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What would you do?

posted 5/9/2008 9:12:08 AM |
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Guys, this one is for you. And guys be honest.

I welcome the ladies thoughts on this also. Would you do this and what would you do if you got taken up on it?

Everyday life can be interesting and funny. Yesterday I was at Lowes getting materials for a project I am working on. I was walking down one of the isles and met this lady. 40 ish and quite pleasant looking. She had on a t shirt that said....."Kiss me if your a Celtics Fan". Ok guys what would you do? Ladies would you wear something like that and if so if some guy tried to take you up on that, would you?

I met this lady 3 times, in the store, and I couldn't help myself. Just had to stop her and ask her if she meant what her t shirt said. Her answer......."Depends on the guy." Being what I am I answered her with....."Ok...I'm a Celtics fan." She smiled, kissed me on the cheek and walked away. It just made my day. Its not everyday you get a little software in the hardware dept.

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May 9 @ 9:25AM  
Well u handled just right harleybadboy! Nice ice breaker and not too forward. I think a kiss on the cheek is a great way to leave something to the imagination but does show interest. Now next time u see her in the store u can move forward. Nice job!

May 9 @ 9:31AM  
I agree with prince above in that it's much better to ask for clarification than to just lay one on her. A little respect can go a long way and no respect will get you slapped. Gives me some ideas for the next party I go to

May 9 @ 9:37AM  
and you didn't get her phone number?????

May 9 @ 9:48AM  
Hmmm... should put away my "Doesn't Play Well With Others" t-shirt and wear the "Kiss Me, I'm Italian" one?

Those who know me understand why I love wearing the, "Keep Talking... I like watching your lips move," one :)


May 9 @ 10:02AM  
No Lisa......didn't get her phone number. Must be slipping in my old age....

I thought I handled that right. Always better to ask then assume. But nice ice breaker. Too bad it didn't go farther. Maybe next time. A good lip lock would of been better but take what I got and be happy with it.

Now I am anticipating meeting one that is displaying..."Don't like my attitude, then KISS MY ASS.."

Hey Gina.....I'm half Italian......

I like wearing the one that says......"BAD GIRL...Now go to MY room"


May 9 @ 10:03AM  
Hmmm... should put away my "Doesn't Play Well With Others" t-shirt and wear the "Kiss Me, I'm Italian" one?

Seems to me G-spot u would get more action if that's what ur looking for! Why didn't u wear that one yesterday?

May 9 @ 10:37AM  
If I were to wear a shirt or something that said "kiss me...", I'd probably slap the dog dookie out of anyone who actually tried it. I'm touchy like that...even my boyfriend should give me a little warning, lest he catch me off guard and get clocked.

May 9 @ 10:55AM  
I'd probably slap the dog dookie out of anyone who actually tried it.

so you should wear a shirt that says "warning proceed with caution" huh nomi, Ok harley, well if i owned a shirt like that then yes I would expect them to ask first...just good manners & all that sort old chap...good one harley. :>) Tease.

May 9 @ 11:41AM  
I think if you don't want people to react don't tempt them...

May 9 @ 12:18PM  
I would have said, "Damn, nice boobs, where'd you buy them?".

If they were real, I would have just stared, she obviously wore that to get attention, therefore, no reason not to give it to her.

Ego-boosting of strangers aside, you did the unexpected, and that is a GOOD story, I like the ending.

I would have just asked her who the hell the Celtics are, and why England never did ban their asses.........then asked her to make hot monkey-love to the King.

My story would not have a "Good" ending.........

But it is a dream I have............

May 9 @ 1:47PM  
Well......I like to be respectful.....and never want to be where I'm not wanted. So, just to see her reaction, I'd have stopped a few feet in front and said..... C'Mere, I'm a Celtics fan. Her reaction would have determined mine at that point. I most certainly wouldn't have just grabbed the lady and planted a soul kiss on her that last three days. Not that those kisses are great, but I would prefer that they be welcomed.

May 9 @ 2:03PM  
I got a shirt that reads "if you're close enough to read this shirt, why don't you just suck my dick" and i mean it

May 9 @ 3:24PM  
Even I have that T shirt!

May 9 @ 4:46PM  
you've got a shirt that says "suck my dick" bunny?

May 9 @ 5:09PM  
Bunny, maybe you should state exactly which T-shirt you're referring to. I'm now very curious.

Ok, I'm teasing. It was just funny your post came after the "If you're close enough to read this" quote.

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