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....and while we're on the subject of underwear....

posted 4/26/2008 5:10:22 PM |
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tagged: sex, fetish

Well, first off, let me start this entry by saying that one thing I've never understood is why, apparently, most people and most garment manufacturers seem NOT to consider bras to be a form of underwear. Usually, they are spoken as separately from them. So what's up with that? I mean, last time I looked, most women (well, unless they're Madonna) wore their bras under their clothes!

Anyway....I'd honestly have to say that I've had a minor fetish for underwear in general, or at least certain forms of it, since before I hit puberty. In fact, I can remember back when I saw my first "dirty magazines", around the age of 10 or 11. I can distinctly remember the pictures that got me the most aroused (as in hard-on) were neither the ones where the model was fully or partially clothed but with obviously no underwear on, nor the ones where she was naked, but rather the ones where she way pictured wearing one or more undergarments. The sight of a girl in a pair of semi-sheer nylon panties (the kind you could see her pubic mound through-and anyone remember the days when the thicker, more "afro-like" a womans pubic bush was, the sexier it was considered to be?), or a garter belt and stockings, was enough to have my dick straining mightily against my little tighty whities. "Strip" photo sets particularly I liked, but only if the model had underwear on under her clothes, as I alluded to above. In fact, pictures of models who were naked or you could tell had no underwear on under their clothes....well, I didn't exactly lose my hard-on, but inside I knew I did have a feeling of what can only be called "disappointment". And I have to admit that even in those sets where the girl had undies on, once they got to the part where they last article of underclothing came off, the rest of the photo set, with her butt-naked, was decidedly less interesting to me than the other pics that preceded them.

Even as an adult, there are more times than not when I find the sight of my partner in at least some form of underwear to be as arousing-or even more so-than seeing them butt-naked. Perhaps this is because I tend to think of underwear as "the world's only built-in sex toy". Now, that description is somewhat misleading, since of course not everybody in the world, or even in our own society, wears underclothing. But most people do, hence what I mean by the "built-in" part. And I guess the reason I consider it, when "playing", to be a "sex toy" (or toys, more properly) is because it can be used, if the person is imaginative and able to "think outside the box", to immensely enhance the sexual experience. Of course, most people consider it to be like kids consider wrapping paper on Christmas present: Something pretty to be admired for a few seconds before being ripped off in order to get at the goodies inside.

One of my favorite sexual activities (outside of the bra stuff, of course) that turns me on incredibly is fucking a woman while she's got her panties on. I mean just pulling the crotch aside and sticking it it. Of course, this is only a turn-on for me with certain kinds of undies. One partner I used to do "it" that way with a lot usually wore ice white/cream colored (with the occasional black pair for variety) spandex bikinis or! The feel of that smooth, silk like spandex against my pubic region, my partner's body heat filtering through it....when added to the sensation of my cock thrusting through her wet pussy to begin with....unmatchable! And the sight (and smell, too!) of her juices and mine running out together and getting caught up in the cotton lined crotch after we'd both orgasmed was heady to say the least. And of course, there's the sensation of rubbing or having your hard on rubbed against that fabric, all warm and smooth....again, all I can say is "wow!" Now I've never jacked off on or into my partner's panties, or been jacked off on or into them (or with them, for that matter) by any of my partners. Why? Guess in all this time, in the heat of the action, it's just never occurred to me to do it yet. (Besides, I guess I'm just usually focused more when it comes to blowing loads on undies, to doing it onto those ol' hootie holders....) Of course, this is only scratching the surface....there's a lot other uses and ways undies can be incorporated into sexual activities-you just have to use your imagination!

So what kinds of undies turn me on? Well, it'd probably easier to list the ones that turn me off.

At the top of the list, and this may come as a shocker: THONGS! Yes, folks, I know as a man, I'm supposed to find thongs to be an automatically hard-on inspiring undergarment, but the fact of the matter is that with certain exceptions, I find them to be....well, no offense, but just plain nasty. I mean, there's a reason they're sometimes called "butt floss", y'know? I'm sorry, but I gots to be honest about it. As I said, there are certain exceptions, but they're pretty rare. If I had to psychoanalise the reason why I feel that way about them, I'd have to most likely say that it's because I guess I see underwear as having a practical as well as a sexual component. In fact, I'd have to say the practical component comes first, so to speak. I mean, lets face it-that's why the stuff was invented in the first place, right? And I suppose that's part of the arousal factor for me-the idea of finding something sexy that's not necessarily intended first and foremost to be sexy, that has a primary "everyday" purpose, too (though even with that, there are exceptions, too).

So given that, and my comments on bras in my first blog entry, you'd think that I'd be really turned on by good ol' fashioned, high-waisted, white cotton ladies briefs (aka "granny panties", "schoolgirl panties", "perpetually virginal town librarian panties", etc.). And you couldn't be more wrong. They are right up there with thongs in the "Ugh" list. They're just as nasty too, but for different reasons. Actually, to be honest, any panties, any color, any style that are cotton tend not to be a turn on for me. Another form of undies that guys are supposed to get all perpendicular over but that I also find a turn off are the recent phenomena called "boy shorts". Sorry, but whether plain or all lacey, they just don't do anything for me. And very little of the stuff you'll find in the Frederick's or Victoria's Secret catalogues do much for me, either (though the stuff that does turn me on, does so big time). Also, nighties and lingerie doesn't do a whole lot usually to make me go "schwing".

So what undies do "float my boat?" Well, just about anything else that isn't in the above mentioned short list! For the most part, I guess the one word that most of it would fit under would be "everyday". When it comes to panties, like bras, I tend to favor the stuff most women would wear as a normal part of their foundation wa

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....and while we're on the subject of underwear....
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Apr 26 @ 5:31PM  
Well dang! Didn't know there was a word limit to these things! A small but important bit of what I posted didn't show up, and right now I'm too tired from writing this and other things to try and recreate it right now. Either later tonight or tomorrow I'll give it a shot.

Apr 26 @ 5:43PM  
Well from what I've read so far I take it you have an underwear fetish as long as it is the right kind of underwear. I have to agree with you that some underwear are very sexy but for me I think the sexiest thing in the world is skin. Now if I were to cum on her bra I would apologize, lick it off, then take the damn bra off of her so it doesn't get in the way the next time. I would rather cum directly on her tits and then lick it off. As for underwear yes there are some that are very sexy but I would rather have skin there as well. I just love rubbing the head of my dick all over her pussy, teasing her clit and then slowly slide my dick inside, filling her pussy full of cum and then licking it out as well. JMHO.

Apr 26 @ 5:43PM  
I happen to love lingerie. Even if I am the only one seeing it that day I want to feel feminine so I always try to match top and bottom. Even if it's your basic everyday white I want my panties to be as pristine white as my bra.

Now on those days that I get to show them off...then I bring out the more alluring sets.

And I have to agree with you
I mean just pulling the crotch aside and sticking it it.
..This is very HOT

Apr 26 @ 5:52PM  
Bras, though necessary for some of us can be more of an accessory than underwear - at least, that's how I like to see them. I love wearing pretty bra and panty sets, even if no one knows (but better if someone does!). And really, that goes for lingerie of any kind! But to take it off - always - when getting frisky is a waste; why not let it be part of the experience!

Apr 26 @ 6:04PM  
bra and panties...HAVE to match....its a rule...

Apr 26 @ 7:13PM  
No bra for me ever, and I love having my panties slipped to the side for an entry that almost feels like we shouldn't be doing it, or sneaky...but I only read three sentences...wordy man wordy...ya gotta get to the point unless you are writing a serious sexually arrousing story like a few do around here.

Apr 26 @ 7:16PM  
dumblonde - anything else is simply unsightly; I can remember even my mom had matching cotton sets - and I can promise my grandmother did, too. That's just the way you did things...ah...DO things.

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....and while we're on the subject of underwear....