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I Have Been Adopted...

posted 5/4/2008 12:20:06 PM |
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In all my years of sharing my life with pets I have always been the one to select the new member to our family. That is until now.

It began 3 weeks ago with a ghostly figure scampering from the kitchen. At times I imagined I saw this figure sitting in the pet tunnel (when I remodeled my kitchen in place of a cabinet in one section I had the builder install a pet door on the outside wall...hence the "tunnel"). Then I began to hear the sounds..the sounds of a wee small ghost announcing herself each time she came through the tunnel but I could never get to the noise in time to see this ghost.

Then I really saw her, this pure white, very young kitten sitting up on the counter helping herself to breakfast from the cats food bowl. My cats sitting on the opposite counter, quietly waiting their turn. The dog...sitting on the floor below her just watching and thinking "oh goody a new play mate".

My first immediate thought was to load her into the car and drive a distance from home and drop her off. But as the days wore on and she became a frequent visitor I could not simply abandon this kitty by dumping her. So I supppose she is here to stay.

The amazing part is how my 2 cats and dog have accepted her into the family. My cats are much older at 12 & 14 years old and I suppose don't mind new blood in the family. My dog, being only 2 years old and still very much a puppy delights that the new cat will chase him back when he wants to play.

She comes and goes through the tunnel, sometimes lingering for hours at a time, enjoying the house and then leaves the house at night only to return in the morning for breakfast.

So now I am faced with the task of taking her to the vet to be cheked out, spayed and naming her which it turns out is the most difficult. However, since my cats are named Kat and Kasey I am leaning torward Kady for this one.

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May 4 @ 12:29PM  
why not Ghost?

May 4 @ 12:31PM  
naming her which it turns out is the most difficult. However, since my cats are named Kat and Kasey I am leaning torward Kady for this one.

In a bit of irony if you read my blog about the funeral urn, considering what you wrote in yours, how about Kasper the friendly ghost?

May 4 @ 12:31PM  
OMG shes beautiful.............the best ones are the ones that adopt you, you know? With moving I am going to have my sister take care of my louis cat.........i am heartbroken and worry that I won't be able to find a place that will allow me to have him and although my sister will be a wonderful person for him and he would enjoy living in the country and being able to get outside (which in reality would probably be the best thing for him) I have had him since he was 5 weeks old when my late husband decided I needed a kitten after I had lost mine to kitty leukemia............he sleeps with me and he crawls into my lap to watch movies..........and he sits in front of the TV to watch piano lessons on Comcast On Demand (I think if i had a piano he could play it by now) so if i cant keep him its going to tear me apart............When we went to pick up a kitten he wouldn't leave me i feel like he chose me and now i feel like i am abandoning him...........


May 4 @ 12:33PM  
My last cat adopted me. He belonged to my neighbors who had tried to leave him when they moved from Chicago to Florida but he snuck into the moving van. He came around my house for about 1 1/2 yrs and I'd always pet him, feed him, whatever, but never knew his name. Finally he started living in my house and when I asked what his name was, they told me it was favorite beer. He lived with me for about 4 years and was probly my best friend. When I left for work in the morning he'd sit by the gate and watch me leave. No matter what time I came home he'd be racing to the back door to be let in. Was the best pet I ever had and it killed me to have to put him down last summer (feline leukemia). Sometimes we don't get to pick our pets....animal instincts tell them to pick us. Hope yours is as cool as mine was

May 4 @ 12:38PM  
I'd have to go along with the ghost references made. What a very cool way to get "adopted". Ya know this is a special cat if the others allowed it to just ease into the house like that.

May 4 @ 12:40PM  
She is so beautiful! I am not really a cat person, but they love me for some odd reason. I used to be allergic, but since most of my friends have cats I have noticed over the years my allergies have disappeared. I know it is expensive to raise a new baby, but it looks like your picked. If you lived in Rhode Island I would offer my Aunt and Uncle to take her, and I know she will love you!

May 4 @ 12:44PM  
That's a beautiful cat.

I had a smilar situation only a couple weeks ago. I walked outside and heard a cat crying. It was dark, and the cat black, so I couldn't tell exactly where it was. After a few seconds, I see this cat bounding towards me like a dog. Her hind leg was missing, or so I thought, and she would not stop crying.
I opened a can of tuna and gave her some water, but she still cried.
A couple of days later, I saw that her leg was tucked up under her and I just hadn't seen it. I realized why she wouldn't stop crying, her leg was mangled. It wasn't bleeding, it was actually worse.
I didn't have the finances to take her to the vet, so I called the humane society. When they came to get her, they said they would be euthanizing her.

If I ever felt like a fucking loser, it was then. I really liked the kitty, and couldn't help it's leg. It honestly made me very sad.

I'm glad yours is turning out much better.

May 4 @ 12:47PM  
Being Adopted just means you're wanted. I wish I could find a "Kitty" to adopt me.......... I'd be Oh so easy to keep. lol

May 4 @ 2:23PM  
That is so sweet!

May 4 @ 2:24PM  
A cat named Kat?

May 4 @ 3:15PM  
A cat named Kat?

Yes I know not terribly original but I was NOT a cat person when, a year after our dog passed, my husband brings home this stray kitten that had been lingering outside his office. Not really wanting a cat I just kept calling her cat which evolved into KAT when she presented herself to be the Queen that she is.

Bruce, I really like your idea of Kasper. I wish I had a prize to give you for naming my cat. Oh I know.............. Wanna Phuck ????

May 4 @ 3:26PM  
What a pretty cat...

I have to get rid of mine before I move..It is going to break my heart...Even if I bitch about cat hair all over the place I come home and they come running..Yes they..I have kittens now also...

I will not take them and drop them off anywhere..I am a animal lover of almost every kind...

The one cat I have I took in because some woman was going to drop her off and leave her...She was so scared of me..she must of been abused..I took her to the vet and got her shots and fixed so she couldn't have kittens..I didn't know what to name her...I started calling her baby kitty..then BK...Now I need to have her put to sleep...She had health problems...and her kidneys are going..she has lost a lot of fur... I asked a couple of friends to take her to the vet for me as I don't have the heart to do it..

May 4 @ 3:29PM  
She is beautiful!!!! yep and a keeper

May 4 @ 7:13PM  
She's a pretty cat!

I'm with some of the others here..I'd call her Ghost.

May 4 @ 11:38PM  
DS - she truly is a beautiful kitty! And you're right - you were adopted, as cats do choose their owners.

I told Jeff the same thing when I heard about "his" kitty and how she had run up to him out of the blue. I'm a big cat lover so I was hoping to see her when we went to his place, and she surely did come running up when she saw us! Though hesitant at first, she also came up to me and let me pet her...I could see her broken leg there and yeah, I also felt so bad. We all did - she really was very beautiful! Anyway...this isn't the best pic of her - it's actually as still from a video clip...but this be "Jeff's kitty" - the sweetie!!!


May 7 @ 4:19PM  
Just goes to show ya....there's no such thing as a cat "owner"....only people that belong to

May 8 @ 12:43AM  
yes, she is beautiful....for a cat.....sorry...cats are the only animal I don't like. Besides pigs

May 8 @ 12:57AM  
Congrats on your new addition, Barbara...

I bought a friend a plaque one time that said...Dogs have owners, Cats have servants...

Sad but

She looks like a Kaboodle to me..... Hey, I like different names.. lol

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I Have Been Adopted...