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posted 5/3/2008 4:26:47 PM |
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What's up, pervs?

Occasionally, I see comments and entire blogs, even, chastising folks for socializing on a sex site. Saying AMD is all talk, and that the good pervs here aren't serious at all about meeting people.

Which got me thinking, but all that takes, really, is a good cartoon.

Why do you folks come to AMD? How much time each day do you spend here? How do you spend your time here? ( besides perusing nekkid pics )
What is the best thing about AMD to you?
What is the worse thing?

Anyone who comments must be fully nekkid. If you wish to retain your anonymity by covering your face, or if your face is a gray messenger icon, it's all good.

Just as long as you're nekkid.

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May 3 @ 4:41PM  
I’m guilty as charged I'm here to socialize, and sometimes I’m nekkid too!

May 3 @ 4:45PM  
I came on here because i started reading the blogs and then playing in the forum . It was late fall going into winter ....and i live in Wisconsin . I knew i would have time on my hands .
What is the best .... Still the people
The Worst .... The wars and attacks on people .

May 3 @ 4:48PM  
Geez, Jeff, the last time another man was nekkid around you, you punched him out and broke his cheekbone:)

It is is all obvious to me on your question. The image that management touts and markets, is completely different from the reality of the society embodied by regulars that gather here and have over the years.

Do people hook up, yeah. Do they enter into an LTR, or marriage, some do. But for most of us. in a cyber sense it is simply the corner neighborhood bar and/or coffee house. New members come in and are disillusioned as they buy into the marketing hype and imagery put forth by management that has little to do with the reality of the membership and their drivers for being here.

May 3 @ 4:48PM  
not nekkid
can't comment
thought this was an adult site
with - you know
adults doing adult stuff
which may or may not include
you know
"stuff" and "things"

and I bet plenty are thinkin'
"stuff" your "thing" up your ass
no comment
not nekkid

May 3 @ 4:54PM  
I spend about 2, maybe 3 hours a day here. I love the blogs. Love reading them and writing them. I've also made friends off of here both online and in the real world....So, I also come to keep in touch with people!

Yeah...I'm nekkid.....thinkin' about cock...Southern cock.....LMAO!

May 3 @ 5:09PM  
I guess I should answer my own questions if I expect others to.

I first came here under the ridiculously náive impression that people on a sex site wanted to just hook up and have a go. Yeah, yeah, I know. I had never used the internet for social purposes.
And don't get me wrong, I didn't send wanna fucks. I approached ladies much the same way I would in the other world.

I'm really not about casual sex, per se, but a situation in my life led me to investigate.

Now, I've seen how it works, and I've been exposed to blogging, another new experience for me. I've made some good friends, actually met 4 people from AMD, and made a couple enemies as well, though that wasn't my doing. Since I have the opportunity, I'd like to apologize for the drama-infused blog I wrote. It was a moment of vulnerability, and I hate double standards. I truly detest drama in any form but entertainment. Though I am quite mischievous.

So now I'm just another perv, if I find love, wonderful, if not, probably even better.

May 3 @ 5:21PM  

Well.........this a much larger venue, and if the ladies get nekkid for us, we should return the favor.

Just no male on male booty-snatching. Or if that's your thing, just don't try to snatch mine!!!!

Seriously, anyone who knows me will tell you I'm not the violent type at all. I never start trouble with anyone. But if someone puts their hands on me, all bets are off.

May 3 @ 5:37PM  
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May 3 @ 5:52PM  
personally I came here to hopefully hook up with guys n gals from my area that are into the same stuff that I am, atleast talk to others on the subjects, but hell I cant even get a wink returned, so I drop in several times a day to read blogs and occasionally comment,

May 3 @ 6:23PM  
I am always naked... or at least without panties I don't spend enough time here, but.........

May 3 @ 6:29PM  
Look everybody, Olga stopped by. She's seeking "serious attitudes" and "the friend the friend". Her father was killed some years ago, and she lives with her mum and rabbit, Kalishnakov.

She's ready for action after one e-mail, so get ready. Don't sweat it if she doesn't answer any of your questions, she has trouble concentrating.

May 3 @ 6:30PM  
Well, I ain't gonna lie - I came here looking for some adult fun (why are women so afraid to admit that???)...and I can say w/o a doubt I've gotten that and a lot more! The "a lot more" is why I stay (come back ;)

I'm here for as much time as I have or want to spend - which varies from day to day - some days I don't feel like interacting - just reading, and those days you won't see me out there much. Other days I'm into interacting and I'm more visible. Even so, when I'm logged on, half the time I'm not really here (what's new!) - I'm talking on the phone or to someone here, doing chores and other necessary things and coming back between things.

Oh yes, and let's not forget I'm an exhibitionist...and this is a wonderful playground for someone like me ;)

May 3 @ 7:18PM  
i don't know anybody here......... just looking to fuck.......

May 3 @ 8:10PM  
I signed up for MD. AMD got the curiosity of me and then, the better of me . It was more suited to my own needs. As far as how many hours I spend here, depends on my moods and free time. I'll leave this and a few other sites open all day, but bounce around multitasking, even leaving the house for hours :)

May 3 @ 9:38PM  
The time I spend here varies. I might spend 5 minutes or 5 hours. Depends on how much fun is going on. Here lately I haven't spent much time at all.

jcarolina, it's nice to see your smiling face back!!!

May 3 @ 9:52PM  
What is the best thing about AMD to you?

Ummm....that would be me, Jeff...

What is the worse thing?

Not being able to think of anything to blog about.....okay okay....not being able to see my friends on here.

May 4 @ 12:02AM  
What is the best thing about AMD to you?

Ummm....that would be me, Jeff...

Straddle's ego is only surpassed by.....well......his ego

May 4 @ 1:19AM  
Straddle's ego is only surpassed by.....well......his ego


May 4 @ 4:52AM  
I'm naked.

I spend about an hour total, in spurts, throughout the day checking messages and reading blogs. More when I went on that 4-page rant on the blog about hip-hop.

I originally joined up to find women to meet up with in real life- and quickly learned that people with similar motives are in the vast minority. So now I'm just biding my time, reading and posting blogs, and socializing, waiting for someone to come along. I posted a similar blog and got two people who said that they had gotten laid from this site, so I remain hopeful, but I've resigned myself to the fact that these instances are few and far between.

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