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Would you want to Join????

posted 5/1/2008 11:25:10 AM |
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tagged: survey, mama

I want to do a survey here!!!!
I was just thinking here...
I know bad on my part..
How many of you would join a swingers club…
That would have lots of different rooms for different tastes..
Rooms for open swap..
Rooms that are all woman for either men or woman to join in…
Rooms that are all guys same thing for either men or woman can join in..
Rooms for couples to play with couples…
Oh I know how about a room that would bring both a little bondage and swingers
Together.. I mean wouldn’t that be just a wonderful room..
You could really get your pleasure in both..
Have a man or woman tied up. And everyone taking turns..
Damn I think it would be fun…

I don't know if there is places like these.. I live on Ohio so nothing really here..

So what do you all think would this be fun to you??

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May 1 @ 11:33AM  
Ooh...I have a friend who is a big time swinger she goes to indiana once a month....anything goes & i do mean anything..( at least that's what she tells me)...I would love to go into the bondage room...where they strap you in the middle of the room with chains on ankles and wrists & a ball gag in your mouth...then people walk through & do whatever they want to you...I mean you let the mod. in charge of the room know how far you are willing to go...but after that it's no holds barred teasing me...Ooh excellent blog mama.

May 1 @ 11:45AM  
Where do I sign up..........??????

A few of those in Atlanta, Ga.

May 1 @ 12:09PM  
How about all of the above, sign me up

May 1 @ 12:12PM  
How many of you would join a swingers club…

I've been thinking about it. Would love to check it out anyway! Believe it or not, I'm kind of shy, so the voyeur in me would be in HEAVEN!!!

May 1 @ 12:28PM  
We have them around here. One, the Cherry Pit, had been run out of a private home and has been covered on CNN as the city is fighting them. Most here are couples only and I never knew any women that were THAT liberated when they were sober, not enough to plan anything anyway.

There is/was a club in Dallas called Spankees. Anything went in there. I went there once about ten years ago. You did not have to be a couple to be admitted. Just pay the $20.00 cover. All of the good looking women were with each other and that was fun to watch. But the vast majority that weren't into other girls were morbidly obese (not my type).

It had unisex bathrooms. I remember having to take a dump and all of the stalls were occupied by couples engaging in encounters. I wound up having to go outside. I went behind a dumpster and there was some plumper giving a guy a blow job. I apologized, the pulled down my pants and proceeded to take my crap. I did have the foresight to get some paper towels from the restroom to wipe with.

May 1 @ 12:28PM  
Believe it or not, I'm kind of shy, so the voyeur in me would be in HEAVEN!!!
You are shy? well, i hope we can all have our fantasies fulfilled chuckle...but if

you had to pick what kind of room would you go to? being naughty now, don't have to

answer that if you don"t want to chuckle.

May 1 @ 12:32PM  
Oh sorry...OPEN SWAP, BABY!!!

May 1 @ 12:38PM  
WOW.. that is just to funny....
Hmmm nomi shy got to think on that one... LOL you don't seem shy to me.....
we all have our fantasies I see

May 1 @ 12:40PM  
Mama, I said believe it or not!

May 1 @ 1:13PM  
If you find any in ohio , let ME know..Hell I'm in cleveland and the underground just aint what it used to be..

May 1 @ 2:22PM  
I wish I could find the source, but I actually read somewhere that Ohio is one of the biggest swinger states. I visit one in Nashville every few months, just to hang out, lol. It's fun and it's interesting. You'll definitely run into all sorts there. They have two that I know of and a three story home somewhere that throws them once or twice a month.

May 1 @ 2:35PM  
I'm here in Oh-io. I hear about the swinger scene all the time. I'm not into it, but I hear about it. Cleveland is big into the swinger thing. Just google it.

And mama, I'll tie you up if you let me dip strawberries into the chocolate syrup that squirt on your breasts. Mmmmm. Just thinking about it puts me in the mood for muff pie with whip cream and a cherry on top.

As far as the survey - no. I don't like to share, but that's just me. It doesn't make me a jealous person just monogamous.

May 1 @ 2:56PM  
Mama pops in says Hello Gina....
Yes there is but all really underground.. they do have things to go to..I hear it is not like it use to be..

Hmmm purple sorry I will pass today on that...

May 1 @ 3:19PM  
Most of these clubs have a rule that in order to join every guy must have a girl...otherwise it would just be a sausage fest.

So I can't join...

May 1 @ 3:34PM  
hey, if there any in the st louis area, let me know...i'd be interested (but not the anal room!)

May 1 @ 3:43PM  
<-------been to one several years ago...went with a couple and wouldn't ya know it....they said it was a slow night so I didn't get to see much but it was fun watchin' what was goin' on. The owner got on the dance floor, dropped his draws and leaned back against a post and and women....lined up to I can't say cause I'm still under my gotta be good use ur imagination. There wasn't anything goin' on in the rooms that allowed people to view....sort of a dud of a night.

I think I would rather observe than participate...I like privacy doin' my own thingy.

May 1 @ 4:07PM  
Most of these clubs have a rule that in order to join every guy must have a girl...otherwise it would just be a sausage fest.

So I can't join...

Same here, never heard of any around here though. Depends on the cost

May 1 @ 4:24PM  
Can we do sleep overs too???

May 1 @ 4:39PM  
Ohio does have one...IThe Princeton Club in Columbus, Ohio

May 1 @ 5:07PM  
I'd never do that ... especially getting tied up and having anyone do what they want to you? NO WAY ... my luck would be some snaggletoothed drunk bastard or whacked out psycho bytch would come in and start humping my leg .... LOL

- I'd be too chicken for that stuff ... but I would love to find a female that is half as talented as me in giving oral to another woman ... yea - I'm that good!

May 1 @ 6:42PM  
The swingers place in Nashville doesn't have that rule that a guy must be with a girl or vice versa. All singles are welcome. In fact, the ratio of men to women definitely twice as many. The only rules are courtesy and no means no. There's one guy that's hilarious there. Reminds me of Barney Fife. Eternally grinning. Never asks for anything except... to massage a woman's feet. Plenty of women say yes, sure. lol

May 1 @ 6:43PM  
Oh! and Hello Mama :)

May 1 @ 7:22PM  
The best way to get into a swinger's club is to start one yourself with a few likeminded individuals.

May 1 @ 7:51PM  
Nah, I don't share!

May 1 @ 8:12PM  
i have a swingset in the back guess i will.......start my own swingers club

May 2 @ 4:53AM  
I've been to some S/M play parties, but never a swingers' club. I'm going to one for the first time tonight! Wish me luck!!!

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