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It's Time To Invade Myanmar

posted 5/9/2008 11:35:56 AM |
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Some people are too stupid to live.

Others are too stupid to be allowed to live. The rest of the world gets their collective panties in a bunch every time the United States decides to invade a country and clean up its damn act. I listen to liberal yammering all day long about how awful the war is in Iraq and how we need to stop imposing our military might over other nations because it makes people unhappy. Wahhhhhhhh..!!!!!

The world is a safer place today because we invaded Iraq and Afghanistan...period. No incidents like 9/11 in almost seven years on American soil...because we are killing these a-holes where they live and breed. That's progress, ladies and gents. And I served my country. So unless you've stood down range of an AK-47 in your lifetime, don't piss and moan about military strategy. You bask in the safety and freedom bought and paid for by men and women who know the true meaning of service and sacrifice. Your agenda doesn't mean squat to us.

Now, I'd like to turn our attention and that our our Commander in Chief to the situation in Myanmar. The country is controlled by a military governement that is so ruthless, corrupt and retarded, that they have seized all the aide that was sent to them and refuse to provide it to their people...shutting down all future aide, for all intents and purposes. There's a chance nearly 100,000 people were killed by that cyclone and many more will die from malaria and other ailments unless help is given, but this militay junta won't budge.

I say it's time to budge them.

If all of these bleeding hearts want to claim our presence is wrong in Iraq and Afghanistan, would they object equally to us slaughtering a bunch of want-to-be Myanmar soldiers in the name of controlling the flow of aide into the country and possibly saving a quarter of a million lives? Or are we truly supposed to be this isolationist nation that sits back in our Lazy-Boy recliners eating filet mignon while human beings suffer and die so IDIOTS can play all-powerful ruler of a country that they are strangling to death and we can be peace-loving hippies?

I honestly want to know your opinion and will post all replies...whether you agree or disagree.

I woke up angry this morning!!

Semper Fi....


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May 9 @ 11:48AM  
Well I'm Army so I think i can respone from close to the same side. From a military stand point it is a really good statagy for us to be in the Middle east. We have soldiers all around the world. Its good for control of oil and every other benift of being there. What I don't like is its call Operation Iraqi Freedom. BULLSHIT!!!! Its more like Operation Lets Take over the world!!! Most people wouldn't take to kindly to that. Yes I agree with you with every thing in Myanmar. Save people that want to be saved! And then lets take over!!!

May 9 @ 11:54AM  
I was outraged by the government seizures of aid supplies I read about this morning. The UN should go in and intervene.

I have no support for the so called "cowboy" mentality of invading other countries. If we didn't invade Iraq, we would have had the military resources to accomplish our mission in Afghanistan and Bin Laden would already be in hell.

As it is, well, we all know what it is.

Even if I agreed with you, where do you propose we get the troops? I don't recall too many spare divisions sitting around twiddling their thumbs out of boredom because they have nothing to do.

May 9 @ 11:58AM  
And there is the true challenge and shame of having to be the conscience and police force to the world. We need more countries to become just as outraged and just as supportive to true moral justice as we would like to be. Maybe we could afford to send 5,000 Marines to Myanmar if someone else would pick up some slack in the war on terror.

May 9 @ 11:58AM  
Good man, as some already know, I am ex-Desert Storm (first time around).

Though, not a Jar Head (not an insult, you know that) but a No-Go, but we did our part.

Anymore (and I have talked to a few guys on here that are ex-military) kids don't care about joining and doing their part. So.........

We don't have much of a military to work with anymore.

As far as your know damned good and well you are right.

The ONLY part I have a problem with now, is becoming a World Wide Police Force for other countries who in the end........end up disliking us because we are there doing their jobs for them. In fact, it seems like most of the places we go NOW, hell, they will barely step up to fight for themselves.....and it makes me wonder.

However, like you, there is ZERO possibility that it is a "wrong" or "bad" thing to do the "ideal" thing and do your damndest to protect people who really can't protect themselves.

The genius of strategy that normal folk never understand is that if you fight the bad guy THERE, he is not HERE killing YOU, while WE chase him around...........

But the backlash coming off of these military actions, I am starting to think it almost isn't worth it. In my honest opinion, and most guys here will understand this, is that the guys DOING the fighting, our guys, are the ones that SHOULD make the decisions on that, THEY have the most to lose, not these weak spined morons running the country, or playing armchair Generals who never served, and evidently, think they are TOO GOOD to put their asses on the line like us.

The whiners are always the ones who publicly denounce our actions, but never do ANY of the hard work, dying, or helping another man in another country out.

I would like to see America come first from here on out, but I would NEVER turn down another man or country in need, after all, that is what governments and others do, not honorable soldiers who understand WE have to fight, because no one else will...........

Thanks for your post, I wished more ex-military WOULD post, because rarely do I disagree with someone else who has been there, done that..........

May 9 @ 12:06PM  
the un won't do a frigging thing worth doing, send peacekeepers, sit back and watch as not only the government, but the thugs and war lords, steal the aide supplies, whiine bitch and moan that there isn't enough, then kick us in the teeth for trying to do something lasting and meaningful about the situation.

what we need is to get rid of the bleeding heart liberals, let the military do what it does best, and don't appologize for shit. and i still say, get the un out out of OUR country. shit send them to france.

May 9 @ 12:09PM  
I am former military myself. The point I want to add is that the places we are speaking of have a history. You can look at Myanmar (fka Burma), Iraq, and Afghanistan and their history. The take away is that if the US, UN, whoever intervenes, what happens after the withdrawal down the road? What happens is that they start killing themselves all over again resulting in another dictatorship. That is their history.

I recall the refrain from the old song by the Who:
"Meet the new boss. Same as the old boss. We don't get fooled again."

Good blog as long as everybody debates and doesn't argue.

May 9 @ 12:13PM  
EXCELLENT point Wordsofwit.

And a history lesson that is constantly repeated, but never learned.

In the end, I think it comes down to:

Do you want to help these people out?
Or would you rather walk away because of what comes later, which may be worse?

Not an easy question to answer, UNLESS America comes FIRST.

As always, in the end, you don't always have to use the sledgehammer to open the ketchup bottle, sometimes, you can call someone else up to use a chainsaw to do it.

ALWAYS more than one way to skin that cat..........

May 9 @ 12:41PM  
Heh, seems like a hostile place for a liberal to post (exaggerating guys, don't sweat it). The problem I have with this mentality is that the government only cares about the atrocities that dictators commit if that dictator also opposes or does not cooperate with America's will. This changes the intent from one of beneficence to one of belligerence. We don't intervene because it is the right thing to do, we intervene because they are questioning and challenging our superiority in whatever insignificant or significant way, then we put them down under the guise of protecting the innocent. While it is the right thing to do, it is done for the wrong reason, which leaves 20 wrongs unchecked or even supported for every wrong we care about. In principle, I think you are right. In practice, it is wrong.

May 9 @ 2:19PM  
Yes to UN intervention in Burma.
No to your kind of yorping.
Yes to civilian control of the military.
No to your slanders against the majority of your countrymen and women.
Yes to sweeping the lunatic fringe out of the White House and the Pentagon in November.

May 9 @ 3:57PM  
I would like to thank everybody who has commented on here on agreeing to disagree in debate. I find that very refreshing as all too often, it spirals down into personal attacks and sniping.

Speaking only for myself, observing the discourse of varied opinions in this blog is a wonderful demonstration of how people can exchange diverse opinions with civility, quite rare on AMD. Kudos to all who commented and my personal thanks

May 9 @ 5:17PM  
With all due respect to my fellow Vets. The UN is just as corrupt as the government in Myanmar. And if the US doesn't lead it, it will not happen.

May 9 @ 5:24PM  
i have ammo...but my gas tank is empty......kin sum 1 give me a ride

May 9 @ 7:18PM  
I totally agree with your blog!

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It's Time To Invade Myanmar