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Action, Excitement & Rage

posted 5/9/2008 1:50:13 PM |
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What motivates people?

Several SexSites have been limping along recently like a just-blown cock until Sxze did what she did Thursday morning.
Suddenly a hundred roaches zoomed out of the woodwork to shriek, dance, wave their furry asses and chant
GET OFF MY ISLAND!!! (which I responded to and which nobody understood, including Sxze).

So what motivates people? From my own recent experience (and what do you think folks?)
not humor, food, drink, arts & culture, music, the hottest dancing in the last half-century, Maureen Dowd or a long list of other things I've posted without a blink from anywhere.

Action. Excitement. A scapegoat for all the Rage the proles don't know how to express anywhere else.
Challenge their numb, dulled, feeble, conventional moral sensibilities and BOOM!!!
They are all over the place whooping up a war dance against their moral superiors who have disturbed their slumber.

Feed them a kinky little vignette and here they come again, whooping AWESOME! AWWWESOOME!!!

So what do you think motivates the sleeping masses? (oops... mistake ...
I'm supposed to call them "sheep" .... Right?
How about sleeping masses of sheep?)

What do you think gets them going?

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May 9 @ 2:00PM  
How about naked twister .... or the new one ...naked tag !!

May 9 @ 2:35PM  
ATTENTION WHORE DISORDER + Dagobah Green + Liquor (I already did this one, screw that) + Mental Instability + Psychology Medications =


The ones on the internet.

The ones all over the world.

And on AMD.

Welcome to Clusterfuck, you can buy the ticket at the booth over there, or just get on the train for free, either way, you are shit outta luck.

Enjoy the ride. Everyone else will. At your expense.............

May 9 @ 3:28PM  
one would be...anything that makes them feel like a hero, another would be anything that allows them to have their 2 minutes of clown fame...I could go on...i am dure I would fall into a category somewhere on the list!

May 9 @ 3:41PM  
Here on AMD, a lot of mitivation comes from misunderstandings. I know you are a sit back and watch person. And you've seen it many times, where a person simply misunderstands what is written. Another things is where someone thinks they are being attacked. That a blog or a statement is directed at them. This motivates a response. There is a third group that gets motivated by the opportunity for controversy.

Is this what you were getting at?

May 9 @ 4:00PM  
I think alot of it has to do with their owns lives being boring.. I for one haven't been on lately or posted blogs or commented much since Hearing the news of Shawns grandson Alex...It is hitting to close to home for me.. I pray for him and his family every day...
I understood Nomi's blog yesterday If it was me I would of done the same..
But I didn't knowing how this site does get on starting a war on here..
Some of us have been here long enough to know who blogs what and why..
And we shouldn't have newbie's or other that have been kicked off and come back under new names just to start things they have no idea what they are getting into..
Or the one's that have different accounts just to start shit with others one here..

Shawn had every reason to post what he wanted in finding comfort in AMD with his friends here....He and his family have a long hard road ahead of him.. It is gonna be so hard to handle everything that is comming to them not to deal with others and their negative energy not helping the matter and hand..

Sorry anet looks like I posted a blog inside yours.. But felt good to get it all off my chest..
Giving you a kudo dear...


May 9 @ 4:04PM  
Naked Red Rover. Red Rover Red Rover send Big tits right over!!!!!

May 9 @ 5:33PM  
What do you think gets them going?

with an average attention span of
fifteen minutes
why bother thinking
facotr in time to compose, type and post
and you are
thirty minutes ago

May 9 @ 5:48PM  
"asnet" said:
So what motivates people? ...

... Action. Excitement. A scapegoat for all the Rage

Around here, I think this is absolutely true. People love a good rant to read...and to give. And why not? Letting off steam feels good - it can even be productive...but not for all, and not all the time.

But beyond that - beyond here - people are motivated by a lot of things on a very individual basis...and in different ways. Some things motivate me to write, some motivate me to clean, while others (and some of the same things) motivate me to dance or rant or fight or walk away. And I'm gonna leave it at that ;)


May 9 @ 6:31PM  
I'm such an emotional person. Everything triggers me, lol

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Action, Excitement & Rage