done) or makeup...ugggg people piss me off. Not so much that they put themselves in danger, but the people around them trying to avoid them. Like you said with the truck, a truck is going to PLOW over their car. If not theirs, then the people along side the truck or behind it. Man i'm pissed now!

May 10 @ 7:35PM  
there are idiots on both sides
I've seen truckers put their rigs in spots so tight
they needed ky to fit
or blowin' down the road with no regard to road conditions or traffic density
"move or get run down"
both sides of the coin have their assortment of
morons and idiots
all you can do is stay alert
keep a cushion
and look for an out

May 11 @ 8:17AM  
Well good and bad drivers of cars and trucks. Most trucks I see are pretty good though...I like to flash my lights at them when they pass so they flash theirs back...lets them know they are clear by the way....last year I was going up Lookout Pass ( border of Idaho and Montana ( I-90) in a bad snowstorm without plowed roads. Going to Seattle...anyway stopped at the chain up area and two truckers and I decided to go over slow with me in the rear....they would clear the road and I would follow. I had chains. They were amazing drivers. Made it up and down without a problem...they are great people and will help you if they can....carrying our goods and living on the open road. It is a tough life but a great service....Imagine what it costs to fill one of those babies right now!!! Thanks for the tips...I remember them well. People just don't think about the braking distance and the vision problem...especially on the right side...never pass on the right is another one I would add....good blog...interesting...

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driving and trucks