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Questions for everyone

posted 4/21/2008 9:18:04 AM |
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tagged: advice, question, survey

Earlier this morning, I read Beefy's rant about the real purpose of this site, and was thrilled to see that someone else felt the same way. I immediately jumped up in support- and was disheartened to see that most of the other replies were negative. This led me to really question how realistic my expectations are regarding this site.

I joined because going to bars every other night looking for sex gets time-consuming and expensive, and Craigslist is full of Nigerian oil tycoons that want to deposit money into my bank account. I've been a member for a few weeks now, and the women (who say the're looking for sex) I've messaged don't reply, and the ones that message me don't send another one when I reply. And yes, lascivious as my messages are, they are polite and correctly spelled. I know lots of people log on to talk about sex, but here are my two questions:

How many of you actually created your profile in hopes of finding someone to have sex with in real life?

How many of you have actually had real-life sex with someone you met on AMD (no need to say who)?

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Apr 21 @ 9:22AM  
I feel that there's plenty of room for everyone, and for everyone to blog about anything they want to. That's one of the things that makes this place fun!

Apr 21 @ 9:28AM  
I agree. Just want to take a mesurement of how much room is used by people looking for sex.

Apr 21 @ 9:28AM  
it's an adult SEX site
that is also a whole lotta fun
at times
so leave it what it is

Apr 21 @ 9:29AM  
I gotta wonder just how many women you think are going to respond favorably to a man that posts a picture of himself with his head in a bucket.....

Apr 21 @ 9:33AM  
Answer to your question, no this site sure as hell isnt getting me laid.

Apr 21 @ 9:37AM  
In reply........YES and YES!

Apr 21 @ 9:38AM  
But you gotta give me credit- at least a little bit of me is in the pic. The people who post pictures of their pets, genetalia, etc. don't seem to be doing so bad.

I was hoping women might actually read my profile before responding. A bit nieve of me, you think?

Apr 21 @ 9:41AM  
How many of you actually created your profile in hopes of finding someone to have sex with in real life?

How many of you have actually had real-life sex with someone you met on AMD (no need to say who)?

Damn, I forgot to answer both of these questions you asked. Yes to both of them...

Apr 21 @ 9:42AM  
Candace, you have made my day. God bless you.

Apr 21 @ 9:46AM  
Your impatience is one of your downfalls as it is with many. Would you expect to walk in a bar and instantly get a suck and a fuck with a wink and a drink?

Everyone here is here for their own reasons. Making friends. Finding that special someone. Just wanting to find a fuck. Maybe all three. Patience will sort them out. Then just maybe you might find someone with your same attitude and desires.

Did I create my profile just to find fast fucks? Hell no....but I feel if it eventually does happen its through getting to know someone, here, first. Then it wouldn't be a "fast fuck" would it?

Have I had real life sex with somone I have met on here? I hope you really didn't expect an answer to that one.

Apr 21 @ 9:54AM  
Don't get me wrong, Harley. I'm not here to write about "AMD SUX, SCREW YALL"

Just wanted to chat with some other anglers in the water to see if it's worth the worms.

And I did expect an answer, and got a couple- wich were astonishingly positive!

If it turns out that yes, everyone else on here is getting laid except me, I'll take that as good news because maybe I just need to alter my profile/approach a bit.

If it turns out that nobody is getting laid here, meh. I didn't pay for membership, and I learned a few new jokes about old people.

Apr 21 @ 10:03AM  
yeah the bucket isn't a good sign, but I am sure after a period of time you will get yours...I have gotten laid several times from people i met on this took a while to find ones that interested me, but you have to be in it for the long wishes Bucket Boy...just teasing...wanna fuck?!

Apr 21 @ 10:10AM  
Heh.. Memphis. If only gas weren't three-fiddy a gallon...

Apr 21 @ 10:11AM  
For CL, see my comments in Harleybadboy's blog. I met one lady years ago and nothing happened on AMD. Met a lot of women on regular MD over the past ten years and did have a few significant short term relationships. This site is a just too small in the number of members to be considered viable over all.

Apr 21 @ 10:15AM  
When I first signed up, I was lookin for sex.. three years almost? Yeah... I was lookin.. I found.. stalkers, fruitcakes, men whose wives had no clue what they were doing... a few whose bones I would crawl regularly.. but they live on the other side of the country.

so.. after a while of sooo not seeing what I wanted close enough to grab on to... you get the picture right?

Apr 21 @ 10:25AM  
yes gas is expensive...funny even if you aren't lookin for a whore ya still gotta pay for it somehow...I am always willing to go halfsies! I found a site called airfarewatchdog...cums in real handy!

Apr 21 @ 11:02AM  
You're right Bunny, there is always a price to pay. Sometimes the price you pay to get what you want is financial, sometimes it tests your patience, sometimes it tests your resolve.

And to answer the questions? Yes, and Not Yet....but I will.

Apr 21 @ 11:29AM  
You're a guy, and like I've said before, a woman can drop her pants and someone will show up. If I drop my pants, the police will show up.

That's not intended as a sexist statement, it's true. Anyone who disagrees shouldn't be able to read this anyway, hard to read with your head in the sand.

My point is, it's a hell of a lot harder for guys looking for just sex. Even women who are looking to just boff someone want to be treated with dignity, so lewd messages will turn away most women, no matter how horny they are.

I've met people from here. I could have met many more if I so chose.

You can definitely meet people, the rest is up to you.

Apr 21 @ 11:45AM  
yo "me " the police then...into men droppin their drawers anytime!

Apr 21 @ 12:47PM  
Yup, I joined to find sex with others that are into the same things I am cause they are few and far between in the real world, I have several fetish hang ups and figured I'd find people with the same intrests here, but no responses yet, vanilla is a good thing and I aint slamming no one for it, but it just aint my cup of tea, hate ta say it but I may have ta go pay on alt or something like that and the gas situation is cuttin into that kinda money, but I know where your cumming from!

Apr 21 @ 1:29PM  
Umm does cam sex count?

We plan on eventualy fucking each other...

Depending on whether or not you live in a highly populated area, your chances for hooking up her range from nill to slim. The more people in your area, the more likely someone will be from there, and have an account on this site.

On the other hand, actualy interacting with someone beats the hell out of porn, and you can't talk to porn never laughs when I tell a joke... if it did I would throw the magazine down and run like hell.

In short...umm...try jdate... though if this guy can't get laid there... umm the internet is for porn...

Cam it up...

Apr 21 @ 3:10PM  
Heck at least you all can drive to meet someone. I have 250 miles of ocean to fly across or take a day on the ferry to get to mainland Alaska for a chance to get laid. And with the airfares running $550RT just to get off my rock that's not happening. I am too far away for most to bother... though there are those that say they will attempt the journey.. like salmon swimming upriver... few will make it.

Apr 21 @ 9:58PM  
When I first got on here a few months ago I was looking...but it was the same shit...different day. Then for the first time on any site I got involved with the blogs and I've made so many friends and I so enjoy blogging and exchanging e-mails with them and I decided that was enough for me...I changed my profile to not looking.

I have met one man in person from here and he was awesome....and he'll be back soon but it's just a "wanna fuck" relationship and he's so good I'm happy with that. I've met a second guy recently and I like him a whole whole lot but where it's going is anybody's guess at this point.

Most guys that contact me are either too young (that would be the majority) or they're too far away. Sigh........ so I just play in the blogs....

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