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Should spanking be outlawed across the country?

posted 4/29/2008 11:15:56 AM |
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tagged: news, straddle

I just heard that the good 'ole liberal state of Mass. is now considering on passing a law to outlaw spanking kids under 18. I'm a big believer in if you spare the rod you spoil the child, and I don't feel like local, state, and the federal government should tell parents how to correct our kids. Yes, I do believe in spanking, and I don't consider it child abuse unless you put a mark on a child that will leave a nasty mark. Kids already know that they're gaining more and more rights and power as minors today (seems like nothing we can do as parents today to teach them right from wrong will help because all this outside interferrance), and a lot of them have attitudes because of that. Where do you stand on this issue?

This is a repost from last last year from another Straddle classic.

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Apr 29 @ 11:26AM  
There is a BIG difference between spanking and abuse....A swat on the behind re-enforces in the child's mind who is in charge....I don't believe in "bare-ass" spanking, or the use of paddles, or belts, etc...If a child does something wrong, you quickly take them by the shoulder, look sternly into their eyes, swat their behind, and say loudly NO!!! every time...public or private.

Apr 29 @ 11:42AM  
I will take jail time for my RIGHT to discipline my child. NO ONE, but NO ONE is going to tell me I can't discipline my child if I deem necessary...which is rare for it to be physical. Because of that, I will fight tooth and nail for this right! My daughter found that out...she fucked up, I whooped her ass, and she called the cops - with my permission - only to find out that the cops backed me up ... actually ended up taking about the ass-whoopings they got as kids, saying me smacking my daughter was nothing. Within the law, they said. Ha!

Apr 29 @ 12:33PM  
brings back memories of the good ol days.....remember my parents telling me to go outside and get a switch off a tree so they can whip my ass....just wasn't my ass that got tore up though was the back of my legs too....left welts....but, i did learn not to do what i did to get that whoopin....i also got the belt and paddled ....guess when i was around 16 or 17 things changed...i started laughing when i got a, at those times my dad would kick me out of the house and i had to sleep outside for the night...on the picnic table or in the back of my mom's car or suv...or right in front of the front door....the government has no rights in telling a parent on how to discipline their child or any child for that matter....i do believe a parent has every right to whoop that childs ass and not just a swat on the ass either....when i was 8 yrs old i got into my dad's shaving cream an ass whoopin you wouldn't believe....needless to say i never touched his shaving cream again....

Apr 29 @ 12:40PM  
There is definitley a huge difference between spanking and abuse. It's the humiliation that is effective in disciplining a child, the sting is just an enforcer.

Thousands of years of spankings says it's effective.

A few liberals, and the good ol' ACLU, and now doing something that will enhance and nourish a child's character and behavior is illegal.

They have laws against everything but being fucking stupid.

Apr 29 @ 12:53PM  
Inflicting injury on a child is wrong. Giving a sexy lady a red ass, however is one of the most arousing things there is! LOL

Apr 29 @ 1:11PM  
Thousands of years of spankings says it's effective.
In my case, it took 3 good spankings for me to really learn. Been a good girl ever since!

Well, except that one time at the beach. Oh, and that time in the tow-truck. LOL And that time in the bathroom... Okay, go ahead...


Apr 29 @ 1:13PM  
I had an incident with my son...we were leaving a shopping store & he was kicking & screaming because he wasn't getting his way, i kept going to the vehicle & when we got there I picked him up out of the cart & spanked his butt one time...out of no where this man yells at me "don't you touch that child again you s****d b***h or I'll call the cops!" well needless to say my famous scottish temper reared it's ugly head & i said some things back to him...2 hours later the police & child protection were at my make a long story short, they asked him if he was hurt & he said no & then they told me that I didn't do anything wrong they watched the video tape from the store & that I can "legally" spank my child on the butt it just can't leave a red mark for an extended period of time...So oh heck yes I am a firm believer in better believe I would go to court over that if it ever happened again...Good blog straddle. Tease. :>)

Apr 29 @ 1:26PM  
Sue Bradford, a member of The Greens here in NZ and a total waste of space in my opinion, successfully passed the Anti Smacking Bill. It's ridiculous, because parents are so unsure now of where the line is and whatwillbe considered child abuse.
IMO, child abuse is already illegal to begin with, sono law is going to prevent a child from being abused...

Apr 29 @ 1:34PM  
Which one of you kids are being bad!? If you're a boy, you can go to your room. If you're a girl, then boy! get out the room and spank your sister! You see, if anyone gets in trouble, it'll be the boy...but he's in trouble anyways, ain't he?

Apr 29 @ 1:37PM  
Given a choice when I was a kid, I preferred spanking over being grounded and losing privileges. I have to admit though, I'm not a fan of it today when it comes to my own kids. Spanking works for the younger ones but not the preteens and older. Beatings work for no age groups. If I do see someone going beyond the spanking... slapping, punching, shaking, etc, I step in at my own risk.

Apr 29 @ 2:06PM  
Spanking works for the younger ones but not the preteens and older.
I'd like to modify this a tad...It can be quite effective if not a frequent thing. My daughter was raise with next to no physical discipline...when I did whoop her at the age of 13, she did learn a lesson and has not overstepped those boundaries again. And I doubt she ever will.

It is a sociological fact that sure and swift punishment is the #1 deterrent to crime; I will extend that to say any unwanted behavior. I can and will act swiftly, whether physical or non-physical discipline. I'm a bitchy mom...yet, my kids are fairly close to me and each other (preacher aside); what's more, their friends all see me as a mom (except those who want to fuck me! LOL) - it just goes to show, kids won't grow up to hate a parent who lays down the law.

Apr 29 @ 2:09PM  
i never needed a spanking
but all the kids nowadays do
if only kids could be perfect like me

Apr 29 @ 2:27PM  
I can remember growing up...only getting spanked a few times....I mean a REAL spanking...not just a little "hurt my feelings" swat by mom. bruises..just stung pride..(well...stinging on the posterior also )...but...I didn't repeat the mistake. The mistake you ask? Being 10 yrs old and not coming home before it got dark was well past dad had been out in the car looking for me. Needless to say..I scared the hell out of my parents that day.

One other time..I was 12 yrs old..and got a little cocky and said "Fuck you bitch" to my mother...and yup...she knocked my smart ass down a few notches....even today at 42 yrs old..I will NOT swear in front of my mother.

And geez....getting a couple/few ass whoopings throughout my life has not made me a violent criminal, turn me into a hardcore drug addict, or get myself into abusive relationships cause I think that's "the way love is" the so called television shrinks want us all to believe. my, spanking should not be outlawed. Any reasonable person knows the difference between a spanking and abuse.

Apr 29 @ 2:36PM  
Should men be allowed to punish theyre wives as such? Perhaps we should only be allowed to spank kids with with rods no thicker than our thumbs...

People, hitting is hitting. What do you teach a child when you hit it?


Apr 29 @ 2:43PM  
I agree Beefy

Spanking doesnt teach them anything at all,except it's ok for adults to hit children because the adults can't find the right words to explain it so that the children can understand. To me, that means the adults are the ones who need a smack because they are the adults and should have enough intelligence to be able to find a way to explain it without hitting

my opinion

Apr 29 @ 3:07PM  
Hmmm let me see how to put this.. I grew up with spankings.. I always said I would never do that to my kids.. Well in reality it never did work out that way.. Yes some parents do it just to hit a child.. I try not to spank my kids well 2 are to big to now..LOL.. But my youngest I try not to know.

There are times when a child just doesn't listen and you talk to your blue in the face or they just are trying to push to see how far you will go..
Like years ago when my 15 year old was 5 he thought it was fun to run in parking lots .. well after us telling him I don't know how many times to stop it.. I had enough of it and just one tap he stopped.. So sometimes a spanking is not a bad thing.. I am one though would rather not spank them unless I really have too..

I'm with Nomi on this too I will take jail time over not having to spank my children...

Apr 29 @ 3:20PM  
Reason #398456386431841 not to have children in this day and age.I know most here are pro-government and whatnot,but don't you think there should be a line to how much they can interfere in your personal life? I figure its not up to some stuffy suits in D.C to tell me what to do and what not to do regarding how to raise a child.Today,my mom would be in lock-up for some of the stuff she did which was pretty mild by standards 15-20 years ago.I can't say it worked all the time,but outside factors formed the person I am today,not whether my mom took a switch or belt to my behind.

Apr 29 @ 3:22PM  
Are you kidding?? I love to be spanked!!!

Apr 29 @ 4:40PM  
Oh and look how well adjusted you turned out luna...

People, they used to say that "well we have punished our wives like this for thousands of years" and "sometimes they just won't listen, so you have to hit them". Now we as a society have said "no hitting women". We pretend like that was always the law, but in truth...well they call it the rule of thumb for a reason.

There is a school for the mentaly handicapped that uses electro shock punishment whenever the kids get out of line. They have wires attached sticky pad to different places on the kids...they claim its becouse these students won't listen otherwise. They say "well spanking them would be illegal". How far from the logic these people use are you? So your version isn't as high tech...its still hurting someone to "teach them a lesson"...and no I didn't make that up. If you don't believe me read this .

You only think its more barberic becouse its a higher tech form, and they only believe its better or even legal becouse its higher tech. Its nothing but high tech spanking. A story like this works like a good science fiction novel, it phrases a familuer arguement in an unfamiluer context thereby forcing you to examine the question. It makes you actualy think.


Apr 29 @ 5:00PM  
staff lack training to handle the students

the adults can't find the right words to explain it

Parenting doesn't come with a hand out or a instruction booklet (Well I think it does but the damn Dr's throw it out with the afterbirth) so why wouldn't we read about how to effectively discipline kids?

students live in an atmosphere of ``pervasive fears and anxieties."

Ever noticed a child that gets hit maybe once too often? That they "lurch away" from the parent when the parents raises their hand? If even half the people on this blog were honest they'd admit their kids did do that after they were spanked

Good article Beef

Apr 29 @ 5:33PM  
Violence is the PERFECT way to teach kids right from wrong- that way, they'll know that when something happens that they don't like, all they have to do is hit somebody. War, terrorism, postal shootings, all the violence in our society stems from a fundamental belief that violence is the answer- and where do you think kids learn it? From home.

That being said, the government doesn't have the right to outlaw spanking. Not because parents inherently have the moral right to hit their kids (ignorance is NEVER an excuse), but because this is not the direction we need to be going in. They get control over one aspect of how we raise our kids, they will soon get more. What comes next? Already many harmless stuff I enjoyed as a kid (and I'm pretty young!) is being outlawed. For every idiot parent that needs to be controlled, there are 10 perfectly good parents out there that shouldn't have to submit to regulation as a result.

Plus, spanking is going away on its own. With each generation, fewer and fewer people do it.

Apr 29 @ 5:48PM  
If even half the people on this blog were honest they'd admit their kids did do that after they were spanked

Two of mine are members here - ADULT members with children of their own. I will have them come on and let them tell you for themselves whether or not

A) they fear me or respect me
B) how often it happened
C) how the feel about me now
D) how they feel about it as parents themselves

Check back later when they get home from work.

Apr 29 @ 5:55PM  
Most people post once or twice..


Apr 29 @ 6:03PM  
Some very good points raised here.

But..all in is the parents responsibility to raise their children to be law abiding and respectful adults. The government should NOT be putting their nose into it. There are abuse laws on the books already. I do not agree with the use of belts, whips, leather straps, willow sticks, etc, for spanking...when I talk about spanking I mean that tap on the hand or ass. And let me tell you this for example..if I had a 2yr old running around playing..and I had the burner on on the stove and that 2yr old ran up to put his/her hand on that damn betcha I'm not going to waste time saying "no..that will hurt you"..I'm going to slap that hand away THEN explain why he/she cannot be doing that.


Apr 29 @ 6:08PM  
But..all in is the parents responsibility to raise their children to be law abiding and respectful adults. The government should NOT be putting their nose into it. There are abuse laws on the books already.

Totally agree with this statement!

Apr 29 @ 6:13PM  
Most people post once or twice..
I think that as long as we're trying to contribute to the topic at hand, it doesn't matter how many comments we post. In fact, multiple comments indicates a good discussion - which I think this is.

Anyway, I wonder how many other adults kids have parents on the site who could speak to their experiences with being disciplined. Anyone???

Apr 29 @ 6:17PM  
hmmm ..something about a child and parent both being on the same sex site..

but whatever

Apr 29 @ 6:23PM  
something about a child and parent both being on the same sex site

Hey babe, play nice now. I don't want this discusion to get too personal with anyone in this blog.

Apr 29 @ 6:28PM  
Ok Straddle..just for you

Apr 29 @ 6:46PM  
I think there is a huge difference between spanking your child for disciplinary purposes and beating them. I do not believe that it makes them more violent if they are spanked. As I said it's all in the means of the punishment. My father only spanked me twice in my life. The first time I was too young to remember, the second I'll never be old enough to forget. Mama had to spank me nearly every day as a young wild child. But did this make me an abuser toward my own child? No. I can count on less than one hand the times that I've actually swatted his butt. I never used anything but my bare hand and it was usually only one or two quick little swats on his buttocks. I could usually just look at him and very quietly tell him "don't make me beat you in front of God and all these people" and that did it. He knew that he had crossed the line and it was time to straighten up and behave. I believe that government while it has a duty to protect children from abuse, can also overstep their bounds when interferring in the discipline of a child. Just my .02

Apr 29 @ 7:38PM  
If your only giving him little swats, how is it more effective than a long lecture, and time alone without television?

The infliction of pain shouldn't be a parenting option as far as I'm concerned. Atleast not anymore than it should be an option for use on a none consenting spouse. You wouldn't grab your wife and turn her over your lap for cussing at you or your husband for forgetting to do the taxes. How is this realy any different?

I believe kids would turn out better if we started treating them like little adults at an earlier age.

Apr 29 @ 7:45PM  
beefy, hon...I've been a parent as long as you've been alive. Again, when my kids are home from work, I will let them address your issues with this. I can say all I want about what I think how my discipline affected them, but if you heard it from them it would be, essentially, irrefutable.

Apr 29 @ 10:30PM  
well I sat here and read all the comments.. alot of god points and bad points have been added here..
For ones that never had kids you don't know what it is like till you have your own..
My oldest is 18 and he is my best child never does anything wrong.. Yeah strange in these days and times..
And also I am on a sex site with him.. I brought him over to one I am on that I thought was more for him.. Nothing wrong with it.. He is 18.. He needs his fun too..
Being a parent is the hardest job you will ever have.. Sometimes there are times when taking things away... Time outs.. Or grounding a kid just doesn't work.. Kids to retaliate and make things worse for themselves.. So yeah in the end a swat on the behind does work...


Apr 29 @ 10:41PM  
OMG! The world is going to hell! Don't they see how these little mongruls act now a days and thats with slight ass whoopings! These little fuckers are bad as hell and its all cuz states try to step in and tell you can't spank them, but boy let that little fucker get into trouble they will be at your door talking about how you are responsible for the bastard and you have to pay or find the fucker an attorney... How the hell does that work!

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Should spanking be outlawed across the country?