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Info... Just my view...

posted 4/22/2008 11:04:51 AM |
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tagged: mama

Yesterday there was a comment on a blog as to why some people on here don't show their face pics or whole body pics....

There are pics of animals... Body part pics... Pics of things people like...Pics of they way people feel...ones that don't even have a pic...

It is the internet right well... Some people out there can take our pics and use them to well Have fun with....

Some people like me also don't want others to know what they are doing.. Some look down on it..

Some people also like me have ones that are on here also that they don't want them to know they are here...

So no don't mean we are fat.. Have a drop dead looking body with an ugly face...
We are not ashamed of who we are.. Just learned to be careful in what we do on the internet...

Oh and who else is fricken horny today?????

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Apr 22 @ 11:09AM  
I agree, plus no-one is going to stand around to take a posed full body pic of me!
And I am strangely in a porn viewing mood!
I am car-less and live in the country have little chance of getting any so don't judge me!

Apr 22 @ 11:13AM  
I did a blog a few weeks ago about the fact you can "copy and save" pics from this site. Thanks but I choose who gets my pics

Apr 22 @ 11:19AM  
Some of us had people come find us at work.. and then a week or so later their wives came and found us at work.. asking.. "what's going on with you and my husband?" And your husband would be??????? I hate that.. if you wanna bang me.. and you're married? I wanna note and a phone call from your mommy sayin it's ok.

Apr 22 @ 11:20AM  
Mama, you are absolutely correct..even if you do post a full pic of yourself...there are nasty people in life that will make derogatory statements about how you I couldn't care less what your pic is, I want to get to know you first & foremost before ever seeing what you look like...I think people put entirely to much focus on can look a certain way but have a terrible personality, which to me is so much more important. Kudo's on this blog dear. Tease.

Apr 22 @ 11:24AM  
A couple of years ago a lady I had became acquainted with posted pics including face, tits, and pussy/toys. One of her male coworkers discovered this site on his own, ran a match and she was the subject of conversation at the office. She canceled her account and quit her job.

Apr 22 @ 11:33AM  
Hell yes!!! Thats the truth. I just dont want people in my area to see me at Walmart come up to me and say I saw you online Nice tits. Wanna go to my car? If I talk to some one and they ask for a face or body shot I will send it.

Apr 22 @ 11:37AM  
I had a face pic up for years, then I got a nasty little note, mailed to my office. I work in a fairly public position and can't have that shit happening. So my face pic went bye-bye. If someone absolutely must see it, I'll be happy to share it privately.

Apr 22 @ 11:56AM  
There are pics of animals..

Yeah...I've got pics of my dogs on my profile. I did that because I've had friends ask me to so they could see these dogs I talk about. Yeah, I've gotten some freaky questions in one today as a matter of fact. Guess I should put in my essays I'm not into beastality, but, why? I swear some don't bother reading anyway.

Oh well....that's what the delete button is for.

Apr 22 @ 12:01PM  
I have always been supportive of people who choose to not post a pic - or not post one of their faces - folks who have been around for a while know how I've argued that to the point of exhaustion. For me, personally, I decided a while ago that what I do here - what I write, how I play, etc. is my personal business...and I don't think anything I'm doing is so bad that I should be condemned in any other aspect of my life, so I don't much care who sees my face (or whatever I so choose to post). But there are 3 more points I see here:

One: anyone who sees me here only did so because he/she was also here. I'd say that's the midget calling the munchkin short...I don't play the hypocrite game.

Two: when (NOT if) I write and become published, it will most likely be considered erotica and I will have my name and face on the cover. wouldn't make much sense to try to be anonymous now. For me, anyway!

Three: I'm a bitch and I'm not afraid of a legal challenge. I take all of my own pictures so for someone to use them w/o permission is a double no-no...and all computers leave a trail...

Apr 22 @ 12:30PM  
I don't post my pic, because I'm like Tease...get to know me first. There are a few here that I have sent pics to, after we have gotten to know each other. And nothing sexual bout sending them the pics, we became friends on-line and I wanted them to know who they were talking to.

Apr 22 @ 12:35PM  
I have only one comment...

Oh and who else is fricken horny today?????


Then again, I'm horny 24/7/365!

Wait a minute...I have two comments...

I just dont want people in my area to see me at Walmart come up to me and say I saw you online Nice tits. Wanna go to my car?

I'd have no problem with a woman seeing me at my local Wal Mart telling me she had seen my cock pic online, and said..."Nice cock!! Wanna go to your car?!"


Apr 22 @ 12:52PM  
I'd have no problem with a woman seeing me at my local Wal Mart telling me she had seen my cock pic online, and said..."Nice cock!! Wanna go to your car?!"

Craveman "allright, just a sec, f u m b l e s @#*! d a m n b u c k l e !" I can picture you doing this rofl

Apr 22 @ 1:01PM  
Heck mama, I'm always horny !!! I think a person should post whatever pic they want or if they don't thats fine also. It's funny cause where I work I could swear that I have seen some of the women from other sites. If they see me at my work place thats kool.

Apr 22 @ 1:21PM  
Who gives a shit what other people think about what pic they have on their profile. Now, if you plan on meeting that person, then it's important to know what they look like. If not, shouldn't be an issue at all. Some people bitch about it, but hey, if they want to bitch about it, do it somewhere else, a lot of people don't want to hear it!


Apr 22 @ 1:33PM  
I have tons of pictures... all kinds... but they're mine to share with whom I please. Physically, I have nothing to hide. Like others state here though, there's trolls and haters on every site that will stop at nothing to destroy another.

Apr 22 @ 2:07PM  
I have no problem at all with what ever kind of picture anyone wants to post....It is your own preference....

But I do have a bit of a problem with those who post explicit pictures, then blog about all the unwanted "wanna fuck" e-mails......

....And, yep, I'm horny......

Apr 22 @ 4:44PM  
The purpose, unless I am wrong, of this site is to meet people. Therefore one would expect a picture that would include at least some facial parts. Why would one want to post a picture of their dog etc. on here as their primary picture. I have my dog posted as a secondary picture and that is where it belongs. If one thinks their body or some body part is their main point of interest then fine, post those pictures. That can also be the purpose of this site is to display the sexual side of one's self. But most of us, I think, are interested in what a person looks like, at least to decide if some chemistry exisits. Now all we have to do is look at ads etc on this site and ALL over the internet if we want to see tiltilating pictures and why would your nude picture be the target when there is so much more to look at out there. This is a meeting site and pictures should be used to enhance that. Otherwise why are we on here? And Straightup is right. Why post pictures that elicit responses that are of the "Wanna fuck" type and then act surprised when that is what you get. And what about those postings that say don't write me as I won't answer as I am here for other reasons. Do those make sense? Exchange e-mails with friends through normal e-mails and let this be a meeting site as it was designed to be. Ahhhh, I have stirred the nest and I can here the buzzing of those coming to get me ...............

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