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Reasons to Hate (reposted)

posted 4/27/2008 8:44:51 PM |
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In the spirit of reposted blogs lately, I thought I'd repost this one. It was a message to a psycho bitch here then, it remains so today.

Did you ever run across someone that just emanates hate from their every pore? Granted I'm not so self important to think that every single person on the planet is going to like me. I've made plenty of enemies, gave several a good reason to hate me all the way down to my core. Those you just expect in life. But then along comes someone that hates you for reasons you're not sure you can comprehend. Ok granted I smoke, yep, never hid that from anyone, well maybe my mom when I was a teenager. But I haven't hid it from her or anyone else since the tender age of 15. I realize that smoking is bad for you, that would be the reason I'm trying to quit while my lungs are still clear (and yes, they were recently checked and they are clear) so if the fact that I still smoke 7-8 cigarettes a day offends you, then you obviously have too much time on your hands to worry about something as trivial as that. Oh and yep, I'm overweight, don't think I ever tried to hide that either, not like it's something that you can hide. I am losing weight (37.6 pounds down as of last night) but I didn't gain it overnight and short of a miracle it's not going to fall off overnight either. So if my being overweight again is a reason to hate me, feel free. Oh wait, I'm bi-racial being Cherokee, Souix and Irish. So I guess if you're a reallly racist type of person that might be bothersome factor for you too. I figure the mixing happened long before my time, nothing to be done about it even if I could. Then there's the fact that I have a job that allows me the freedom to play online some during the day, on some days, so yeah, I play in forums a bit, if you're just so damn jealous that I can do that on my job and you can't......maybe you should find another line of work. And that brings me around to my friends on here. Yep got some good ones, have more that are good friends that may not be on my list, may never be on my list but they know who they are and they know me, so if my having friends bothers you, maybe you should try being one and then you will have friends too. Now this brings us full circle to my outgoing, smartass bitchy attitude. I can see where that would bring out the worst in quite a few people. So if you have a problem with me being an outspoken, smoking, overweight, bi-racial, take up for her friends bitch........feel free to hate me all you want.

So in closing, my words stood then as they stand now. For those psycho bitches that wish to post little unprovoked attacks, witless little barbs and digs on others you I say "what the fuck ever"

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Apr 27 @ 8:54PM  
and to my own special little hater.........bitch the best part of you ran down your mamas ass and became a brown spot on the backseat of strangers car. So unless you want this to get really nasty, back the fuck off!


Apr 27 @ 9:01PM  
You know we really don't have to worry about those kind of people anymore.....Thank God!!! Kudos!!

Apr 27 @ 9:01PM  
Remind me to never get on your bad side please.

Apr 27 @ 9:04PM  
No worries Sug, I don't consider you or VG to be psycho bitches. Theres only one in the room right now and she knows who she is!

Apr 27 @ 9:05PM  
Of all that stuff, there was only one thing that was making me hate a little. Then I thought about it, and you said you were Sioux, Cherokee, and Irish, and that makes you tri-racial, not bi-racial.
Hating on you for a simple oversight seems pretty lame.

But you did make a mistake, so I hate you.

I'm really not much of a hater.

Apr 27 @ 9:05PM  
No worries Sug, I don't consider you or VG to be psycho bitches

Whew!!!!! Now I feel better!

Apr 27 @ 9:06PM  
Well considering that two of those are Native tribes, and the Irish is Caucasion I consider myself Biracial, but bi- tri either works for me.

Apr 27 @ 9:30PM  
Oh're right.

I'm even worse at hating than I thought.

Apr 27 @ 9:33PM  
careful there J..........agreeing with me will get you clawed!!!

Apr 27 @ 9:35PM  
Um, they might hate you because you are articulate also.

Apr 27 @ 9:37PM  
Oh is that why you don't like me LF??? j/k

Apr 27 @ 9:42PM  
Hate you? Nah. Actually, I kinda like what I know of ya. I actually admire how well you seem to be able to express yourself in the written word.

Apr 27 @ 9:51PM  
I don't you, actually what I have heard of you have been nothing but nice, so if someone is hating on you send them my way and continue to enjoy yourselves! That goes for anyone that has haters and doesn't want to deal with them send them my way!

Apr 27 @ 9:52PM  
oh forgot the hate part... nope don't hate you

Apr 27 @ 9:52PM  

Apr 27 @ 10:06PM  
I see no reason to hate you, and you have never givin me a reason to even dislike you. and Geez what kinda guy would I be to hate a woman that has no gag reflex?

All kidding aside, You have always been a good friend to me since I joined this this site.

Apr 27 @ 10:11PM  
I remember this well!!! And really does still apply!

I just thought of something (I think I may have said this last time:

...We're sexy, we're cute; we're popular to boot
We're bitchin', great hair, the boys all love to stare;
We're wanted, we're hot - we're everything you're not...

From the opening song of "Bring it On"

Apr 27 @ 10:12PM  
bi - tri
whatever it be
can I watch ? ? ?
I promise to hate
damn - don't hate - anyone
I will work up a whole buncha
"don't like very much"
can I watch? ? ?

Apr 27 @ 10:15PM  
don't care to watch either
not into "spectator sports"
oh well

Apr 27 @ 11:10PM  
You tell them!!!!
I try and stay away from haters.. I'm a lover... not a hater..

Apr 28 @ 2:44PM  
I would like to say thanks to all the support I received in this matter by comments here on the blog and by all the private emails. It is appreciated. Sometimes you just have to tell a nasty ass hateful hating biatch what you think of them!

Apr 28 @ 4:22PM  
Ur my kinda gal... (yes, I just snuck back in for a look...just lurking for the moment....)

Apr 28 @ 5:40PM  
You're my kind of gal too B!!!

Apr 28 @ 7:55PM  
All I have to add is AMEN!!! You do have a way with words. LOL

Apr 28 @ 8:08PM  
Boot Scooter, couldn't agree with you more dear...hey if it counts I am french, scottish, & i guess i am tri as well :>)...ah america the great american melting pot :>)...wonderful blog. Kudos to you my dear. TEase. ;>)

Apr 28 @ 10:38PM  
I can be a bitch...

But I am not psycho

Well not yet...

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Reasons to Hate (reposted)