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Story-The Rescue

posted 4/28/2008 1:05:22 PM |
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Story-The Rescue (part 1)

I was sitting at work when I received a text message from Trixie. I had to laugh at the name. Trixie was the "alter ego" of my friend Tracey...whenever she wanted to be really naughty; she would always blame her actions on the "Trixie" personality for making her do it. Trixie had made her play with her pussy in a restaurant with her silver bullet toy...Trixie had come up with the idea to fuck in a resort hotel lobby at midnight as she sat on my lap with her skirt bunched around us to hide her riding my cock...and Trixie had just brought a naughty female playmate into our bed for an unforgettable 3some....

Tracey was the responsible girlfriend, mother and PTA woman. Trixie was my naughty fuck slut. The lines sort of blurred when Tracey pulled out her sex toys and played with herself as I listened on the phone...but I loved her being naughty.

Well, anyway, I clicked on Read on my phone and the text message from Trixie read "Check your email, you have a surprise." I had learned that if I had a phone that accepted pictures, Tracey/Trixie would send me very naughty pics during the day, so I had to change phones so she couldn't tease me all day long.

I logged onto my email account and there was a message from Tracey....the subject line read “A gift from Trixie"

I opened the message and just starred in amazement.

Tracey as naked, standing on a wooden box, and bound...tied up...she was bent over from the ropes, forcing her ass to stick out, and it appeared that her hands were behind her back and then also chained to the ceiling.

She looked almost like a mummy in all the ropes, and she had a ball gag in her mouth, to keep her quiet.

The next picture showed the little girl from our 3some standing naked next to Tracey, holding a sign that read "She's my slut want her back, then you have to find her..."

The third picture showed Tracey's ass and the other woman pushing in an anal plug into Tracey's butt....the last picture showed the plug all the way in, and it had a "horse tail" on it, so it gave Tracey a "tail" and then written on Tracey's ass in magic marker the words "HELP ME!"

My phone rang and I saw that it was Tracey's number, so I answered it and said "You've been busy...”

The voice on the other end of the phone wasn't Tracey' was the other girl "This is Mistress Jade....Trixie has been a bad girl...a naughty fact, she's my slut now.....and if you want her back, you will have to find her first and then negotiate with me her return to you...."

"I have to do what?"

"Do you want her back? Then you have to be the hero and rescue her! Go out to your car, check inside the arm rest, and you will find your first clue. Follow the directions and drive to the spot indicated, there you will be contacted and find your next hint as to where Trixie is being held as my sex slave..." and she hung up...

I went out to my car and looked in the armrest and found a folded Manila envelope. I opened it and found inside a pair of Tracey's panties...actually my favorite pair of her panties...and her silver bullet.....she never ever leaves home without her silver bullet....and a card with an address on it....I had no choice so I got out my map book, found the street and started to drive....

I rushed through traffic, trying to get to the address on the card. It appeared that it was going to be a retail area and I looked for the address. I found it. It was a sex toy/lingerie shop that Tracey had taken me to a few weeks ago. I had picked out a very trashy outfit for her to wear under her skirt to dinner that night and then ended up pulling over on the side of the road on the way home and fucking her hard in the back seat of the car.

I parked and looked around and then figured I should walk into the store. I walked in, looking around and noticed the same sales girl was working from my last visit. Tracey and she had flirted terribly that day, and I thought she might be the one that Trixie wanted to bring home with us. She smiled at me and asked if there was anything she could help me with. I told her I was just looking.

The store phone rang, and the sales girl answered it. I was looking around the store for a clue when I heard the sales girl say "Phone call for Sport....Sport have a phone call..."

I turned toward the sales girl and then looked around...her and I were the only people in the store...and she had used my stupid email I went over to the counter and the girl handed me the phone....


"I see you have found the toy go over to the toy wall and find your next clue....for a hint, what is Tracey's favorite thing to do with you?"

"She loves it when I fuck her in the ass..."

"Then I suggest you start looking for your next clue in the anal toy section..." and then Jade hung up.

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Apr 28 @ 1:06PM  
I went over to the anal section and saw all types of butt plugs, anal beads, ticklers, lubes, name it, and they had it. It was overwhelming as I looked and moved around items on the shelves and peg hooks, looking for my next clue.

I was getting frustrated until I took a step back and looked at the wall again. And then my eyes zoomed in on a pack of anal beads. There on the hang tag, the cardboard topper, was Tracey's picture, she was wearing her sexy black bustier and stockings, her legs spread, and she was fucking herself with her rabbit toy...I pulled the beads off the shelf and looked the package over, and there on the backside of the cardboard label was the note:

"Trixie wants you to buy these for her and once you'd rescued her, you can put these in her ass as a reward...and don't forget the lube!"

"Don't forget the lube?"

I then looked over to the shelf and saw Tracey's favorite lube, and around one bottle was a rubber band and what appeared to be a note. I grabbed the bottle and turned it around and found a note that said "Buy the beads and the lube"

I went to the register and placed my purchases on the counter. The sales girl smiled at me and rung me up. I paid for them and she handed me my change.

No extra clues. I asked the sales girl if she had anything for me and she just stood there and smiled. I was at a loss. I looked down at my hand, holding my change and then I noticed written on the dollar bill, across Washington's face were the words "ask to see her panties"

I looked up at the sales girl and noticed she was wearing a naughty plaid school girl skirt and I took a deep breath and then asked "Could I see your underwear?" Figuring I would get my face slapped, but instead the girl just smiled at me....

The sales girl lifted her skirt to show me the front of her panties. She was wearing a nice sexy pair of white satin undies and I could see written on them in black marker the word "LICK" and a downward arrow pointing to her pussy. I looked up at the sales girl and she smiled at me and said "My names Gina, you should know my name, especially if you are about to eat my pussy."

Gina then walked out from behind the counter, went and locked the front door and she took my hand and led me to the back room, we went into a little office and there was actually a worn leather couch in the office.

Gina sat down on the couch, laid back and lifted her skirt and said "For your next clue, you have to work...Suck on my pussy and make me cum and I'll give you your next clue."

I knelt down and noticed that Gina had a little wet spot on her panties from where her nectar had leaked from anticipation....I lowered my face to just inches in front of her mound....looking at her body encased in the material, seeing her puffy lips straining against the material, aching to be touched and played with. I breathed deeply, breathing in deeply her kitten musk....

I then started to kiss her panty budge, planting little kisses up and down her slit, rubbing my face against the satin feel of her panties, making the wet spot even bigger, using Gina's very own underwear as part of the tease/seduction...

I used her panties' material to help me tease her...rubbing the material against her slit and tickling her clit in my mouth.

I took my nose and ran it up and down her slit. I stopped at the top of her slit and began to mouth her clit through the panties....the material stopping my tongue from properly flicking her swollen button, but I continued to try, working over the top of her mound in my mouth, taking in as much of her body into my mouth as the panties will allow.

I released her clit and worked my way back down her pussy, taking first her swollen left pussy lip into my mouth and swished both the panties and her lip back and forth in my mouth.

This made her breathing really sharp and quick and she moaned out "YEEEESSSSSSS" as I sucked hard on her lip....

I raised my head up a little to catch my breath. Gina's kitten scent was intoxicating. I began using my fingers to push her panty material tight against kitty....Gina's puffy lips were in full view...her clit poking out all swollen and aching.

I lowered my mouth back onto her pussy and begin to run my tongue all over her mound, playing with lips, clit and slit all at the same tongue begins to make non-stop motions and patterns on her slit, making her squirm as my tongue touches new and exciting spots each time around her pussy.

Gina started to squeal in excitement and I heard a faint whisper or moan from her mouth....softly at first...."mo...More...." and then Gina gripped my head in her hands and her pussy exploded in my mouth as her orgasm rocked her body. She ground my face into her twat as she waves of orgasm flowed through her body.

Apr 28 @ 1:07PM  
Gina finally let go of my head as her orgasm finished and then she raised her ass off the couch and pulled off her panties and handed them to me. Written on her ass, was my next clue. It was another address that I had to drive and find. The store phone rang again and Gina answered it "Yes??? He just got me off....I came were right...he does eat good pussy...I'll tell him."

Gina looked at me and said "you have 30 minutes to get to the next location for your next clue, miss that time and Trixie remains a lesbian and never fucks you again"

I hurried out of the store with the anal beads, lube and a huge hard .. eating Gina's pussy. I got into the car and started to drive.

The next address seemed familiar and as I got closer to it, I figured it out. I was being sent to the restaurant that we had eaten at where Tracey had made herself cum during dinner using her silver bullet....

Apr 28 @ 3:33PM  
well, where's the rest of the story?...damnit....don't keep me and the rest of AMD hanging......

Apr 28 @ 3:46PM  
I have one comment. Hurry up and finish it. Please.

Apr 28 @ 7:36PM  

I pulled into the parking lot and parked and it was just before lunch time, and the place hadn't officially opened for lunch. I went to the hostess station and smiled at the little girl and she said "I'm sorry; we aren't open yet for lunch."

I smiled back at her and said "I'm Sport" Taking a chance that she had been informed of my coming, since Gina at the toy store was in on the adventure.

"Oh...mister Sport....please follow me"

I was taken to the EXACT same table Tracey and I had sat at during dinner and the hostess said to enjoy. The next thing I knew, I was being served a hamburger and fries and a coke. All without ordering...obviously this was part of the plan.

I ate the meal and then dessert showed up, a slice of chocolate cake covered in whip cream in sprinkles. I took a bite and found another card in the middle of it. The note read "Hope you ate enough to keep your strength will need it as you fight me for Trixie's soul...” It was signed Jade and there was another address on it.

I headed out to the car, checked my map book and headed out towards the country, away from the city.

As I drove out of the city, I began to wonder just where I was going. As I looked around, it looked somewhat familiar. I was heading towards a warehouse district that Tracey had taken me to one time to pick up some stuff for a charity event she was helping organize. I turned off the road into the complex and looked for the address and then I saw Tracey's car. This had to be the place. I parked and looked around and then walked up to the door and gave the handle a turn and the door opened.

I peered in and found the little lobby area to be dark. I did see a light on a little table and a note pad resting on it. I walked over and read "Lock the door asshole...we don't want to be disturbed!"

I went back and locked the door behind me and walked saw light flowing from under a door, so I went to it and opened it.

And then I saw it...what "IT" was too me a moment to figure out. There was Tracey, tied up, chained to the ceiling, standing on a wooden box with that anal plug still in her and she still had that ball gag in her mouth.

There was a bed not too far away from her, a table with all sorts of sex toys and things on it and the entire room was lit with photographer lights and placed around the room where cameras on tripods and a couple of video cameras.

"I see you found the place..."

I turned to find Jade in full jade green and black leather corset, black leather hip boots and fishnet stockings. Her make-up looked very dark and sinister on her face, and she was carrying a bull whip in her hand.

"I'm here...Now let Tracey go!"

"Not so fast...You have to earn her freedom and prove to her that you are her hero and willing to do anything for her love...I have made her my is time to make you Trixie's slave....Everything I do to you, is with her approve and in fact her ideas..."

I started to object, but looked over at Tracey, all bound and tied up and I could see the lust and love in her eyes for me to play along, so I just turned to Jade and said "What do you want?"

"Take off all your clothes and go stand over at the St. Andrews bondage cross..."

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Story-The Rescue