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Lemmie stir it up............ :)

posted 5/9/2008 11:00:19 AM |
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Was browsing thru the profiles...and came across a lady who was 5' tall 190lbs
She described herself as being " a few extra lbs " I dunno.. that seems to be many few extra lbs.... This is not meant to be mean to anyone... just to maybe get a conversation started here.

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Lemmie stir it up............ :)
its official.........
GOD ASH!!!!!
cum question....


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May 9 @ 11:02AM  
Hey, I post curvy on my profile when I really am packing a few extra lbs! Nothing all that wrong with a self indulgent slant on things!
Give the gal a break!

May 9 @ 11:05AM  
I'm a few extra pounds and admit it...then post my pix so they can see for themselves...that should cover any questions guys have about it.

May 9 @ 11:06AM  
Well I'm with Mike on this one! Bet she didn't have a pic either! That's not a few extra, that is if she were to sit on ur face, u couldn't hear the stereo! Few extra pounds my ass!

May 9 @ 11:27AM  
Well that is a little bigger girl. I'm 5'2" and I weight less than that but I'm not thin either. I think that I would consider my self fat if I had and extra 30 or so lbs. Even being Maybe she is comfortable with her self and likes the way she looks. Don't give her a hard time al least she isn't 300lbs and 5'

May 9 @ 11:31AM  
Honestly I didn't know till I got on this site skinny girls could be call curvy. I thought curvy was another way to say voluptuous.

May 9 @ 11:36AM  
well not to stir things up...HA! LMAO...I have noticed most mean here don't have pics up, and if they do it isn't up to date with there might see there backside...and then when you do see a pic of them it just doesn't match. I have been sent pics of members cocks that were also sent to me by another profiler...and if you think I don't notice...not all cocks look alike, you are mistaken. They really cracks me up...are you guys swapping cock pics for ? Any way...give the girl a break and i give the guys a break...everyone wants something and if you don't like what you have then get real with yourself and quit blaming you have something to hide?

May 9 @ 11:44AM  
I am on board with the guys on this. You don't have to describe your body, you can skip that question. That's what I did and I listed my height and weight with pictures. That tells folks all they need to know on it and they can place any label they want to me on their own. I consider myself to be fat and I am only carrying 20/25 percent beyond the norm for my height.

Now let me make it clear that there are men that do the exact same thing, so my thoughts apply to both genders.

a lady who was 5' tall 190lbs She described herself as being " a few extra lbs " I dunno

You may not know, but I feel quite confident in saying that if someone's weight is double the average for their height, they are fat. When I see a profile like that I laugh and it signals to me that the person has a huge problem with the ego/reality alignment.

I saw one the other day and the screen name was something like hot----------babe and the woman weighed in with enough poundage to qualify as a heavyweight in a boxing match. There is no such thing as a hot babe weighing that much. She may be attractive and sensual, but no way a hot babe.

To me, people that do this are missing the point of the old fairy tale, The Emperor's New Clothes.


May 9 @ 11:57AM  
yup, seen it in a lot of them,and some of the spammers, gawd. saw one said 5'7", slender, 195 pounds. in what world. i'm not making fun of anyone here, just wish a few more would take an honest look at themselves. by the time anyone reaches middle age, they are going to pack on a few more pounds. that is fine with me, i expect it really.

as for the picks i have here, i'll be happy to prove to any females they aren't of somone else.

May 9 @ 12:30PM  
well i see your point, but what woman is going to put "FAT" on her profile? They might not think they are fat either. I go shopping and I always see a few chics wearing skimpy clothing with their fat hanging out. I always tease to myself, "oh they must not have looked in the mirror before they left home". In reality, they probably think it's sexy.

Give her credit for not saying she's a model or something!

May 9 @ 2:03PM  
Hey! If that's her opinion then so be it. We all have opinions and a "FEW" is debatable. Let the lady write her profile like she wants it. After all, we have her very own statement as being 5' and 190 lbs.

May 9 @ 3:05PM  
Some guys like bigger girls so at 190 lbs maybe she's only a few extra lbs to them

May 9 @ 3:20PM  
Hell,I know I'm big.I decided after awhile its just better to be honest upfront to avoid any disappointments in the future.Thing is,there's no option on here with what I want to be called: "fat with potential",i.e large but in nice shape.

May 9 @ 3:31PM  
Well not that I would want to stir things up even more here Mike.......but........this part of your profile worries me:

The person I would like to meet
To the point...?? I'm looking for a waif type woman-child

You also state you are looking for a 4'2" to 5'2" 90-115 pound woman.
Sorry but in my line of work you would be pegged as a potential child molestor in a minute. I find this much more disturbing than someone lying about their weight. JMHO

May 9 @ 3:47PM  
You also state you are looking for a 4'2" to 5'2" 90-115 pound woman.
Sorry but in my line of work you would be pegged as a potential child molestor in a minute.

LMFAO. If you are 4'2" and 115 pounds, that is probably a few extra pounds. Yuck, yuck, yuck, Har, har, har. Thanks, Stormy, I needed the hoot!

May 9 @ 5:19PM  
hmmmm... Whats my age range?? 25-35 Your point is?

May 9 @ 5:34PM  
is 4 foot 5 and 250 pds to big??? ....those curves must all.....reach out

May 9 @ 6:07PM  
I've said it before and now I will say it again....a few extra pounds on a man is 50 or so....a few extra pounds on a woman is "3".

May 9 @ 6:16PM  
Well, yeah - I have a few extra, too...a few extra here, and a few extra there, and a few extra back there...Add them up and it's more than just a few. I'm a chunky monkey and not afraid to say it. Am I gonna display it here? Oh heeeeeeell no!

May 9 @ 6:17PM  
Question=How do you make 10lbs of Fat Look Good
Answer= Put a nipple on it

May 9 @ 6:35PM  
Maybe a lot of the guys don't have pics. I don't know. I don't look at other men's profiles as a general rule, but I can tell you my pics are real, and recent.

May 9 @ 6:45PM  
Hell, I am FAT!! But I have guys who love ME for my HEART!!!! I can appreciate where your questioning comes from, but what I am seeing on here is a whole pile of JUDGEMENT!!! Who the hell is ANYONE to judge another? Each person has a right to like what they like, but I dont think anyone who has any sense of compassion should judge another on their looks.

The person whos profile you are referring to may think that they have only a "few extra pounds" to them. Each person sees themselves differently, and I think that is great! Everyone is attracted to a different type - who are we to judge? Good thought provoking blog! Have a great evening!


May 9 @ 7:07PM  
I feel that the point is, male or female, being honest. If a person is truly real, they will forthright. Hell, if one does not have integrity, what is their value?

May 9 @ 7:12PM  
Kelly Blue Book lists the value of people with no integrity at less than zero

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Lemmie stir it up............ :)