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Faking it.....

posted 5/1/2008 12:19:55 AM |
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Can you tell if your partner is faking an orgasm? Guys do you actually ever fake it? I know women do. I would think we could get away with it a little more.

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May 1 @ 12:24AM  
I have never faked it. As for having a woman fake it on me, I don't think that has ever happened either.

May 1 @ 12:26AM  
My ex was so bad sexually, I tried everything to get her to open up. In the end I ended up faking an orgasm just to get it over with. So I guess I can understand a woman doing it if she has the same problems with him not doing anything for her. So if you have to fake it get out of it and enjoy sex.

May 1 @ 12:27AM  
I get quiet.

May 1 @ 1:01AM  
i became so good at faking...i could convince anyone....i have demonstrated on the phone...

the thing is...if i am really with someone, and i cum...believe me, they will KNOW!

May 1 @ 5:26AM  
some dude once said; built it and they will cum. (or words to that effect )

I'm still trying to figure out what it is I have to build.

May 1 @ 5:58AM  
Ive faked, but I don't make a habit of it.

May 1 @ 6:19AM  
I am afraid I did.
And I had to take care of myself later on!!!
I just couldn't come and didn't want to tell her.

May 1 @ 7:21AM  
I have never faked it, as for a girl faking it with me, I dont think so it she was I couldn't tell

May 1 @ 7:39AM  
I've faked it from time to time...It's easy as long as you're wearing protection, gives easy "visual proof" As far as a woman faking it, I'd be niaive to think one or two haven' least twice that I'm sure of.

May 1 @ 8:14AM  
I wouldn't know if a guy was faking it. I've only had one boyfriend where I could actually feel him cum inside me. I loved being able to feel him shoot inside me, but haven't found anyone else yet to do that!

May 1 @ 8:32AM  
You can't feel his stuff dribbling out of you? I would think that most women would be able to tell if he's faked one, unless he's wearing a condom of course. And sometimes I forget about the fact that many actually use them for birth control, and for STD's. (I've always been monogamous and she was too. And I can't have kids, so there's no worries there.)

Anyway, faking is nothing more than lying by deed. Why would you fake it? Are you concerned about your partners self-esteem? If you and your partner are in-tune with each other mentally and emotionally, then that really shouldn't be that big of a deal. Actually, in that situation, having orgasms with each other should be a little easier than if they were someone you hadn't built trust with.

Just $.02

May 1 @ 8:59AM  
I've pulled a Meg Ryan in the past ... but it was all for fun in the bedroom and of course he "knew" I didn't really cum, but it certainly made it for a quickie! Also, as for "faking" - I don't see "how" a man could "fake" an ejaculation ... you can "feel" it when they cum ... not to mention the mess!! I'd never even had an orgasm from intercourse until I met my husband, let alone see how "much" stuff actually comes out ... we're talking tablespoons here - and yes - it's messy & sticky ... I could do without all of that part!

- but no, I don't see "how" a man could fake it ... my -ex was the "typical" 2-minute wonder ... and I still wonder why I stayed with him for 4yrs ... bad sex, no conversation, no stamina whatsoever!

But I'm much happier and very content now!

May 1 @ 9:13AM  
I have never faked, if they aren't doing things the way I like then I tell them!!!
But I am sure my ex used to fake, sometimes he would lose his erection a little/some times alot and it was like being poked with a mini wet slinky.
Then I would hear uhhhh ohhhh, and he would do the leg shake but I knew he was just too embarrassed to admit he had lost his erection.........maybe I was to blame, who knows!!

May 1 @ 9:42AM  
I have once. It wasn't a big production or anything. The chemistry just wasn't quite right. I had spent quite a bit of time doing the things she liked her and it wasn't being reciprocated. After a good while it became clear that she was only into receiving so I decided to end it early. Well, it was pretty late actually. As stated above, with protection it's easier so long as they don't go fishing through the trash later on!

It's nothing that I have made a habit of. It's just in that instance I would rather have ended the night as we did instead of saying, "Baby, you just aren't doing it for me. How about you head home and I'll finish things up". We did talk afterwards and I believe I delicately got my point across. There are ways to do so without making someone feel bad.

May 1 @ 10:02AM  
yes i was not a good situation and he didn't know what he was doing to be quite honest. I wanted to get it over real quick.

May 1 @ 10:05AM  
Mmmm...when he grabs your hair and pulls your head back so you both can watch him cum....damn, ain't no fakin' that! But I'd love to see him try!!!

May 1 @ 10:07AM  

That was being a BAD girl! You should have dominated him and MADE him do what you wanted him too .... men love that! I've got mine trained very well!

May 1 @ 10:22AM  
.....I wonder what could possibly have happened to make any woman think that a man would CARE if they were faking...???....

After all, you are doing it for HIS (or HER) pleasure, Right?.....(Ok, we will agree there are one or two that fake it for themselves)

Whether you "fake it", or not, you are still sharing an intimate time together... ..
And isn't that what it's all about, anyway?


May 1 @ 10:40AM  
I think the REAL question here is:

"Have you ever faked an orgasm when you were by yourself?"

C'mon ladies, answer that one honestly!!

May 1 @ 10:45AM  
"Have you ever faked an orgasm when you were by yourself?"
No, but I have passed out on myself a few times!

May 1 @ 11:06AM  
I've faked it with a woman or two who were dead lays, and I've had it faked on me when they thought I didn't know...

Here's a tip, ladies; don't fake while we're inside you, because the only guys who can't tell the difference are the ones who don't give a shit.

May 1 @ 11:13AM  
Here's a tip, ladies; don't fake while we're inside you, because the only guys who can't tell the difference are the ones who don't give a shit.
I gots to say, he's right! If women read up on the female physical response, they'd know that ;)

May 1 @ 11:41AM  
How can a guy fake it...... He either cums or doesn't. There IS proof there. But I will agree there are levels of enjoyment with different women. Depends on how involved she is with your togetherness.

Not always easy to tell if a woman is faking it. Some are real good at faking. But some things they can't fake. Bodily transformations at time of and right after orgasm. Neck arteries. Flushed facial color. Vaginal spasms. Spasmatic leg movements. Very tender, swollen and red clit.

Plus demeanor. Does she give you the idea that this session is over or is she wrapping herself around you not letting you go. Anxious for you to get that thing of yours hard again to go at it again. And helping you do it. I'd wager a guess she had a real orgasm and wants another......and another.......and another..................


May 1 @ 11:46AM  
I have never faked it. If the person is slacking on the job then I am going to move in to assist - verbally and physically. I am going to make DAMN sure I get mine.

May 1 @ 12:30PM  
Roxanna - you go girl! I like the "assist" portion ... I do that myself sometimes just for extra fun and yes, I love to use my toys with my husband as well ... it's all about the fun!! Besides, I'd never even owned a vibrator until my husband bought me one and yes, I was over 30yrs old when that happened!

May 1 @ 12:37PM  
yup I did once. and dont you luck I got caught too. Yup she was pissed Who would have thought.... I leave you with this KUDO

May 1 @ 12:42PM  
But I will agree there are levels of enjoyment with different women.

Not just different people - I find that no to sexual experiences are alike...

May 1 @ 12:44PM  
oops! No, TWO...not to. :)

May 1 @ 12:47PM  
I find that no to sexual experiences are alike...

be careful, you'll lose points for that

May 1 @ 2:05PM  
I don't know if all men can tell if a woman is faking it, There is just a missing 'quivering' feel to them when they fake it. Plus not too many of them are good actors. I think subliminally, they want to be caught.

And men can fake orgasms. Just do it doggie style. and when you want her to think you are having an orgasm, pull out and spit on her back.

May 1 @ 2:28PM  
And men can fake orgasms. Just do it doggie style. and when you want her to think you are having an orgasm, pull out and spit on her back.

You're naughty!!!

May 1 @ 2:38PM  
I've had to, the message being, "Hurry up and get it over with." Yep, it was that bad.

Jul 6 @ 12:19PM  
Yes, I have faked it. I can not talk for other men but for me ejaculation and orgasm are not the same thing. One is physical and one is a complete mind/body experience. I can also tell when the woman I am with is faking it. That always shuts me down. Exploring each other completely and being in tune with each other, finding the caress, the touch, the tease that excites beyond the minds ability to control the physical reaction is the ultimate. For me prolonging the experience, creating a pleasure beyond control, is the best.


Jul 26 @ 1:49AM  
I know I have commented already with an answer, but I will revise it. I have faked it over the phone once or twice, and that's about it.

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Faking it.....