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Not that it's lost..but, Let's Bring SEXY Back...

posted 4/26/2008 8:02:58 AM |
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Since it IS sexy Saturday...Let's talk about Sexy... Okay?

Have you ever heard JT's song, Bringing Sexy Back?
Although I Iiked the least for a minute or two...I'm confused..Did he think that Sexy went somewhere or was lost?
If so, I have to totally disagree ... Sexy hasn't went anywhere.

Although many have different opinions on what Sexy actually is...for them.

And as a slight disclaimer, BEFORE anyone goes off on a "CL says that SxzeNewMe's wrong or is debating her blog," rant... This has nothing to do with that..I agree that Sexy is a state of mind...When you are the one feeling or being sexy.
Okay, now that that's out of the way.... On with the subject at hand..

Let's look at it from a different approach...

When it strikes you that someone else is SEXY, What is it that makes you think that or feel that way?

What do YOU think is sexy ....The way he/she looks? The way they act or talk? Their personality? Maybe a certain trait ? Is it one specific thing or is it a combination?
What is it about them that makes you think That person is SEXY?

Is it based on each individual or a set thought that you have?
And can you find something sexy in one person but the same thing not sexy in another?

So, in a figurative manner...Let's Bring SEXY Back...

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Apr 26 @ 8:13AM  

I think confidence is sexy.
A man who is capable.....of anything you need him to be... is sexy.
Posture .. the way a man carries sexy.
Attitude is sexy.
Eyes that can convey that intense meaningful look are sexy.
That bad-boy side of a really good guy is very sexy.

Sexy is......EVERYWHERE......and different places for different people.

But Sexy is definiltely still here


Apr 26 @ 8:14AM  
I did my part just now. I blogged something sexy just a few seconds ago. My last blog for today possibly until maybe tonight.

Damn I'm a blog whore...

Apr 26 @ 8:17AM  
personally, ma'am, it's mostly physical as far as I'm concerned, because as far as someone else is concerned, a cocky attitude may seem sexy , but to me , a cocky, or extremely confident attitude just irritates me , but it's the look of the eyes and lips, the shape, because a woman can do so much with her eyes and lips, so easily, and I'm not just talking sexually either. and the eyes and lips that look sexy on one , may not necessarily look good on another, they'd just look way out of place. And occasionally, the walk can make a woman, I guess you could say the way she carries herself can be sexy too. And the way she talks? Well , If she has a southern, or australian accent, she is automatically sexy as heck, that's a given . Actions and attitudes don't really bring to mind much sexiness at the moment, but, eh....

Apr 26 @ 8:32AM  
Oh, and most definately long, thick, shiny hair.....any color, but long...the way it moves, and just flows everywhere, the way certain strands just dance in the wind when it blows, the long strands blowin, curling twisting....could watch that for hours...definately sexy

Apr 26 @ 8:36AM  
Are you trying to start a fight with me??? *in my best Cowardly Lion voice* Put 'em up...put 'em up! heh-heh-heh...!

This isn't really the same as what my blog was about...whereas my blog was about how one feels about oneself - in terms of "sexy" - this one is more about what is it that we see in others that is "sexy"? Is that right? I'm glad you blogged on this - it's been a topic and on my mind lately!!!

Some things are sexy no matter what - a nice deep voice. *dreamy sigh* Jeans that fit well and pucker in all the right places (and for all the right reasons). Goatees; pretty much any man with a goatee gets 10 extra "sexy" points, in my book! Those are easy things to rattle off, though...there are other things I can't pinpoint.

There are men who I find to be sexy but I can't quite put my finger on why or what it is that makes them so. Billy Bob Thorton...not someone I would look at and say "whoa, he's sexy!" But after seeing him in a few films...fuck, what I wouldn't give to make a fuck scene with him! Still, I can't tell you what it is about him that I find so damned sexy. I'm wondering, though, if it's that "I don't give a fuck" attitude he has...I certainly do seem to be drawn to men with that! Make's me wanna give him a fuck, ya know?

Apr 26 @ 8:36AM  
Pardon the typo! Saw it as I hit "post"!

Apr 26 @ 8:50AM  
I find myself attracted to so different things on different people. If it radiates, it draws. I love when a person has a mysterious aura about themselves. It makes me want to find out more, and I'll often pursue it until I do.

Apr 26 @ 9:07AM  
Is it based on each individual or a set thought that you have?
And can you find something sexy in one person but the same thing not sexy in another?

For me, it is different things for different women. It may be the shape( NOT size) of her breast, or how she wears her hair, or her smile....Eyes seem to turn me on a lot of times.....It could be, even, the way she pronounces certain words...

This is probably the most misunderstood thing between men and women...I believe women tend to have a "set" of attributes they apply to sexy, whereas men tend to apply different things to different women.....

So, Ladies, just because your man "looks" at other women doesn't mean he thinks they are sexier than you....It simply means she is sexy in a different way than you.

Good blog, thingy for ya....

Apr 26 @ 9:31AM  
what makes a man sexy to me...his personality and how he treats women oh and a hairy chest..

Apr 26 @ 9:35AM  
It wasn't that I was trying to sound shallow, it's just that a womans actions, and attitudes...well, for me, they belong more in the category of how someone treats it would be in the love , or loving category, and loving , and sexy don't go in the same category all the time. Although an amorous attitude could be sexy, but that's about it.

Apr 26 @ 9:57AM  

It would be her style of hair the clothes she wears ,the way she moves or the way she speaks that gets my attention and makes me say she's sexy.


Apr 26 @ 11:04AM  
It could be a backwards hat on a guy, the way he smokes a cigarette, the way he smells...It could be numerous things....

Apr 26 @ 11:31AM  
Hi, and I definately think you are sexy

I think it is their entire persona - how they talk (tone of voice), a confident attitude, how well they relate to you when talking. There are many things in the physical, but it is more the mental, emotional that turns me on.

Apr 26 @ 12:12PM  
i guess i am not sexy, i dont have long hair...

Apr 26 @ 1:20PM  
ma'am, long hair is just one visual quality in my book...your eyes are worth 20 ft of hair........I couldn't comment on the lips, mind you, but I'm assuming......but those eyes...could make a mouth water at 100 yards.

Apr 26 @ 2:29PM  
and I definately think you are sexy
Aww...Thank you...
I think you're silly..But I very much appreciate the sentiment.

You being so darn sweet is just one of the many reasons I love you...

But the fact that I think you are sexy as hell....well that is just an added bonus.. that I get to enjoy...

Apr 26 @ 3:09PM  
i think cowboys with sunglasses are sxy...

Apr 26 @ 3:49PM  
that I get to enjoy
And will get to enjoy more in the future

Apr 26 @ 3:54PM  
Lucky Me...I've discovered that somethings in life are well worth the wait... just difficult as hell getting through the time til then sometimes.

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Not that it's lost..but, Let's Bring SEXY Back...