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Should the father be charged or not in this tragedy?

posted 4/25/2008 12:26:11 AM |
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tagged: alcohol, news, drugs, guns, straddle

Some news happened here in my area a few days back. An 18 year-old male was shot in the head while he was hosting a party for his high school friends where there was heavy alcohol use involved. Some of these friends were minors at that. His father stayed upstairs at the time and heard the gun shot go off. He found out what happened and called 911 using his cell phone (what, no landline phone?). It's believed his 18 year-old son (who was schedule to graduate from high school this spring) shot himself in the head. The police did find drugs and alcohol there and believe played a role in his accidental self-inflicted shooting. The police is still unsure of who the handgun belongs to. His son died the next day at a Columbus hospital. Police still have not commented on possible charges being filed against the father for underage drinking reportedly going on in his home.

Knowing all this, should the father be charged with underage drinking that led to this tragedy, or should no charges be filed because of the loss of his son is enough and he has already paid the almighty price?

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Apr 25 @ 12:34AM  
It's kinda hard to say if he should be charged or not. But if anything he should be sentanced to talk to minors about what had happend at schools and other places for the next 20 years. He should talk to parents and their kids about it and what they can do so it may not happen to them.

Apr 25 @ 12:37AM  
I say he should be charged for the underage drinking. Not only did he not show any responsiblity and supervision in his home, he broke the law. By doing so his son paid the price in my opinion.

Apr 25 @ 12:39AM  
You say that now straddle but what if it were you ?

Apr 25 @ 12:41AM  
I would never be in that position, HotLovin...

Apr 25 @ 12:43AM  
Very true straddle & I hope not. But sometimes you have to think what would you want done to yourself if something like that did happen to you. Yes he should be charged for the under age drinking.

Apr 25 @ 12:46AM  
I don't do either alcohol or drugs, and I'll be damn that any of that stuff will make it into my house. Even if my kid was lucky enough to get a party out of me in my home, I would be right there supervising!

Apr 25 @ 12:51AM  
Good for you. I was just about the same way with my daughter while she was growing up and if she went to parties at other peoples house I would have to talk to their parents and ket then know they were responsible for my daughters saftey.

Apr 25 @ 1:04AM  
It isn't an opinion that will decide the case. If you vote and pay attention to the laws this will be a case and he will be charged with neglegance. I am so sad that people who aren't responsible have children. Now all is over and done and it is too late, Children need to be raised and left to their own demise. How unfortunate for the family, friends, and the world. This child of late could have had an accomplished life.

Apr 25 @ 1:08AM  
Amen bunny....

Apr 25 @ 1:12AM  
According to the local newspaper, the kid was a football player, and was popular.

Apr 25 @ 1:30AM  
He should be charged. It's very sad that he lost his son but this should have never happened. If there was drinking and drugs present in his home that is against the law. I feel bad for him that he lost his son but he should have prevented what was going on in his own home.

Apr 25 @ 1:45AM  
It's funny you write about this. A mother was just sentenced to jail time a few weeks ago here in my home town over this issue. She bought alcohol for her minor daughter and her friends, who drank and then went driving and got into an accident. By the grace of god there was no fatalities. But she will serve time.

For allowing minors to drink in his home, he should take responsibility. Sometimes being a parent means not letting our kids put themselves in danger. He wasn't even supervising, he was upstairs, so I think he was very irresponsible in his choices. Yes, the ultimate cost to him is the life of his son, but it's something he should of thought of earlier.

How about the parent who left her 6 week old baby in the car and went to work. She was tried and convicted but did she make a concious choice? I think not, but should she be held responsible? It's a hard call.

Great question Shawn.

Apr 25 @ 1:57AM  
I don't know the laws of your state. But I think he will be charged with something in the case as an example to other folks of the consequences of your actions. Any punishment sent down by court can't match what he has to go through each day for the rest of his life.

Apr 25 @ 2:42AM  
I just found out some more details. He was hosting a small party with him and three friends, each of them 17 years old. They were drinking his father's alcohol and whipped out a gun and wanted to play "Russian roulette" with the .22 caliber and stuck one round in the cylinder. They were drinking and the scene also suggest marijuana was used at the party. Anyway, his friends told him not to play with the gun. He stuck it to his head and one shot was fired. The gun belonged to him (the victim) his father said. He didn't know where his son got it. He told police that he first found the gun in the house two weeks ago, but believed it wasn't working. Still no charges have been filed as of yet.

Apr 25 @ 4:16AM  
That's tough one. I doubt criminal charges will come close to the pain of losing his son. If the kid was playing Russian roulette, the man probably feels like he failed his son long ago.

Parents should always be held accountable where appropriate, but I have to say, my parents had nothing to do with the trouble I got into as a teen, and couldn't have possibly prevented it.

Kids are going to do stuff, there's no stopping them.

I say let the man be. He has a life sentence already.

Apr 25 @ 7:04AM  
Yeah, with how the country and society have allowed children to treat their parents now, and get away with it without any real will get away with a lot now, especially teens. They will do what they want , when they want , and when you try to stop em, they play the child abuse card at the drop of a hat, or just plain abuse, sometimes even grounding your kid is considered cruel and unusual punishment, and even if you do a good job of raising your kids, society will still get to them....and then what? Once they become teens and think they know everything, none of it does a bit of good. It's sad, but it's how life is these days.

Apr 25 @ 7:43AM  
Yep. He lost his son. That's a lifetime sentence. Should he be charged for promoting underage drinking for the rest of the boys there. He broke that law. Those boys are going to be traumatized straight. A friend of mine's then boyfriend showed her his new handgun and told her there were no bullets in it. He put the gun to his head and said, look, see? Pulled the trigger and blew his brains out. She never got over it.

Apr 25 @ 9:26AM  
Hmmmmm....Lemme host a party for teenagers, allow them unsupervised access to Booze, Drugs, and Gun(s)......Personally, I think they should "throw the book" at him.....The Law, and enforcement thereof, should be kept unemotional....
The fact that it was HIS child that died, because of his negligence, shouldn't be a factor.

Apr 25 @ 11:09AM  
i agree with straightup...after all, it could have been any of the kids that made an impaired choice while under the influence..he was responsible not only to supervise his own kid, but he assumed responsibility for other people's kids...

Apr 25 @ 11:10AM  
The father should be charged. It's his house and he should know what's going on at all times. If there was under age drinking going on where did they get it. I'm willing to bet the father bought it for them. If not he's still responsible. If the gun belonged to the father there should be something they can charge him with to. My father always had and still does have a gun in him house but he keeps it locked up at all times infact the gun and bullets are in different places but both are locked up.

Apr 25 @ 6:42PM  
While it's tragic he lost his son...still, as an adult and parent, it was his responsibility to supervise the party and not allow use of drugs and alcohol. Should he be charged for allowing underage drinking? Yes, and I do mean to sound harsh here..but, if he had been more responsible....he wouldn't have allowed the drugs and alcohol at the party, and his son could still be alive today. He was negligent..and there's no excuse for that.

Apr 25 @ 9:06PM  
i believe this dad will carry this to his grave. i think he learned alot on his sons accedent, why go further! just my opionoin, how ever ya spell that word :)

Apr 26 @ 12:35PM  
How f*****g stupid do you have to be to put a gun to your own head, anyway? And don't blame it on the alcohol. I grew up around guns and I've been drunk a time or two......... and nothing that stupid ever crossed the minds of me or my buddies.

I have to wonder if this kid had ever handled a gun before. I am a firm believer in teaching gun safety from an eary age so curiousity and/or ignorance does not end up in tragedy.

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Should the father be charged or not in this tragedy?