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posted 5/5/2008 2:35:20 PM |
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A couple of days past I saw a comment that induced me to write a blog. In it I explained that I really am not an individual that blogs often and most of what I do post are jokes. In fact, looking back I see that even with jokes I have averaged posting less than four blogs a month. Now here I am posting my third one in three days; I must be on a roll. (But in fairness one of them was a joke that a friend asked me to post because it required a visual)

Not really, the people that know me on AMD know that I like to spend most of my time in the forums. In fact since a certain lady drug a certain man out of the forums I have been borrowing his throne as “Forum Ho”.

But that’s not what this blog is about (Need to remember if you’re gonna blog stay on topic. Give me a break I’m new at this. Dayum, this blogging has not only got me talking to myself it’s got me answering myself). Now what was I trying to blog? Oh yeah! Yesterday I saw three blogs with a similar theme but radically different in view and how a few of the same individuals differed in their view when commenting. I even commented my opinion to that observation on them.

In it I even made a facetious comment as to how there had to be another blog on the topic as to why individuals comment differently on blogs of similar themes. But when I woke this morning I realized that it was not about blogging on that specific topic but topics in general because of something that I had observed that I found peculiar, if not amusing.

Being a former computer security specialist I tend to notice little details and trends that are not always obvious to others. Others may have seen this also but what I had noticed on AMD is that some individuals comment radically different on blogs with similar topics but written by different bloggers. I thought it peculiar but did not dwell on it until today when I tried to determine why and could not come up with a specific answer but did note some observations that led me to arrive at some assumptions (yeah, we know what that will do to you; right) or speculations. Trust me I know all about speculations, hey I even wrote a blog “Opinion, Fact or Fantasy” that addressed speculation.

Now my observations have led me to believe that some individuals do comment differently on similar themes and I asked myself why. After reading and reflecting many blogs and comments and observations stated in them I began to arriving at the following conclusions.

When a commenter’s opinion differs between one blooger to another it must be because:

• One was more convincing in their presentation and caused the commenter’s opinion to change. Nah, that is doubtful, because most individuals I have encountered are so opinionated that no one could not cause them to change it no matter how convincing.

• The commenter changed their opinion just to piss off the blogger. Nah, that could not be it because why would anyone want to piss anyone off on a sex site unless they were into golden showers; though there has to some that are into that on AMD but surely not that many.

• The commenters that change their view between blogs are actually alternate profiles that belong to the blogger receiving the positive comment to stroke their own ego and deflate the opposing blogger; after all it appears the same individuals always comment on particular bloggers. (GOOD grief John, get a grip. No one’s ego could be so big that they would make multiple profiles just to comment on their own blog. Would they? Dayum, this is one time if you were going to talk to yourself why not provide a rationale answer? Stop that! )

Then I took a pause because either the slapping or the thinking was giving me a headache. So I got a cup of coffee, ahhhh, the magic elixir and then I thought, “John you are going at this wrong, the approach you need to take is, “Logic”. (You are right John, think this thru logically. Dayum, there you go again.)

Okay, logic!
Think logic!
AMD is a sex site!
Sex is fucking and sucking!
THAT”S IT, that is the answer!!!!!!!!!

• When a commenter’s opinion differs from one blooger to another it is because they are sucking up to particular bloggers. YES, logically that has to be the answer, after all sex can involve sucking and this is a sex site.

Anyone who does not know or understand sarcastic humor PLEASE look up its definition before commenting on this blog.

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May 5 @ 2:38PM  
I want to be sucked...

May 5 @ 2:40PM  
bunny ~ 69

May 5 @ 2:48PM  
Expect for my comments on the same subject by different posters to be extremely similar. It's called copy/paste.

As for the forums, I visit them as often as I would like.

May 5 @ 2:49PM  
Sarcasm refers to a humor that is at once cutting and bold in both in a mocking fashion. Sarcastic humor would never be described as gentle or endearing, but rather as caustic and bitter, describing situations, persons, or things in a derogatory way in order to be funny. Appropriately, the derivations for this brutal form of wit come from the Latin 'sarcasmus," which stems from the Greek "sarkasmos" and "sarkazein" which means literally "to bite the lips in rage."

From this site.........Sarcastic humor

Just trying to help you out here...........

and my only comment is.......................Ya think??

May 5 @ 2:51PM  
Good one...

May 5 @ 2:54PM  

If I was one of those that contradicted myself it was because: I stated my case in the first and was sarcastic in the second. I was getting fed up with all the alcoholic haters. We are people too. I was beginning to feel like I was being attacked from every angle by a bunch of people that guess they know what it is like.

I hope this clears my name from your list.

May 5 @ 3:00PM  
WoW ~ I did note that you are a frequent visitor in the forums (that’s more sarcasm folks just as I knew his comment was also because I believe he currently has 7 forum posts. See how it works)

May 5 @ 3:02PM  
Ewe trying to be sarcastic in MY blog! Ewe try that again and I’ll delete your comments. (more sarcasm)

May 5 @ 3:04PM  
straightup you need to get with the program. The correct comment would have been, "Good one... (more sarcastic humor people)

May 5 @ 3:04PM  
There's comments 'n then there's comments and Sybil is always askin'...."Awright...WTF said THAT???" (if ya get my drift John.... )

May 5 @ 3:09PM  
Ewe trying to be sarcastic in MY blog! Ewe try that again and I’ll delete your comments. (more sarcasm)

Nah..........Swyeter don't delete my comments.........just take it out of context like others have been known to do....................

(more sarcastic humor people for those who don't get it)

May 5 @ 3:09PM  
WoW ~ I did note that you are a frequent visitor in the forums (that’s more sarcasm folks just as I knew his comment was also because I believe he currently has 7 forum posts. See how it works

That is fuzzy math!!!! Four of those seven posts were to the Texas message board that is on my home page that I would like to get rid of.

May 5 @ 3:14PM  
PP ~ this wasn’t directed at anyone. Personally I think blogs like yesterday only serve to open wounds for individuals who have endured and overcome. Why do that on AMD? There are plenty of other sites where that discussion is more appropriate. But that is JMHO and the individual does have the right to post so……………..

Nothing but respect for you and that you are enduring. (That people IS NOT sarcasm but from the heart serious)

May 5 @ 3:18PM  
Softy you know I like like Sybil and her direct sarcastic responses (not sarcasm people)

May 5 @ 3:23PM  
WTF, just for that smart ass comment I’m not deleting it but instead gonna try and see how I can put it in context. (just a little more sarcasm)

May 5 @ 3:26PM  
Nice blog....makes sense to me although I would not know much about took me down the road and I went with you willingly...pretty good. Have to give a kudo...and work on my sarcasm. ..back to the evil truck now...

May 5 @ 3:27PM  
Fuzzy math!!!! WoW, if you can do fuzzy math you can probably get a high paying position in the Bush administration (damn folks not sure if that falls into sarcasm or fact)

(but the “damn folks not sure if that falls into sarcasm or fact” comment does)

May 5 @ 3:32PM  
anyone have a ladder?
10 12 footer oughtta do
right there - just after coffee
can I get a boost
anybody? ? ?

May 5 @ 3:33PM  
dayum John suck and fuck this then

May 5 @ 3:35PM  
greatsax I think I a couple of answers to a couple of issues you been dealing with lately, kingpins and men winking at you. Now the dude you blogged about that winked at you he must have seen you were inserting kingpins and thought………well you know. Hell everyone knows its logic if a man’s going to be doing any inserting it should be with a woman. Now logic man = king and woman = queen. No wonder you been working trying to get them pins inserted the last two days, they done gave you the wrong parts. Go back and get you some queenpins.

(is it necessary that I say on this one, more sarcasm)

May 5 @ 3:37PM  
(is it necessary that I say on this one, more sarcasm)
Is it necessary for me to say don't confuse him anymore than he already is.........

May 5 @ 3:38PM  
click, now you done gone and got me confused. I am not sure if you think the shit is actually getting that deep in this blog or if that is more sarcasm.

May 5 @ 3:39PM  
I never know what I'm going to post until I'm typing, concerning commenting. Sometimes I'll lay my phone down because I have to attend to something less worthwhile, and when I return I've lost my train of thought. You would think that train would running fairly slowly, but it seems to scoot along pretty well.

Add that to the fact that I have a sardonic sense of humor, and that's being generous, there's no telling what I might post at any given time. I try not to offend, except when an occasion arises that would be pretty much ridiculed by all. Then I'm basically enslaved by my twisted sense of humor.

I do see blogs of real importance a completely different way. There's nothing funny about people suffering or serious debates. Although I prefer to keep it light.

I managed to type this one all at once.

May 5 @ 3:41PM  
Dayum ewe now ewe at it too is that comment
Is it necessary for me to say don't confuse him anymore than he already is.........
fact or more sarcasm Need coffee my head's starting to hurt again

May 5 @ 3:42PM  
now ;lemme speed read through this here autobiography..

i'm blogging...
I'm talking to myself....(thought that was an old age retired thing )
I'm fuckin & suckin...(or is that fuckin suckin )
sarcasm ? what the hell is that. ?

*wanders off flipping through that big book of words mumbling to himself ,
here we are s,
sarcasm;intelligent ramblings of a serial blogger in the making .....
hmmm,better leave a kudo so he can ask hisself,hey swyeter,look what someone has left us here .

May 5 @ 3:47PM  
never implied the doo got deep
I did ask for the ladder cuz
it may have soared above me

feeling a tad "blonde" this day

May 5 @ 3:55PM  
JC ~ whenever we have any misunderstandings we have taken it out of the public forum to email and discussed it man to man; like (I will not say southern gentlemen) southern boys, resolved it and went on about our business. I tend to understand your sense of humor because I can relate. I too sometimes express a sardonic sense of humor; problem is most never get it. Funny is funny and serious is serious but sometimes a little sarcasm is necessary for those that take life too serious about things that don’t mean shit.

(Just for the ones that still can’t get the difference without being told, that’s serious)

May 5 @ 3:57PM  
Now tassie
sarcasm;intelligent ramblings of a serial blogger in the making .....
that had damn well better have been sarcasm

(More )

May 5 @ 4:00PM  
I'm confused..........are you still being sarcastic or serious..........cause you keep changing from one comment to another...........perhaps you could start giving out cliff notes prior to posting blogs so everyone can stay on the same page...........

Btw that is sarcasm.............

May 5 @ 4:00PM  
Click that’s the problem with sarcasm, sometimes it is too easy to read in or get the true intent. See I missed the point you were trying to make. But then again the “feeling a tad "blonde" this day” could also be construed as sarcasm.

May 5 @ 4:06PM  
Cliff notes would not help Ewe because for them to benefit ewe would first have to be able to read. (now is that or is that not sarcasm)

(wait folks, not to fast cause here comes the actual sarcasm)

After all I heard you had to outsource the writing of your blog and comments to India.

(tell me take your comments out of context again will you)

May 5 @ 4:08PM  
After all I heard you had to outsource the writing of your blog and comments to India

Just one question..............................who told you? .

May 5 @ 4:10PM  
I don't care what SWYTER talks about...he makes me horny! AND YES I HAVE TOOLS to get into that knight suit!

May 5 @ 4:10PM  
A ram did

May 5 @ 4:11PM  
both comments were posted
"tongue in cheek" - I was told - warned - not to do that here
you may view both comments as

May 5 @ 4:11PM  
bunny PLEASE tell me that was NOT sarcasm

May 5 @ 4:18PM  
click (remember, SARCASM)

(so was sarcasm for a )

May 5 @ 4:24PM  
No sarcasm from me here today Swyter!

May 5 @ 4:31PM  

May 5 @ 4:37PM  
Comments & Commenters

It is a bit late in the thread to ask this and I may be anal retentive, but I don't believe "commenters" is a word. Umm, maybe "commentators" was what you meant.

I just farted, so if you were, John, you could have heard two assholes :)

May 5 @ 4:39PM  
Comments & Commenters

It is a bit late in the thread to ask this and I may be anal retentive, but I don't believe "commenters" is a word. Umm, maybe "commentators" was what you meant.

I just farted, so if you were here, John, you could have heard two assholes :)

Damn, I fucked that up!! Best quit while I am behind!!!!!

May 5 @ 4:42PM  
WoW it was an intentional sarcastic pun for “comment”. I intended to spell it “commentors” but it looked too much like mentor to me so I went with "commenters". Spell checker didn't like either one anyway.
(Now that’s my story and I am sticking to it)

May 5 @ 5:08PM  
Lisa baby you know I love you but I skipped right over you because I was afraid to ask what was "this" that you wanted me to suck and fuck.

(now is that dumb or sarcasm)

May 5 @ 5:58PM  
I think i was being sarcastic yesterday in a blog .... Let me check ... Yep !! Two days in a row ... YE~HA !! Damn ... I always wanted that !! It`s like X-mas !! Thank You Swyeter You know the way to a girl heart !! I`m not telling if i`m being sarcastic or not .... Guess

May 5 @ 7:05PM  
Despite all of the valid points, misdirections, and side tracks, it was one hell of a boogie. Worth a kudo.

May 5 @ 7:36PM  
i just wanna I sarcastic??? i mean WHO would have thought ME serious would be thought of as sarcastic.....


In fact since a certain lady drug a certain man out of the forums I have been borrowing his throne as “Forum Ho”.

wasn't much of a drag i must admit and i''m sure not complaining.....

May 5 @ 7:40PM  
<----------- rotnemmoc...........

May 5 @ 8:17PM  
RR, if you’re gonna be coming in my blog smart mouthing your s**t can be deleted too.
-- (<--------- now which two do you believe )

May 5 @ 8:20PM  
That’s right, ynot just let the cat out of the bag, it’s his throne I been keeping warm in the forums. BTW ynot, you can have it back anytime you want it. Then again.

May 5 @ 8:27PM  
Sums, ewe knead two listen too WoW and start running your comments threw spell checker bee four ewe post. Are know won will no what ewe said.

May 5 @ 9:00PM  
I`ll take my chances ... Hey , Wanna Fuck [... I didn`t see one of them in the blog ... Swyeter ...You know i lubs ya ...

May 5 @ 9:02PM  
Comes running back in slinging shit ....

May 5 @ 9:05PM  
RR, I cannot believe I have gone to all this effort to try and show how sacarsm works and you still don't get it. You supposed to be SUCKing up to me not FUCKing up.

So it shoulda been "Wanna Suck"

Now get with the program


May 5 @ 9:15PM  
Swyeter if i keep sucking the wrong way .... Do i get sex ... .... ??

May 5 @ 9:24PM  
54 post's,246 views..(bet half of them are his too )
and all I did was go to work for a while

sarcasm....who me ?
which leads me to another question,
how come some one has to you can blow
what-ever happened to the law of physics

May 5 @ 9:33PM  
some one has to you can blow


May 5 @ 9:38PM  
Hey Tassie .... is that what they call sarcasm .....??? I`m still in training ...

May 5 @ 9:41PM  
All that was sarcasm?? Dayum!!! For a moment there I thought I was being cussed out or sumthin!

May 5 @ 10:07PM  
I be Tammy....I am also confussed on this blog..And I am not a "Blond"

I do like the part where you talk to yourself and also answer yourself

May 5 @ 11:57PM  
tassie went to sleep at work cause he was working for me. I paid him a penny a post and that was the best he could do.

May 6 @ 12:00AM  
click agreeing with tassie, now THAT really is sarcasm

May 6 @ 12:02AM  
RR since you're still in training how about coming here and I give you a class on how to suck

May 6 @ 12:06AM  
S&S what the #*&%$ ever gave you the #*&%$ idea that I would #*&%$ curse you.


May 6 @ 12:08AM  
Tammy dyes her roots black so she does appear to be a true blonde (but sometimes she forgets to shave)

May 6 @ 6:05AM  
Swyeter ...Are you being serious or are you being sarcastic ...??

May 6 @ 6:46AM  
just so ya'll know...i'm NEVER sarcastic

and better keep that job......i gotta new one now

May 6 @ 9:36PM  
Swyeter ...I`m waiting for my class to start ....

May 6 @ 10:03PM  
RR I'm ready anytime you are.

May 6 @ 10:18PM  
RR I’m always serious.

Ynot never sarcastic! Now that is the ultimate in sarcasm.

May 6 @ 10:18PM  
Let the class begin then...

May 6 @ 10:25PM  
THAT remark had better be sarcasm because the class already started.

May 7 @ 7:19PM  
I hope i passed the class .... or do i need to take the class again ..

May 7 @ 7:36PM  
RR it looks like I am going to have to be keeping you after class until you get it right.

May 7 @ 8:24PM  
I was hoping you would say something like that ... YE~HA !!

May 12 @ 2:14AM  
How would you like to try to earn some extra credit RR?

May 26 @ 8:42PM  
What do you have in mind .... I open to anything

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