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Should there be Christian license plates for cars?

posted 5/1/2008 12:57:29 AM |
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I read this a few days back. Florida is proposing a new special license plate that is aimed at Christians. Seems like there is a high demand for these plates to be sold down there. Do you think there should or shouldn't be plates like these for peoples cars if they wanted to show them off?

This is Florida, and who knows, it may spread to other states.

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May 1 @ 1:11AM  
I think if they're going to offer plates like that ...they should offer plates for all faiths...christian, jewish, muslim, pagan...etc...

Some how I don't see that happening...

May 1 @ 1:22AM  
they should offer plates for all faiths...christian, jewish, muslim, pagan...etc...

What if there isn't a high demand for special plates for all faiths other than Christianity?

May 1 @ 2:54AM  
it has nothing to do with "demand."
it associates the state with a particular religion,
or with several religions.
it is therefore an "establishment"
that violates the First Amendment .......
we talk a lot about the First Amendment's free speech provision,
but guess where the First Amendment actually begins:
" "First Amendment

" Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."

How do we get from Congress to state legislatures? I forget
but the Supreme Court settled that issue very early.

May 1 @ 2:55AM  
A Christian car? Yes, if there's a market. A Christian bumper sticker? There's already millions. The license plate is the one part of the car that is issued by the Government- separation of Church and State forbids it.

I think that if you've got a car covered in Christian bumper stickers, with prayer beads on the rearview mirror, God isn't going to be too upset if the license plate isn't Christian.

Of course, there is a loophole. You can buy a vanity plate that says stuff like "JOHN16" or "RVLATNS"

May 1 @ 5:45AM  
they haven't long introduced a new thing with Tasmanian plates over here in Australia,
its called ; anything you want,on a plate.
you can design your own plate with what-ever you want on it as long as it has 6 digits,and must be a combination of letters and numbers.
our standard plates run two letters and four numbers .

will florida Hari Crishna plates come with a free flower as a gesture of good will ?

May 1 @ 7:52AM  
our standard plates run two letters and four numbers

Texas us three and three for private vehicle, two and four for government.

May 1 @ 8:12AM  
I don't agree with it. I don't push my religion on others. So I wouldn't get the plate.
You have window stickers for stuff like that!!

What I do agree with is special license plates for sexual predators and child molestors. Easy to spot!

May 1 @ 8:18AM  
Aside from the First Amendment (which has already said they can't favor one faith over another)...who says there isn't a big demand for other faiths? ummm...I lived in Florida for a total of 10 years...and there are plenty of other faiths...who are proud to show it off.

May 1 @ 9:10AM  
Well I can see that happening in Florida...didn't I read somewhere that Florida is "God's waiting room"??? Arizona could follow suit....both are the land of the tired and retired.....

May 1 @ 9:22AM  
Don't these people have anything better to do with their time than worry about a license plate? They need to worry about jobs, economy, health insurance rather than worry about a license plate. I myself have one of those "In God We Trust" license plates. I guess it's cuz they wanna take God out of everything. My rebellious nature.

May 1 @ 10:05AM  

Does anyone other than myself see the paradoxial humor in this?......

Incarcerated Criminals, being forced to make Christian License Plates.....

I think the ACLU could have a field day with this one.....


May 1 @ 10:24AM  
People are going to practic their religion whether it's legal or nor so we might as well let them have the plates. At least we'll know who they are.

May 1 @ 10:29AM  
Something twisted about a nation that thinks a license plate with 'godlvsu' is offensive but 'assman' is fine.

May 1 @ 10:50AM  
Are you talking about personalized plates? I'm confused...I know, what's new?!?

I see those little fishes all the time - the ones that say "JESUS" or "WWJD" in the middle. Doesn't bother me a bit. In fact, the car we drive around here has one...

May 1 @ 11:13AM  
I think that when we begin to say to ourselves "its ok to say it, unless you say it this way" we are dangerously close to censorship of some kind.

I mean we have to remember that the person who has the plate paid for it, and in most states pay a premium to have the plate customized, so why is it ok for us to say one kind of custom plate is ok but another is not when both groups would have to pay the same price for the plates?

The amendment that covers the establishment of religion does not guarantee freedom from exposure to religion, just that there shall be no established church. Like "the Church of America".

There are other clauses that govern this issue as well, such as: The Equal Protection Clause and Freedom of Speech.

Lets just remember that censorship is a slippery slope.

May 1 @ 2:35PM  
Every other car in this state has religious plates on the front of them. It's just a way for the state to profit off religion. Truthfully though, I don't see them going over big. True Christians are always tithing charitably and many live frugally.

May 1 @ 4:41PM  
"It's not a road I want to go down. I don't want to see the Star of David next. I don't want to see a Torah next. None of that stuff is appropriate to me," said ... a Democrat who voted against the plate in committee. "I just believe that.” ..... [Another legslator], the plate's sponsor, isn't sure all groups should be able to express their preference. If atheists came up with an "I Don't Believe" plate, for example, he would probably oppose it.

• Florida considers Christian license plate,, 5.1.08

It all depends on whose beliefs you don’t like. These schemes are invariably promoted by belligerent evangelicals, far-right types with a political axe to grind and New Age personalists who firmly believe that People Have a Right to Do Anything They Want So Long as it Doesn’t Really Hurt Someone Else.

The Pilgrims and the Founding Fathers understood this clearly. Tha’s why the establishment clause is there. And I find it interesting to see what appears to be a popular idea .... a whole new school of political theory: Constitutional narcissism ... the idea that the Constitution doesn’t matter... what matters is whether it “bothers” us or not. Propounded in this case by another one of those people who is “not political.”

In sum, we’ve heard all this before from all those who want to plaster government buildings and programs with religious symbolism and religious artifacts. If they would just go about practising their religions instead of promoting superficial religious symbolism this country would be a much better place.

May 1 @ 6:14PM  
I, personally, have no problem with the state offering license plates that have religious I said as long as any person can get one of any faith. To only offer plates to people of one faith...imo...would be unconstitutional.

May 1 @ 7:17PM  
There's skyrocketing gas prices, food prices, foreclosures and so on...and the legislatures in Florida have time to propose a new special license plate aimed at Christians?

IMHO....that's what vanity plates are for.

May 1 @ 8:04PM  
Damn, where's all that open mindness and tollerence from some of you liberals that preach this to others, mainly to us conservatives?

If people want this for their cars I feel like it's their right, as long as there is a strong demand for it.

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Should there be Christian license plates for cars?