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Talking on the phone with people from AMD

posted 5/5/2008 1:25:19 AM |
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tagged: humor, phone, people, straddle

How many of you have talked on the phone with anyone from AMD? I have talked with a number of my friends from here, and they have talked with others on the phone as well. Well, last night I talked with a long time blogger for the very first time. From his pic he has always reminded me of "Mike" who plays Sunny's father on General Hospital. I actually thought he would sound about the same way in his voice as that character does. I was wrong, his voice was not what I expected for him to have. Is that a bad thing? No, not really. He was a very nice guy and loved to laugh like I do. We both talked about our daughters and some of our friends on this site, along with people who we just know as bloggers on here. I had tried to call him first, but got no answer, so I emailed him over here to let him know I tried to call, and gave him my number. A few minutes later he called me back and I actually pulled a prank on him by answering in a female voice. To say that he fell for it would be an understatement. He asked if "Shawn" was there. I then started laughing and did my own voice letting him know it was Shawn. He was pretty damn amazed at how well I could do that female voice (did I mentioned I got Tom who was OMG71 on here too sometime ago? ). After that the ice was broken and we shared many laughs about so many things. If you have spoken with anyone on here, who are they, and did any of them sounded like what you imagined, if so, explain...if not, explain that too?

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May 5 @ 1:30AM  
Well I have spoken with Jeanie, Jeff, Billy, my aunt and devilheroe. They are all very sweet people.. I may have said hi to many more my aunt has spoken with!

May 5 @ 1:32AM  
I spoke with your aunt once, that was more than a year ago though. lol

May 5 @ 2:32AM  
Yep I've talked to several people from here on the phone, and for the most part yes they did sound like I thought they would. I've been told that I sound like they thought I would also.

Princess, I've talked to you, not on the phone it was in person but I know what you sound like.

May 5 @ 2:38AM  
Let's see, I've spoken with Megan, Nomi, Billy and two others that I won't name because I'm unsure how they would feel about it.

Hmm. They all sounded good, though one was in the Eastern hemisphere, and the connection or delay was so bad, we might have exchanged two coherent sentences apiece before giving up.


May 5 @ 2:45AM  
I've shared belly laughs by phone with a few on here...I think we're reaching an age of the internet where peole are really beginning to accept that it's just another form of communication, and nothing to be feared. You wouldn't go to a bar and hand your number to any old person, would you? No; you'd get to know them a bit first, but ultimately you'd think of it as just another way to meet people. Remeber when our parents (or kids) used to say "You gave your number to someone from the internet? Wow, you better be careful of those crazies..." and we always thought of it as "But she's my friend"?

The internet has come of age, and people are beginning to realize that email addresses and usernames are attached to regular people, so it's just as safe as giving your number to a person who you've just met that evening at a bar or a party.

That said, we still exercise caution... See, here at AMD, we ARE "those crazies".

May 5 @ 3:15AM  
i got a couple of phone numbers off the bots here.....those 900 numbers git expensive

May 5 @ 5:15AM  
Over the years, I have spoken with perhaps a half dozen. It is interesting to put a voice with the text runs. On the other hand, though it has not happened to me, I worry about of some the squabbles and fights on here, spilling over to the telephone. I don't want to pick up the phone and hear somebody go off on a long rant about somebody else. Brings back too many memories of my daughter an ex.

May 5 @ 5:31AM  
I havent talked to anyone from here on the phone but I've used Yahoo Messenger to talk over the computer. She sounds kinda weird cos she's from the other side of the world but she's a sweetheart and it's fun to talk to her (plus she's fuckin hot)

May 5 @ 6:19AM  
i have talked to several people from here on the phone...........and in person........

May 5 @ 7:05AM  
I have the phone numbers to at least half of the people on my friends list and have talked to them all at least once............theres even some that arent on my list that i have talked to............

May 5 @ 7:51AM  
i have met 4 people from here in person and 3 others i have talked to on the phone...none were serial killers...

May 5 @ 8:09AM  
She sounds kinda weird

Pfft the term i was hoping for was "cute"...

May 5 @ 8:52AM  
I've spoken with a couple from here....Jim, who hasn't been on in a while now because of his job..and then there's DeDe..she sounds like what I would have expected..sweet and bratty (if she sees this... )

May 5 @ 8:55AM  
I have spoken with Sunshine79, OMG71, Raven_Silverfire, WoW, Belle, Nomi, Zena, Jezz, Larry, looking4ever.... I missing anyone? If I missed any of my friends let me know on here.

Damn, Kim is probably going to kill me after this blog. lol

May 5 @ 8:57AM  
I have talked to you on the phone when Kim was here..And at wal-mart..

As for the other's I have talked to Lisa, and a couple of other's..

BTW have you heard from Tom? I talked to him online about a week ago..

May 5 @ 9:00AM  
I have talked to you on the phone when Kim was here

Oh shit, I forgot you, Tammy. Yeah, talked with Tom yesterday. Tom is in Tennessee right now. He's always bored and calling me.

May 5 @ 9:06AM  
Oh shit, I forgot you, Tammy.


It is not like we had long conversations...

May 5 @ 9:06AM  
damn who have I talked to?? Ewe_Wish, Ynot, L4E, Aly of course, CL, Nacho, two men who will remain nameless Crissy, Tried to call Ash but she didn't answer I know I'm forgettin

May 5 @ 9:22AM  
I have talked to a few good men, and yes, their voices suited them very well!!

May 5 @ 10:41AM  
I've met 4 people from here and have talked to a good number of folks via phone of Yahoo voice.

May 5 @ 10:46AM  
Kind of apprehensive about talking on the phone...(don't ask,I'm weird that way).But I have spoken to a few on yahoo/msn,nice folk.Some regs,some members no one has heard of.

May 5 @ 2:33PM  
Kind of apprehensive about talking on the phone...(don't ask,I'm weird that way)

Hell, if that many people are going to run down a roster, I am going be apprehensive myself. I prefer my name be kept out of such things.

May 5 @ 4:25PM  
Let me add this with a predicating explanation. I have gotten incredible emails from people on my friends list that are in squabbles with one another that are very serious to them (a personal problem for them IMHO but of no concern to me) and been hammered.

Being on a public list of who called who creates another hierarchy. I don't need, much less want that petty shit in my life. Such a listing of who called who just increases the risk of liability of conflict in my cyber life. I have to wear a flak jacket every time I log on here as it is. Just MHO.

If I call you or you call me, it is nobody's damned business and between us. We sort of cross a plain of trust into being "real" people and that is good. But to me it is private.

May 5 @ 6:00PM  
I've chatted witha a few............they so sound like their pics...........they have not disappointed...........I would share names, but then I'd have to kill yas all!!! Wanna chat..?

May 6 @ 12:08AM  
Only 2...the 1st one was by accident really. He gave me his number but we talked via chat but he has the same name as a co-worker so I called my co-worker to leave a message and of course called the wrong person. I couldn't figure out why he didn't get my message till the other guy called me back.

And the other, ya, I talk to him, but I didn't give him my number right away.

I'm pretty particular about giving my number out...don't know why I just am.

May 6 @ 11:56AM  
Naw...haven't talked to anybody here on the phone....would be fun though. Then I could almost say I had a social life...sorta...kinda...maybe...

May 7 @ 10:36PM  
Well, you were my first Ummm then OMG71-Tom, JCarolina-Jeff, I'm sure I've sopke to a million other people...I got Dayna's number, but have never called her....Maybe I should, just for a hello!!

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Talking on the phone with people from AMD