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Women and the Change of Life

posted 4/22/2008 10:52:02 AM |
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No, I am not referring to menopause. I am alluding to what women want in a man concerning his role as a companion. I enjoy women in their forties, expect to enjoy them in their sixties, but dating women in their fifties has not worked for me.

Granted this is a generalization and only my opinion. But I submit that, despite exceptions, there is validity to what I will impart.

In their forties, a woman has become recently divorced and/or the last kid has left the nest. They are free. Everything is renewed. They are getting to do things they never did or haven't done in a long time. They will take in a baseball game, a blues bar, and chase balls around a pool table.

After a few years when they hit their fifties, they want to do what they want to do and seek, perhaps require, a man who will do those things with them. They are looking for a male clone of themselves. No, I don't want to watch a chick flick. No, I don't want to go to the mall or the craft faire on Sunday afternoon. Do you want to watch some football? I didn't think so.

By the time women are in their sixties, they finally realize that this won’t work. Then a woman is ready to accept that she can do what she wants to do while the guy can do what he wants to do and that this will often be with different people. At that point, they have quality time together, as what they do together is what they want to do.

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Apr 22 @ 11:08AM  
We've had this discussion before

No, I don't want to watch a chick flick.
Me either

No, I don't want to go to the mall or the craft faire on Sunday afternoon.
You're killing me here Bruce

Do you want to watch some football? I didn't think so.
Yes .move over!!

I'm going shopping.. to Rona or Home Depot. Start dinner without me if I"m not back by 5.

I don't DO craft fairs

And I'm building a pond in the backyard and no I don't want your help thanks honey.. Love you bunches *as she runs out to her workshop*

It's true though. Now you know why it's so difficult to find a good mate. They wanna do that "highschool together" thing where they are in each other's backpockets.


Apr 22 @ 11:16AM  
Well, wit I hope that you can find a woman that makes you matter what age...Hugs, tease.

Apr 22 @ 11:33AM  
At 40 I was a mess...or in a mess...well both actually. Same in my 50's. Sixties has liberated me immensely. I love to do the things I wanna do and I'm flexible enough to do what he wants to do....and enjoy it.

Yet I cherish my space and I respect his. Football? Hmmmmmm....don't really understand it as in school we didn't have enough guys for a team but then several years ago my grandson played and I began to learn a little about it. I can enjoy it if you're willing to put up with my questions...

Apr 22 @ 11:35AM  
Cool! You don't wanna watch my chick flicks with me? Great.. don't bogart my popcorn.. however.. you better scoot the hell over and share the sofa when it's action flick time.

Football? Who's playing? I'll make lil smokies and bbq sauce you get the beer cold.

You don't wanna go to the craft or antique fairs with me? Great.. don't bitch about how much I spend though.. cuz you weren't there to stop me! (I do need adult supervision now and then)

Forget the mall all together.. it wouldn't be a fun trip for either of us.. I'm in and out as fast as I can move. Malls give me massive headaches.. they say it's a form of epilepsy.. I don't care what it is.. I just want OUT!

I've learned to enjoy my own company.. I like to go for walks by myself too.. and I even like to take myself fishing.. yeah I bait my hooks and gut and scale the fishies too.

I'm terrible at pool but love it.. blues bars are good just keep me away from Jazz joints.. jazz .. I have never quite understood the enjoyment of discordance.

Right where were we? Am I old for my age or ?? just not a very good chick?

Apr 22 @ 11:51AM  
Funny everything you said I do... I love sports alway's have. .. plays pool learned from my dad......grew up the blue's..My hubby only likes to play pool....

I'm forty and still have a little one at home though...

Don't want a clone.. One of me is bad this house....

Apr 22 @ 12:13PM  
All I want is to watch your Hiney Go and your Cock Cum! Everythigelse...we will do or don't do to gether not....

Apr 22 @ 1:28PM  
I enjoy women in their forties

Damn, you like 'em a little young, huh?, nothing wrong with that, like you stated in your blog, you have very good reasons. But then my age range is 26-36.

Apr 22 @ 1:42PM  
I definitely wouldn't want a male clone of myself. I wouldn't want any clone. I like being unique. I've enjoyed my 40's immensely and just into my fifties... I haven't slowed down, yet :)

I won't pretend to like football or hockey... baseball, basketball, boxing are my preferences. I'd rather take nature walks than mall walks. Oh... I'm not an empty nester yet, far from it.

Apr 23 @ 1:03AM  
dont say what ?

is it legeal to date a younger woman over 25 who has a slight case of autisum .

was dating a woman who turned 50 she was loud,farted, snored and peed her water bed and get angery if I cummed before she did .dont know if anybody has one but water beds suck.even if it does have a heater. .she would call my cell and say your cheating on me and its a red head, when i was remolding my house .dont forget the fortune teller part or the trukish coffee readings.but the shaved pussy was great just a little sloppy big and slimy

agreed thought I was the only one getting beat up

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Women and the Change of Life