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What is AMD really?

posted 5/6/2008 11:39:48 PM |
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Is this a place for people to find each other to have sex?

ADULT MATCH DOCTOR...(AMD) I thought it was for people over the age of 18..Not just looking for a peice of ass..I never came here looking to get laid.

I get a ton of e-mail's asking why I am here if I am not looking for sex..Can't a person be on a website just for the hell of it

No I don't want to watch some guy jerk off on his webcam..

No I don't want a picture of some guys cock...I really don't give a fuck...

I just want to be me...I want to read blogs, keep in touch with friends that I met on this website..

If this is just a place to find someone to have sex with I don't belong here...

What people do on this website is their business..No one else's...

Why not let me be ME.

This is my rant for tonight...

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May 6 @ 11:50PM  
I honestly don't know what the creator's originally intended it to be, or even what it is now...sorry...all I know is...people get griped at for coming here for friends, and the ones who come here for sex get griped at I just don't hang out here much anymore...I started reading books again.

May 6 @ 11:51PM  
You go ahead and be you.. I feel the same way.. Yes some are here looking for sex and wanting to cam.. But that is not all of them..
As for me I am married and am here for friends also.. To read blogs and post some if I feel up to it...
I recieved an E-mail tonight from some guy aking if I don't want to cam I am not here for a guy that what am I here for.. Trust me he got a real eye opener to why I am here....

May 6 @ 11:56PM  
I got that alot too I just ignore them, I don't even bother to answer them anymore. It just comes with the territory.

I enjoy reading some of the blogs and writing them. I have lots of friends here and that means a lot to me on long lonely nights.

If I would happen to meet it for a relationship or just for fun, then great!! If not....I still enjoy my time here. The trick for me was to simply just quit looking and enjoy what is here.

May 7 @ 12:01AM  
I can see where you're coming from. I didn't really have any expectations of this site and so it leaves me in a position to accept it for what it is. I enjoy it as it is just like everywhere else I go. I'd be bummed if I hadn't made any friends but then again, I'd be bummed anywhere if I didn't make a few friends! I tend to think that there is a time and place for everything and if I'm not getting some right now then it must not be time so there's no use pushing.

May 7 @ 12:35AM  
One of my real complaints here has been the inability of many to accept those here for who and what they are. The best is too be yourself and allow others to go their own way. It is difficult at times and we have a side to us ( all of us have a little of this), that wants to react to obvious stupidity and unfair behavior here, but it is better to ignore it and block it out of our world and move on with those of us whom you find comfortable. Key in all this is to be yourself. Always. Just my little two cents worth.

May 7 @ 12:54AM  
Glad you explained that before I went out and bought me a cam Aly.

May 7 @ 1:00AM  
aly, i admit i came to this site to get laid. hoping to anyway, but that just ain't happening. it took me a while to get into the forums and read them, much less post, and now i'm in the blogs, reading and occasionally posting, hoping i get noticed a little more. and let people see a little more of who i am. some think i'm a decent guy, some lately may not think so, but i am me,and them that don't like me, too bad. i'm not changing for anything.

so be you,ignore the dipshits and have fun.

May 7 @ 1:06AM  
You belong here just as much as anyone does. I was so happy when the site gave more choices to put as what you're looking for. I too aren't really looking for someone. When I first came here it was as a joke, just to check it out and maybe for a few laughs. What I found were some exceptional people like you, and a few others.

I like to read the blogs and occassionally comment on them. I like to participate in the forums. I've met a lot of nice people here, and have made many friends.

In the past I was just looking for sex, in anticiaption of possibly finding more than that. I have met a few men here just for that purpose, then decided I wanted more than that, and found that too. At this point i'm not really looking for anything, I guess if it finds me that would be great, if not that's fine too. I will still have the friends I have made.

Don't let anyone tell you why you should or shouldn't be here. I likes you just for you and would hate to see you leave.

May 7 @ 1:06AM  
It's a bit of a turf war, the "Get Laid" people vs. the "Social" people. The social people pretty much rule the blogs and chat, while the "Get Laid" people hold a bit more ground in a lot of the local threads- although it's mostly a sausage fest. I am one of the few from the "Get Laid" camp who hang out on the blogs, trying to represent our side fairly.

May 7 @ 2:27AM  
Even I gripe a lot about a lot of gripey things.

However, the "What is AMD?" question.

It is like anything else, including life:

What YOU make of it.

And according to Murphy and His Laws, that is NEVER what OTHERS want.

May 7 @ 7:40AM  
Thank You!!!

My words exactly...I shouldn't have to explain to anyone why I choose to be here and neither should you!!

May 7 @ 8:08AM  
you can't be just me on here..
I'm me,I like being me,
how about you be you instead
we gonna have to be careful hangin out though,if we're seen in public ppl are gonna think we're married and think of the mail we're gonna get then!

May 7 @ 8:43AM  
we gonna have to be careful hangin out though,if we're seen in public ppl are gonna think we're married

Don't tell your wife

If we were seen together I would wonder about that as I am not anywhere near you..

Glad you explained that before I went out and bought me a cam Aly

You mean that isn't you wanting to cam with me

May 7 @ 11:00AM  
Well alybai42, the way i see it there are both types here. Ones that r looking for the sex thing, and ones that want to chat with friends they meet. I thought we were all adults here! If the ones that want sex meet the ones that will return the favor and leave the chit-chat folks alone. And the chit-chat folks leave the sex seekers alone. I believe there is enough room for everyone. And those that can't do that leave & find a sex site that you like & the chit-chat folks leave and chat on Yahoo IM, or MSN messenger, or AOL!

May 7 @ 12:00PM  
Um, if you look at the "Adult Matchdoctor" logo, at the top right of each screen,
you get a pretty good hint of what the site was originally intended for...(at least that
was MY impression... )

I suppose that lots of people come here for many different reasons, but the "Adult"
should suggest the possibility of "adult" activity...!


May 7 @ 12:06PM  
It is what its called, Adult Match Doctor, its adult personal site and alot of people lose sight of what that means! I am on a few other sites as well, and anytime its called an adult dating site or adult personals site, some people think the adult part signifys sex only and it doesn't! An adult dating site or adult personal site is where adults come to meet other adults looking for friendship, casual dating, serious relationships, or just sex, without having to weed out the teenagers!

You create a profile and put what your looking for and seek out others on the site who are looking for the same thing! Whatever your looking for, if your an adult, u have a right to be here!

Those of you just looking to get laid, u can stay here, behave yourself and show respect to everyone or there are sites strickly for that like,, or! If u can't get along with everyone here and want a site with no one looking for relationships, then move on to one of these!

So aly, don't leave us and don't even respond to those jerks! So just be you and don't ever let anyone stop u from being u! If they keep emailing u, send them one email thats says nothing but BITE ME! then block and delete! lmao

Hugs, Hottie

May 7 @ 12:27PM  
You can be only who and what you are and what you are looking for . I`m usually alittle more polite to people ,but i tell them not interested .... if they keep emailing or get rude ... block them or report them . Take care, Aly ..... p.s. there is a free coffee waiting for you ...

May 7 @ 1:56PM  
imma be me and i don't care who likes it............

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What is AMD really?