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I've Been Thinking

posted 5/5/2008 3:47:05 PM |
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  fightingirish04've been warned!!!

Did you know that the world is going to end on December 21, 2012? Makes me wonder why I continue to sock all that cash into a 401k when I could be using it to date twin hookers and drink myself close to liver failure...never quite reaching my goal before the Earth is no more.

I'm not one of those, "Repent all ye sinners, for the end of the world approaches" kind of prophet. I have one special gift that leads me to this conclusion of doom and gloom.

I can read.

If you get I do every single day at work.... try searching Google for information about that specific date plus the words "end of the world". You'll probably start reading very skeptically. I know I did.

But it turns out that several cultures, religions and even an advanced computer program designed to predict the social and economic trends for upcoming years have all decided that time simply runs out on December 21, 2012. Some fairly accurate predictive systems used by the Chinese (I Ching) and the Mayan people have settled on the same date as the end of the world while being written at different times in history and on different continents.

Why does the world end? There are several theories that seem to be associated with the different cultures who predicted the date of doomsday, but the concensus seems to center around a polarity shift in the Earth's magnetic fields...either from some sort of solar radiation burst from our sun or a massive radiation burst from the center of our galaxy...things that scientists are starting to realize happen on a fairly common basis...once every 25,000 years for the major occurance that most likely destroyed mythical cultures like Atlantis and wiped the pyramid building cultures off the face of the Earth.

So...what will the end be like? I've been reading some things that make me a tiny bit unhappy. Such a magnetic shift could cause the crust of the Earth to move around on the liquid mantle sending continents scooting from one end of the globe to the other in what would be mere moments. Every fault line on Earth goes off at once sending 10+ magnitude earthquakes all over the world...every volcano errupts at once...massive tidal waves...what amounts to nuclear winter for years. Nearly everything on the planet is killed or destroyed. There is also a theory that says the atmosphere could be blown apart...exposing the planet to the sun's full radiation...burning many alive instantly and inflicting horrible cancers on the survivors.

So why am I bothering to finish these month-end reports?

And why doesn't our government warn us this is going to happen?

Because society as we know it would end on the day they told us. No reason to obey laws. All social fabric and morality would break down. Fear and anger would take over. People would become animals until they were wiped off the globe to be replaced by whatever comes next.

Why am I telling you?

Because I'm bored, people!!! Were you not paying attention, earlier?!?!

It's the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine.....


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May 5 @ 4:06PM  
So why am I bothering to finish these month-end reports?

You are covering your ass in case you still have a job. Good blog dude. On my part, considering the life I have led, it is cool. Proverbially, Saint Peter may ask what about this and that in my past and my response would be, "Too bad you missed it. Try it sometime next time around."

May 5 @ 6:12PM  
yep I know about 2012...In some circles it's talked about allot..

May 5 @ 6:17PM  
It's a good blog for sure.

I watched a show on the history channel and they talked about the significance of this date. Seems the Mayans ( who were very advanced in mathematics) decided that 2012 would end their calender . They had all the seasonal and time changes figured out .

Dec.21st is the first day of winter. There is going to be an alignment on that date (12/21/2012) that only takes place every 25,000 years.

I'm going to cover my bases like WoW mentioned and keep my bills up and my job going ( if I can) for the just in case ya know.

May 5 @ 7:04PM  
iiiiiiiiii...FFFFEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLL...FFFFiiiiiiiiiiiiiiNNNNNEEEEEE!!!!! Bring It On!!!

May 5 @ 7:23PM  
Large Hadron Collider

Safety concerns

Concerns have been raised that performing collisions at previously unexplored energies might unleash new and disastrous phenomena. These include the production of micro black holes, and strangelets, potentially resulting in a doomsday scenario. Such issues were raised in connection with the RHIC accelerator, both in the media[16][17] and in the scientific community;[18] however, after detailed studies, scientists reached such conclusions as "beyond reasonable doubt, heavy-ion experiments at RHIC will not endanger our planet"[19] and that there is "powerful empirical evidence against the possibility of dangerous strangelet production."[20]

One argument against such fears is that collisions at these energies (and higher) have been happening in nature for billions of years apparently without hazardous effects, as ultra-high-energy cosmic rays impact Earth's atmosphere and other bodies in the universe.[21] A concern against this cosmic-ray argument is that, if dangerous strangelets or micro black holes were created at LHC, a proportion would have less than the Earth's escape velocity (of 11.2 km/s), and therefore would be captured by the Earth's gravitational field, whereas those created by high-energy cosmic rays would leave the planet at high speed, due to the laws of conservation of momentum at relativistic speeds[citation needed].

CERN's review concludes, after detailed analysis, that "there is no basis for any conceivable threat" from strangelets, black holes, or monopoles.[22][23] However, the concern about the verity of Hawking radiation was not addressed, and another study was commissioned by CERN in 2007 for publication on CERN's web-site by the end of 2007.[citation needed]

The risk of a doomsday scenario was indicated by Sir Martin Rees, with respect to the RHIC, as being a one in fifty million chance,[24] and by Professor Frank Close, with regards to (dangerous) strangelets, that 'the chance of this happening is like you winning the major prize on the lottery 3 weeks in succession; the problem is that people believe it is possible to win the lottery 3 weeks in succession'.[25] Accurate assessments of these risks are impossible due to the present incomplete, or even hypothetically flawed, standard model of particle physics (see also a list of unsolved problems in physics).

Micro black holes

Although the Standard Model of particle physics predicts that LHC energies are far too low to create black holes, some extensions of the Standard Model posit the existence of extra spatial dimensions, in which it would be possible to create micro black holes at the LHC[26][27][28] at a rate on the order of one per second. According to the standard calculations these are harmless because they would quickly decay by Hawking radiation. The concern from opposing civil society movements[29] is that, among other disputed factors, Hawking radiation (which is still debated[30]) is not yet an experimentally-tested or naturally observed phenomenon. Thus, the above mentioned opponents to LHC consider that micro black holes produced in a terrestrial laboratory might not decay as rapidly as calculated, or might even not be prone to decay and, if unable to rapidly evaporate, they could start interacting, grow larger and potentially be disastrous to Earth itself.[31]


Strangelets are a hypothetical form of strange matter that contains roughly equal numbers of up, down, and strange quarks and are more stable than ordinary nuclei. If strangelets can actually exist, and if they were produced at LHC, they could conceivably initiate a runaway fusion process (reminiscent of the fictional ice-nine) in which all the nuclei in the planet were converted to strange matter, similar to a strange star.

May 5 @ 7:24PM  
When it's my time, it's my time. Until then I'll just keep on plugging (or is that getting plugged?)

May 5 @ 9:01PM  
What if instead of the end of the world it was more like a shift in time. If time or our perception of it were to change then perhaps the old calendars wouldn't mean anything? It's like the disappearance of the cent sign. Society and inflation have grown to the point where it is not as useful as it used to be and so all keyboards these days (as opposed to older typewriters) don't have that key on them.

We can compute mathematical pi to an amazing amount of decimal places. At what point should you stop? At what point does it not matter significantly any more? What if the Mayan thought they wouldn't exist that long and so why compute the calender further?

Sure, there are flaws with each suggestion I mentioned but I tend to believe that where we are heading isn't annihilation but rather something in which our familiar calendar no longer accurately serves us. Is it so hard to believe? Your perception of time changes when you're having fun vs bored vs drunk vs sleeping. What if we find a new and more meaningful way to mark time?

One last thing. A lot of the really accurate visionaries were incredibly accurate until recently. Just the last few years actually. Does that mean they were wrong, no because they were right so far. Could this change in accuracy mean that we've somehow changed our own future so as to avoid such catastrophes? Perhaps we have turned the wheel and are now heading in a more fruitful direction.

May 5 @ 10:47PM  
Interesting you posteed this blog now. I just finished "Apocalypse 2012" by Lawrence Joseph. Most of what you want to know in one tidy book (Mayans, sun spots, super volcanos, etc...) Weather wise, I plan on trying to find out more about sunspot activity and weather (ie recent cyclone-were there sunspots last week?) Good blog

May 6 @ 12:30PM  
I say we get busy "gettin' busy"!!

May 8 @ 9:35AM  
mmm I really hope i get laid before 2012

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