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Ever run into an ex after a few years?

posted 5/2/2008 7:12:33 PM |
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tagged: daughter, ex, straddle

My daughter just called me and said that she's in town. She called me from the local hospital and said that my grandson was running a high temp. She also asked me to call her mom (my ex) because she was talking with her mom before they got cut off. I told her that I would do one better and call threeway with her. I didn't that, and when her mom (Ann) answered she said "yeah", and I told her it was Shawn, and she said "yeah" again. lol Not sure if she was taken by surprise that I called, I'm assuming she was very surprised. Anyway, I told her I had Tash on the other end. They both started talking briefly and and Ann was suppose to call Tash back at the room number she was calling from. Ann did thank me before we hung up. Tash was suppose to be calling me back here soon. Yeah, a little awkward for both Ann and I to speak after all these years. Has anyone ever had to contact their ex, or have them contact you after a few years, and how did it go?

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May 2 @ 7:40PM  
Damn, there's gotta be someone out there that this has happened to.

Btw, I know what I'm doing for my next blog.

May 2 @ 7:44PM  
Ok...but, it's not anything intersting. I ALMOST ran into an ex...I turned and walked the other way before he could see me.

He wasn't a very nice person...let's say it took him hitting me only once..and I was done with him.

So...when I saw him..I went the other way.

May 2 @ 7:45PM  
Comon Straddle... Lets see some good blogs ... What you got coming up

online now!
May 2 @ 7:52PM  
Comon Straddle... Lets see some good blogs

Excuse me? Every blog I do IS A GOOD BLOG!

What you got coming up

Just have to wait and see...

May 2 @ 7:58PM  
Excuse me? Every blog I do IS A GOOD BLOG!
Don't hold it in Straddle..............tell 'em how you really feel...............

I saw my ex one time since my divorce 22 yrs ago but i avoided him so i didnt have to say anything to the jerk............but i suppose i will need to say something to him at my sons wedding in July...........geez......maybe he wont be able to make it for that............

May 2 @ 8:15PM  
Let me guess ......... A panties blog is forthcoming

May 2 @ 8:18PM  
I hadn't talked to or seen my ex-husband for over a year when I was in the hospital last month to give birth to my baby girl that I had to bury shortly after. My best friend called him to let him know what was going on Tuesday night (I didn't know she did until he called my hospital room). I guess they talk every so often and he always askes how I am. Anyway, on Thursday after work he came to my room to see me. I was in hard labor by then and hurting pretty bad. He stayed and talked me through the contractions. He stayed when the nurses said it was time to call the doctor. He stayed after the doctor got there. He stayed and held my hand and encouraged me through the birth. He stayed and hugged me while I cried afterward. He also came to the funeral, he took the day off work to come. If I ever had any regrets in life, he would be it. I fucked up our relationship, and will always be sorry for that.

I know that most people don't get along with thier ex's, but mine is one of a kind.

online now!
May 2 @ 8:19PM  
Let me guess ......... A panties blog is forthcoming

Whoa, hold up. Gettin' a little ahead of yourself there. Let's just say it's about breasts...

May 2 @ 8:31PM  
I never have run into any of my X's but I did run into an X sister -in law one summer. I did her several times, does that count?

online now!
May 2 @ 8:35PM  
I never have run into any of my X's but I did run into an X sister -in law one summer. I did her several times, does that count?

Nope, sorry, not the same thing.

May 2 @ 9:31PM  
I let my ex move back in
so my son's mother wouldn't die on the street
her time has passed
she hasn't
so much for acquiring fucking karma
ya know?

May 2 @ 9:37PM  
Weird, I don't have ex's, I have women I had sex with and forgot who they were.

Evidently, they remember me........good for them!

However, I must note that besides missing my ex that I never had because I never had an ex, would be strictly because I was drunk, and couldn't steer the car over her in time. (Bad reaction times)

Old joke, still a good one.

She didn't think so.

She will get over it, I did.

What was her name again?

May 2 @ 11:02PM  
Yup im always cursed that way with ex's calling or running into them and usualy it ends up with me hagning up on them cause they piss me off me and my ex's never had a nice relationship due to the fact that most of them treated me like shit

May 2 @ 11:09PM of my most significant ex's lives with me. Temporarily and non-sexually (believe me!), but yeah, he's here. And we get along for the most part, but definitely better when we don't live under the same roof. There's a reason he's my ex. Several, in fact! lol

I am on positive terms with every man I've ever dated; I can't think of one I would feel uncomfortable running into. Well, hold on a sec...back that up...there are 2. And both men hit me so running into one of them might not be so comfortable. Otherwise, I actually see a few of my ex's a couple/few times a year - it's not a big deal; we all go way back and are in touch with friends of friends...My daughter is in school with a different ex's daughter - and they are friends. I keep friends for a long time - it's hard to not run into my ex's...and they all started out as friends!

How about being the one to get the call? I've been on that end, too...not so fun when out of the blue and about something serious (and really, would there be any other reason to get a call like that if not for something serious?)

May 2 @ 11:39PM  
I am friends with all my exes, so its not weird for us to fun into each other! But that's cool you have a good relationship with your ex its important!

May 3 @ 5:22AM  
I get along fine with mine. No issues, no problems. I've seen her and her husband several times. When my daughter lived in the area and went over there for dinner, it was not unusual for her mom to make me a plate of food and have it sent over. She lives about three miles away.

May 3 @ 10:06AM  
There can be bad blood and vociferous hatred in some cases. I am still blown away by an incident at work perhaps 20 years ago. I was working during final teching of a play one morning. Some people are working and others hanging out in the ready room off stage. I was in the ready room with four or five other guys.

One guy was reading the newspaper and looked up startled and puzzled. "Hey, isn't Keith's son named Brian?"
"Yeah" I replied. He handed me the paper. The kid had been found shot to death in his car behind some seedy apartments. His dad was on stage working.

About a half hour later they called a break and we all gathered to grab a donut or two. I saw his dad. "I'm sorry about, Brian."
"What are you talking about." I went back and got him the paper. He went pale, then the veins in his neck bulged and he stormed out of the building.

I knew he and his ex couldn't stand one another, but the bitch did not even have the decency to tell him his son had been murdered. It was a month before he returned to work and the subject was never brought up.

May 3 @ 10:20AM  
I don't run into my ex as he lives in another state. This ex was an ex twice...I'm a slow learner...

Anyway, a couple of summers ago he and his wife showed up unannounced to see our daughter for her birthday. I can't say Larry and I are on good or bad terms...we get along for our daughters sake...nothing more.

But I wanted to see him...or more to the point, I wanted him AND his fat wife to see ME. I had lost a lot of weight and I wanted to rub their noses in it. (I'm so bad!)

Anyway....when I saw him I nearly went into shock! He use to be a good looking man but what stood before me was fat and seedy...he looked like he'd just stepped out of an ad for hillbilly moonshine.

He had on a pair of ratty olive-drab sweatpants, a t-shirt with the sleeves ripped out and red suspenders!! He doesn't wear his dentures so he was toothless and he looked unkept and scruffy.

I was never so glad he was someone else's husband and not mine anymore. He has for the most part deserted his girls....never contacts them and left the raising and supporting of them to me alone...and my late husband.

What pisses me off is...I live on a shoestring yet I have, over the years helped my youngest financially even when it strapped me. The one time she asked him for help he did send her money but informed her it would be the last time and whined about "they weren't made of money"....I damn well know better than that!!

He is worthless as a Dad. And here is something that warms my heart. My youngest has tattoos and after Wayne died she had his name in a heart tattooed on her forearm and she wanted her dad to see it. BOTH my girls consider my late husband their dad and it tickles me she wanted her real dad to know it. (although I'm not crazy about all her tattoos.... )

May 3 @ 10:41AM  
Does it count that I talk to my ex almost daily? Probably not since we have kids we share.

I only have 1 person I dated that I'd never talk to if I saw him, but it was a bad relationship. When I've seen an ex I usually say hi and ask how thier doing.

No skin off my back. But it can be awkward.

May 3 @ 1:28PM  
In the words of an old Country song..."All my ex's live in Texas..., Therefore, I reside in Ten-O-See"

May 4 @ 3:54AM  
I was in walmart, and this very....attractive? Well, ok, hot as heck black haired Young lady, I'd guess about 25 or so, came up and commented on my hat, and we were talkin about horses, and I saw my ex, from 5 years ago, walk over to the milk cooler and start to go for a jug, and I cringed, because she was one of the older women I'd dated that liked to beat the shit out of me when her pot ran out and I wouldn't buy her more...and this girl noticed, and asked what was wrong, I told her, she turned around and looked, turned back around, walked over to my side, put her arm around my waist, grabbed my ass, put her other hand behind my head, and pulled me down into one of the greatest kisses I've ever had....right as the ex turned around, kinda froze, and quickly walked off in the other direction, staring at the floor. I just stood there turning red afterwards, as the girl giggled and just about hurt herself bustin out in a full laugh as she walked to the checkouts....I've never seen that Girl since...but she saved me that day.

May 6 @ 7:33AM  
Yeah i see most of my ex's almost daily..most of them work right by where I live...I only had one bad one & he last I knew was in nope sorry straddle can't say that ever happened. Tease.

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Ever run into an ex after a few years?