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Should junior high school girls be given birth control pills?

posted 5/4/2008 3:12:59 AM |
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I read about an artical on this almost a week ago and was going to do a blog asking where all of you stand on this issue. Seems like there are some junior high schools that are giving girls birth control pills even without permission and not alerting their parents to know anything about this. I'm a little on the old fashion side and I feel that's wrong to do. I know a lot of parents aren't doing a very good job raising their kids today as to why we got to this point in these times. But if I had a daughter that age there is no way in hell I would want her to be given birth control pills, especially if I'm not aware of it. Kim feels differently about this. But to me that's like saying they have a free pass to have sex. Where do you all stand on this?

Btw, I just got back from Kim's house and she's in better spirits and had a chance to calm down.

Thought I would repost this blog on this important topic.

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May 4 @ 3:31AM  
"Given"? No.
Prescribed by a competent clinician? Yes.

May 4 @ 5:04AM  
as the first comment says if its prescribed yes given many parents are scared that if you allow your teen kid to take birth control that your giving them permission to have sex....Think about it this way would u rather your teen come home pregnant ....i was always upfront with my mom when it came to this subject.....its nice to be naive as some people are hell my parents naive to some point till the first time i came home scared thinking i was pregnant. If you actually think teens are gonna wait to have sex think again Mom and dad cant always be there to watch what their kids do ....Now and days scary thing i see in my home town more 14...15..16 year olds pushing baby carriages then i do adults thats how it is now and days teens dont wait anymore ........ Face its people the kids are starting young no matter how much u try to denie it. Sad part is even now and days birth control isnt 100% fool proof and neither are condoms accidents do happen but lets hope it doesnt happy to to many teens out there.

May 4 @ 5:06AM  
Those are DRUGS! They fuck with your HORMONES- something already going on in Junior high school. I'm stunned that whoever started that isn't in jail.

These girls need to have it beaten into their heads that they really shouldn't be sexually active at such a young age, but if they are, they should be using CONDOMS. Birth control, if used properly, can prevent pregnancy, but can't do anything about STDs. And kids these days aren't going to be able to discern all the different birth control methods out there. Not with Bush's abstinence-only program, which teaches kids in public schools that you can get pregnant from oral sex, and AIDS can spread through kissing. What a lot of parents and religious leaders don't understand (or choose to ignore) is that kids without access protection will still have sex. Tell them protection doesn't work, or that it will get them in even worse trouble with God and they'll have unprotected sex on purpose.

Start small. Condoms. Every time, no exceptions. That should be easy enough for a junior high schooler to understand.

Once they get older, like High School, some of them might be mature enough to handle a monogamous relationship in which they could switch from condoms to birth control. However, if they're under 18 that still requires the parents' permission in most states, so if the parents say no, it's back to condoms.

But they should NEVER be just passing out birth control pills to kids. Morning-after pills, maybe. I know some communities make it almost impossible to buy them, so that's understandable. But not your standard hormonal birth control.

May 4 @ 6:53AM  
i think a real "educational" class about sex would be much better.......

May 4 @ 7:45AM  
Imagine how a 16 year old girl feels when she realizes the situation she is - the life decision she has to make. It doesn't matter how good a girl she's been (sexually speaking); when she gets that test result that, no matter what she does from that point forward, she is forever changed - and it has nothing to do with promiscuity. If being 16 and deciding whether or not to have an abortion, give one's own baby up for adoption, or to become a mother isn't enough, she has to contend with attitudes and assumptions - never mind the horrible way people look at you (and treat you) when you're that young and a peers and professionals, family and friends.

Ask my mom if she would have preferred to find out I was being given birth control pills or that I was pregnant...Do the math people: I'm 44 and my oldest will be 27. And let me tell you, as much as I love my kids, I wish I'd have had more resources and privacy when I was making the decision to have sex. The school I went to? I would not have been afraid to ask...but I didn't want to tell my mom I was curious, ready, or had already done it.

As parents, we all hope our kids will make the right decisions. What's more, we hope our kids will come to us when things like this come up. But the reality is, many don't...I'll venture to say most don't. So, do we respond to this reality based on the best case scenario, or the worst? Which is worse - getting protection privately or getting pregnant - at 16?

May 4 @ 8:21AM  
Jr high...No...That is too young to be having sex yet...I talk to my daughter every time we go past condom's in wal-mart...She has books on her body...I was almost 32 when I had her..I am hoping she waits to have a baby...

Now at 16 they is another story...I think they should be prescribed the pill and also use a condom...

May 4 @ 8:23AM  
Yes, excellent birth control for minors is called "Beating common sense into something that naturally has none".

They then understand, and do good things.

Pills. No. Condoms. No.
Or Yes.

THEY are irrelevant items, EDUCATION and retarded parents actually parenting instead of shoving it off onto the school generally fixes this shit.

Oprah and Dr. Phil, along with TV and 1500 cable channels, and the Internet, or Blogs, do not fix this, and are not good babysitters. Actual parenting does wonders.

May 4 @ 8:51AM  
alybai42, I was very close to my mom...we share the same birthday and were very very good friends until I was well into my 30's...we were so close that I think it interfered with my ability to open up to her on that personal a level. She was my mom, after all!

She had the talk with me, she was very open to getting me the protection I needed...she did everything righ...but I still didn't want to tell her. That's my point; a parent can think they've done all they need to do - kept that door open, talked the real talk (not the scare tactic bullshit some parents like to try), and laid the offers on the is so personal that telling a parent can be harder than you think. Kids need options. Period. Information isn't enough. Saying NO! isn't enough. Wishful thinking is just plain stupid. That got me pregnant at 16. point.

May 4 @ 9:57AM  
Jr high...No...That is too young to be having sex yet

Doesn't matter how old you think kids should wait. The fact of the matter is, they are having sex in Jr High. Whats worse is, they aren't even taught about birth control methods because of the same naive way of thinks, leaving legions of uneducated, experiementing kids having unprotected sex with each other.

Birth control shouldn't be given out like candy, but it should certainly be made readily accessible, easy to attain after a few mandatroy but private tests (Prescribed by a competent clinician), and the students should be made fully aware that this and other types of birth control (condoms, morning after) are this readily provided in easy to access locations (school clinic, local drug store, etc), all on top of a REAL sex ed class.

May 4 @ 10:44AM  
There are high schools in this nation that have condom machines in them.......and the school board voted to have them put there with parents backing.........I for one think that if parents would talk more openly with their teenagers and the teenagers could trust them enough to come to them before they become sexually active that would solve a lot of problems........unfortunately the medical part of birth control can cause problems when given to girls too young..........but if my daughter is she was 15 or older came to me and said I am thinking about having sex..........I would have a doctors appointment for her that afternoon. JMO

May 4 @ 7:17PM  
There will always be idiot parents who think that beating their daughters over the head with the Bible and keeping them locked in the basement will keep them from ever having sex. You can't depend on parents to know what the hell they're doing- we don't require a license to breed in this country.

Schools need to teach kids to use condoms. Many parents will, but some won't. Condoms need to be available. They're not drugs, and you don't need a prescription. There's just too many legal and ethical problems with letting a 13-year old go to a doctor, get a prescription, and buying some drugs all without parental involvement.

May 6 @ 7:46AM  
No I don't think the school has the right to do it without our consent...but I had such bad cramps with my period in the junior high that my parents had to put me on them...did that mean I was sexually active mum & I sat down & had the talk & I feel it is up to the parent to decide when you should get birth control, only you know what your kid is going to do & if you are in a good relationship with your kids & can talk to them it's not an issue...also, there are now female condoms as well, that work a lot better but I in no way agree that junior high kids should be having sex..yes I know it happens & most of you are correct in that they are going to do it whether you want them to or not...thankfully schools in my area offer classes on it.

May 10 @ 2:52PM  
Hello No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why give them permission to open there legs to anyone that comes along...Believe me I'm living this horror!!!!!

Teach them abstinence is always best!!!!!!!!!!!

Now I am saying this anyone under the age of 16! Children any younger than that are not capable of making that kind of decision rationally!!

Only my point of view!

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Should junior high school girls be given birth control pills?