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AMD : Sex Site?

posted 4/28/2008 6:26:57 AM |
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AMD is a sex site, correct?

Peoples looking for sex. Horny peoples. Peoples looking to get nekkid.

So why am I all the time reading some disparraging blog about someone getting played, or some creep wrote a sexual e-mail, or how no one reads essays?

What's up with romance and dating etiquette on a sex site?

If the goal is to git nekkid, what does it matter whether we go to Wendy's or heat up a freezer pizza?
For dinner conversation?
Why do we even have to talk? Conversation is just a way for someone to decide they don't like you.
Besides, your hair or tales about how your Grandma used to knit the most beautiful Afghans have little to do with gittin' butt nekkid.
I can't think of a worse way to charm a lady than revealing my innermost thoughts.

I don't wanna take you out anyway, I've got weed and porno to buy.

And what of vulgar e-mails? What about someone telling you to slide down their massive, one of a kind manhood? Isn't that what's gonna happen? Isn't this just being honest? Is there really that big a difference between " Hi, I'm Jeff and just thought I would say hello" and " Hi, I'm Jeff, wanna suck it?"
Males and females get together for various reasons, but at the end of the day, it's really just to git butt ass nekkid.

Essays? Read them? For what? Who cares where you vacationed last? Did we have sex? No, I wasn't there. What do you do well sexually? Like you're not going to lie about it anyway. Who answers," Nothing. I'm lazy and selfish, and prefer masturbating but it takes too much energy" ?
What fantasies do you have or have you fulfilled? You're in fantasy land thinking someone really gives a happy damn about all that.

For those of you that believed me about writing an interesting blog, I bet they had a time with you in school.

For all you ladies that like to be wooed, you have lovely eyes and a pretty smile. Now drop your drawers.

For all you that hate, take stuff like this seriously, or both........please find another kind of site. There's too much chance of you reproducing on this one.

All you pervs have a great week, don't work too hard, and stay nekkid!!

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Apr 28 @ 6:35AM  
yep,and its not hooker central for fuckwits either .
ever hear about treating others as you expect to be treated.
maybe you'd have more luck getting what it is you search for.

dayum,did I say that out loud.

Apr 28 @ 6:49AM  
Not much for paying attention, are ya Tassie?

I swear, this shit is better than TV.

Apr 28 @ 6:52AM  

Apr 28 @ 7:03AM  
and i will take fries with that shake...

Apr 28 @ 7:03AM  


Apr 28 @ 7:23AM  
While you were doin' all that blabbin',

I was gettin' laid

Apr 28 @ 7:31AM  
Oh? Well isn't that something?

Here ya go.....................

Apr 28 @ 7:53AM  
I'll drop my drawers for ya......Enjoy!

Apr 28 @ 8:00AM  
Now, that, deserved a kudos! Let's all drop our drawers and give Jeff some real kudos!

Apr 28 @ 8:20AM  
I disagree. If I explained you would probably not understand used to be more tolerant.

Apr 28 @ 8:28AM  
You on the right blog bro?

Apr 28 @ 8:29AM  
AMD is a sex site? I...I didn't know that. In that case anybody wanna fuck.

Apr 28 @ 8:41AM  
you have lovely eyes and a pretty smile

y thank you! That's the type of stuff I would like to hear more of!

Apr 28 @ 9:13AM  
Sex me!!

Apr 28 @ 9:23AM  
AMD is a sex site, correct?

Peoples looking for sex. Horny peoples. Peoples looking to get nekkid.

Well..... Look on the far right hand side of this screen - turn your head sideways and along the page says "100% free adult dating and sex personals" So each person can take that as they choose!! Either way, I think its a great idea for everyone to have some good old fashion FUN!!! Have a wonderful day!!

Apr 28 @ 9:29AM  
I'm getting laid today.That is all.

Oh,and it isn't anyone from AMD.Step up your game fellas.Dudes from here want to get laid,but they really aren't putting much effort into it(sorry if that sounds mean because it wasn't).

Apr 28 @ 9:29AM  
i'm just here for the sex..........

Apr 28 @ 9:32AM  
According to another blog, somebody stole somebody's titties! Everybody take your tops off and make sure they didn't steal yours too!!! I just did and I saw a pair of nipples, but I am not sure that their mine.

Apr 28 @ 10:06AM  
Most dating sites are about sex, right? This one makes it more obvious, not pretending to be something else.
Dudes from here want to get laid,but they really aren't putting much effort into it(sorry if that sounds mean because it wasn't).

I'm not putting in much effort at all, it only leads to frustration. This should not require alot of effort, either someone likes you enough to have sex with you or they don't, it's pretty simple.
Woohoo! My girlfriend called and wants to do things together again! its' been a while since we even talked. We just like hanging out together and it almost always leads to awesome sex. It's not a perfect relationship but we have fun until she gets into her irrational bitchy moods, then I have to leave her alone.

Apr 28 @ 10:13AM  
All you pervs have a great week, don't work too hard, and stay nekkid!!

I'll do my best but the staying nekkid part is going to be tough! It's too damn cold...again.

Apr 28 @ 10:15AM  
Good Blog.....Although I daresay many will not "get it"...

Apr 28 @ 10:24AM  
P.S. I understood the underlying sarcasm...not all things can be taken at face value.Good blog

Apr 28 @ 10:48AM  
Well I'll be damned. I just checked to see if my tits were still there and they are gone as well...Oh wait...there they are. They were just covered with hair.

Apr 28 @ 11:52AM  

My right hand is getting laid tonight. Unless there is some outside intervention.

Apr 28 @ 12:32PM  
I'm not sexy. I'd pretty much disagree with most people who say otherwise. The direct definition of sexy, would be evoking in someone, the desire to have sex.


Not me. Not now. Not ever.

I am simply a vessel of random thoughts, obscure observations, and off-the-beaten-path wisdom.


Then again, what's wisdom on Sunday, is idiocy on Monday.

what do I know ?

Apr 28 @ 1:27PM  
My right hand is getting laid tonight. Unless there is some outside intervention.

Well, don't let your left hand find out about because if they are like a lot of people on here, they'll get into a fight about it!

Apr 28 @ 1:45PM  
I got laid too!! Twice before hubby went to work!!

And more tonight!!

Apr 28 @ 1:47PM  
Right on Kudos, I like dropping my panties. Ah hell who am I kidding I don't wear any. lol.

I still have my nipples, but would like to find another pair to keep around the house.


Apr 28 @ 2:56PM  
Damn. We have missing titties, Luna and some others getting laid, Purple's hand is getting some ( I'm dating twins, PP ), folks are still cold, and it would appear that the random commentor has struck.

Not a bad Monday.

Apr 28 @ 4:11PM  
Yeah, that's why i'm gonna stop being a paying member here and go over to AdultFriendFinder. I've been on here for over a year, and haven't found any sex with someone besides myself. I was on AFF mid last year, for only a month, and actually had a threesome after a Megadeth concert. But then i found someone i thought i was gonna be with, but it didn't work out. So, i'm gonna go back get laid.

Apr 28 @ 4:22PM  
Ok, this is gonna sound like i'm an email/website spammer, but i'm not. I hate those fuckers. But seriously, if you wanna get laid, go over to AdultFriendFinder. There's probably over 4 times as many men/women on there. There's way more people putting way more pictures on there, including personal webcam intro's. Granted, i've made good friends here, and i like chatting with them. But i know i'll never have a sexual relationship with them. Plus, if you like young women, AFF is loaded with younger chicks as well, and unlike this website, they're not spammers/scammers. That's one of my biggest problems with this site, the young and way attractive women on here... they're fake!!

Apr 28 @ 5:09PM  
But seriously, if you wanna get laid, go over to AdultFriendFinder.

I second that.All of my(successful) meets were from there.I only met one and a half people from here,and by "half",I almost did but he flaked on me at the last moment.

Apr 28 @ 7:17PM  
SEX???? I am jus here for the great recipes people trade.....anybody got 1 for a lovely lemon meringue pie???

Apr 28 @ 7:36PM  
I can say that this site does work, if you don't expect too much. I like the way you think J, we need more like you around! I asked Sxze if I could have you, she said no . Oh well, just like in real life, all the good ones are either taken or gay, or both.

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AMD : Sex Site?