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Should women serve in the battlefield?

posted 5/4/2008 8:46:16 PM |
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Should women have the right to serve in the battlefield while in the military? I mean after all, women do want equal rights, right? A lot of women have no problem wanting to serve their country, and a lot of them wouldn't have a problem being out there in a fox hole with them fighting the enemy. Personally, I see no problem with women fighting out in the battlefield. I do believe in equal rights after all.

How do you feel about this, should women fight in the battlefield, if not, why?

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May 4 @ 8:51PM  
I feel if they want to fight in the battlefield...let them.

May 4 @ 8:55PM  
Yes, I agree. If they want to be out there, they should be allowed.

May 4 @ 9:00PM  
Should women have to register for the selective service at 18 like us guys do, even though there is no draft anymore?

May 4 @ 9:13PM  
I think if women enlist in the army they should expect the same treatment and same conditions as the men do..........and a lot of them already do that.....Thank god......we can no longer say our brave men of the military as a lot of women are in the military also............I'm not sure on the answer of selective service, I hadn't really thought about it...........there is a difference between volunteering and being forced into it.......but as you said if there is to be equality............perhaps so. JMO

May 4 @ 9:16PM  
Should women also be required to register with the selective service when they turn 18? Why not? Fair is fair? Everyone talks about equality and all. So, yes, I think they should.

May 4 @ 9:17PM  
All I have to say to this one is behind every great man there is a woman and behind every great woman there is a great man!

May 4 @ 9:40PM  
The only problem with woman being in the that hostile countries have admitted that if they get a woman p.o.w they torture her 10 times worse than they would a man because they feel she will break easier than a man...At least that's what my military friends have told me, I personally don't know how I feel...I guess it's up to the individual, if she knows the risks & is still willing to do it go for it...Tease.

May 4 @ 10:07PM  
Perhaps the reason that women aren't required to enlist in the selective service is because the way society viewed them was when the law was enacted. I believe there are fewer professional housewives now. It's not a statement on the abilities of women but rather a statement regarding society and their viewpoints as a whole. Back when the law was enacted the housewife stereotype was more prevalent. I think as times change so should the rules since we have a more balanced society now. It's not perfectly balanced but more so than back then, in my opinion.

May 4 @ 11:55PM  
Isreal used to have a all female sniper program...but the right wing through a fucking hissy fit about it. When the conservative parties gained a majority they banned females in the military. Of course they still have gays in the military, and if they die then theyre partnerns get death benefits.

Its all politics when you get right down to it. Anyone who can hold a gun can kill and anyone who can hold a stick can fly.


May 5 @ 12:00AM  
they banned females in the military.

I thought that Israel still required females to serve like the males in that country in the miltary today?

May 5 @ 3:19PM  
The 19th ammendment says a women can, but then why do they not have to sign up for selective service? When I was on active duty, some women I had no problem with being in a fighting hole with, But others had no place in the Marines. On the fit tests some would do the basic for a WM(Woman Marine) yet others would do the same test as the men. These are the ones I want next to me in battle. If women want to be there thats fine just make sure she can pull her weight. If a women can do the same things I can or more great. If not I don't want to put others in harms way trying to keep her ass alive.

May 5 @ 3:29PM  
The sad thing is when a woman goes into the military, most of the time they are given an MOS of admin, or supply. In these fields rank is picked up faster than most. Now you have a shower shoe or a boot in a lead role that has not seen combat. How will this person lead into something they have not seen? We had a joke in the day: What is the difference between a zebra and a WM? A zebra didn't have to lay down to get its strips. LOL Sorry laydies.

May 5 @ 4:25PM  
A Battlefield is not a game...It is not a place for moral judgments, emotions, or hesitations. It is a place for killing. It is a place where Women do not belong.

If you think I am wrong, then answer this......Could you look into the eyes of a 13 YO child and kill him?...With no moral judgment, emotion, or hesitation? If you answer no, or wish to apply "conditions" to the question, Then you do not belong on a battlefield....


May 6 @ 11:49AM  
I don't think women should be on the battle field until men can learn to control their protective instincts and their hormones. A naval support ship ,crewed by roughly 120 crew, of which half were women, went out , and when it came back to port, all but 6 of the women were and women cannott serve together , it's too distracting , and more men would die, because they would constantly be taking more risks trying to protect the women, instead of doing their job of fighting the war. Cuz let's face it.......Even the jerks and assholes out there would most likely take a bullett trying to protect a's in the male nature to view the opposite sex as a non combatant....although there are some capable women combat pilots out's not the norm, and yes, israel still has female combat troops...they have to....barely 6 million people in a country smaller than west virginia...they realize they need every person possible able and willing to be shooting back when them arabs come marchin by the thousands.

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Should women serve in the battlefield?