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posted 4/21/2008 9:15:52 AM |
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Has anyone here ever used craigslist and got real results?

I mean actual results with a real person in your area......Those "check out my photos on my website" don't count.

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Apr 21 @ 9:23AM  
Holy crap that is a freaky coincidence- read my last blog, posted at the same time.

But no. I've bought bikes, gotten jobs, etc. on CL, but the w4m posts in Casual Encounters are constantly being flagged- except for the fake ones. And if you post in m4w, you're among about a thousand per day, depending on our area- in a section probably not read by 10 women, judging by the number of real w4m ads.

Apr 21 @ 9:27AM  
Has anyone here ever used craigslist

I haven't...

Apr 21 @ 9:35AM  
I've only used it buy and sell things with great results. Their personal ads are entertaining and hilarious though.

Apr 21 @ 9:53AM  
I tried it once and got two responses one guy wanted to get married sight unseen second guy asked a question then when I replied he got my email addy and just writes wanting to fuck bad experience wont' do it again

Apr 21 @ 9:59AM  
I used it to sell things with great results also. There are a lot of scammers also. I put a personal ad in there M4F and got good results a few years ago. The women tended to be professional, educated, and and generally good looking. As with any site, you tend to have more success if you let the women contact you. A well written ad is the key. It is just like looking for a job, if you want an interview, you had better have a good resume. A lot of women browse CL in quiet times at work. I have also had some that answered me on behalf of a friend.

Below is the actual ad from 2006 that got a half dozen responses at a time. I would post it, then delete it after it fell off of the first page (a day and a half). Then check out the responses and, if needed, repost it few days later and it would go to the top of the page. Met some cool ladies, but I prefer people living within a half hour of me and that is not many miles during drive time in the big city.

The ad is below in two parts. But you had best write it well, spell check it, and write it for a woman. If your ad is lame, they think you are also. You won't catch any fish with dead bait.

About myself:
I am a degreed 55 YO male smoker in north Irving whose companionship is currently comprised of three dogs, all rescues. Good news and bad news: The good news is that I wake up every morning with someone who loves me. The bad news is it is someone of a different underage.
While no man is an island, I have, metaphorically been a peninsula a bit too long. I had largely sat out the dating scene for the past five years to focus on redirecting my career, which involved plunging into the starving artist routine. Imposed discipline required giving up wine, women, and song though I allowed myself to listen to a CD on occasion. I am now in a position to return to the other sides of life.
Relationships and friendships do not have warranties and should not be scripted. Many who could have been a friend today are not because we became captivated lovers too soon. Relationships should grow into themselves and we are all guilty of forcing a relationship to run before it can walk. Our true friends go on into the future while exes are often debris of the past.
Since my divorce in 1990, I have been on the quest for the Holy Grail that we know as “the one”. It is obviously an elusive pursuit that does not come easily as I am here just as you are. If it came easily, it would not necessarily truly be special and treasured. For those of you who consider it a social disease, I am a smoker, but house broken.

The person I would like to meet:
A buddy, pal, or activity partner will work, the closer to Irving the better, though the real goal is something far greater. While physical attraction and chemistry needs to be there along with common interests; temperament and shared lifestyle, goals, and values are more important. I do like a quick mind and wit and am attracted to a woman who understands the meaning of four syllable words that is not offended by four letter ones. Versatility is a very good thing as ranging from barbecue and beer to prime rib and pinot grigio, as well as a JJ’s Blues Bar to DMA are big plusses!
Any kids should be on their own. Not to seem shallow, but being real, I am not into having to deal with high maintenance offspring. My beloved 31 YO daughter has grown up to be a fine woman. Fifteen years ago, that was not the case as I played single parent and as a result, hell will hold no surprises. Seen it, done it, it did me, and the kid stole the tee shirt. I will not go through it again.
I am not interested in somebody looking for me to send them money to fly here from another continent. I also am not interested in an escort at $300.00 an hour unless she will consider a three minute contract with an option for a fourth at that rate.

My idea of a great date:
Charlize Theron on a barefoot cruise and she is paying. Seriously, having been in self imposed exile for five years, I yearn to enjoy the shared experiences of doing things that we don't do by ourselves. I can watch a movie by myself. Conversely, if one person wants to do something of little or no interest to the other, then they should do it with another family member or friend who is interested in it. I believe in accommodation but am not into compromise on such issues. At our age, we all have our own lives, interests, and activities and it is just as unfair to expect someone to do what they are not interested in as it is to ask someone to give up something that they enjoy concerning things that we don't do by ourselves. That is what other people are for.
I love interacting, so collaborating on a meal followed by backgammon over a bottle of merlot is much more my idea of a good time than dinner and a movie. I am much more Pink Floyd than George Strait in musical taste and cultural affinity. I love board and card games though I am not into poker or gambling at all. Enjoy indoor and outdoor activities. A museum every few months is cool but I prefer to pass on the craft fairs. I enjoy playing pool and get into blues for live music. Due to damaged knees, I am largely a spectator rather than a participant when it comes to sports. I am not into dancing or country western at all.


Apr 21 @ 9:59AM  

About my work:
I have dual careers: My day job is as veterans job counselor. I find fulfillment in it as I get to make a positive impact on people’s lives at a pivotal point. It also provides retirement with medical benefits as early as 2011. The other side is as a freelance journalist focusing on business technology articles. I love and thrive on the intellectual and creative challenges this field presents. I am relatively successful in it but realize that it is a very cool part time job and nothing more. This I will do on into the future after I retire from being a veterans job counselor. In my previous life, I worked in sound, lighting, staging and event management for concerts plays and conventions. Very interesting and enriching. I have worked with six U.S. presidents and had lunch with Eric Clapton among other things. I asked myself one day if it was what I wanted to do the rest of my life and the answer was, "hell no". It did not provide intrinsic or creative fulfillment and I had accomplished all that I would. The nature of the business physically ravages the body in a field that honors the dead and buries the living. I enjoyed making a good living and having fun for a quarter of a century through the glory of rock and roll and the glamour of show business. It was simply time to explore the other sides of life in other career fields. No regrets, wouldn't have missed it for the world, but don't miss it now:)
I circle to back to the opening of my profile, by alluding to my 90 pound puppy...I just keep it simple by wagging my tail as I just want to be friends. If that is all it is, it is good and our lives are better for it.

If we come to enhance one another’s lives in our sojourn, so much the better. We all have to sift through broken glass to find our diamond. Smile as you see the glass as being half full as well as half empty. Local only please unless willing to visit or relocate. But if you are visiting Dallas, drop me a line. Thank you for reading this and if I pique your interest, please let me hear from you. I wish you an outcome of love, peace and happiness.

Apr 21 @ 10:07AM  
Don't bother with casual encounter in CL!!!! Predatory gays will besiege you along with scammers along with prostitutes, and even occasional set ups for robbery, I kid you not. Hell that section even attracts undercover vice cops. This is not a satirical comment, I assure you.

Apr 21 @ 10:20AM  
started getting to know a swapping couple.. til he said something so incredibly racist and I just quit talkin.

Apr 21 @ 10:31AM  
Wordsofwit You looking for a job writing ads for the personals????

Your warnings can relate to any dating site you post an ad to. There are so many scam artists out there. Plus outright criminals. You have to stay alert and look for the signs. I can't believe anyone would just meet someone in a private location and take that sort of chance. Male or female.

But I do find that venue amusing from some of the replies and propositions you will get.


Apr 21 @ 10:53AM  
Hey Words...I think your cute!

Apr 21 @ 12:03PM  
But I do find that venue amusing from some of the replies and propositions you will get.

I did get a response from a gay bottom who assured me that he could show me a better time with two holes than a woman offering three.

Apr 21 @ 5:01PM  
If you are looking to meet someone Craig's list is a waste of your time!
Either someone wants you to go onto another dating site to build a profile, or there is "escort" looking for "donations"

The only real women that appear to be on there locally are unattractive for the most part.
I won't go as far as to say that there are no quality women there but then again I'm sure there is a beautiful diamond ring in a dumpster somewhere in Los Angeles too!

Craigslist for dating or hooking up purposes? (For men)
I'm sure women have no problem getting responses from men in their area though.
In fact on most of these "free" sites the men seem to out-number the women.

Apr 21 @ 7:39PM  
Used it 4 seperate times with AWESOME results!!

May 9 @ 12:29PM  


You see, the King doesn't keep his elephant eggs in one sites' basket.

No indeed, The King spreads his McLovin' around.......and the FIRST place he learned to have fun at was........

Craigslist W4M Casual Encounters...........

However, in the last few years (on the DFW/OKC area boards) robots and fakers (not unlike this site) have multiplied roach-like to infest what was once a freakin' KILLER place to use. That isn't to mention the REAMS of fake female ads by desperate gay dudes who are pic-collecting, or couples.........or hookers.........or.......(I mean they post SPECIFICALLY on WOMAN FOR MAN, because no one is buying what they are selling on their OWN boards)............

I have had (not your business, just ask) meetings with single gals from CL, and quite frankly, it is worth it IF:

You are specific, not vague.
You are honest, not a shithead.
You are REALLY looking.
You are detailed on your ad, with YOUR photos posted, and YOUR REAL information (stats, etc.).
You actually KNOW what you want, and want to get it.
Patience Young Jedi a virtue.

Now though, what few real women DO come through tend to keep falling for the fake "I have 9+" men who are full of BS, and get frustrated. Or, like here, women that confuse "having sex" with "having a relationship", so they get pissy because they have no clue what they are actually looking for..........but never realized "casual sex" does not mean "I want to date" and post on there anyway.

It is Man-enomics at work. Remember you are selling your product to a specific buyer, if they don't like it, they will move on, and someone else will show up.

CL is a meat-market, much like AMD, so just understand if you want real, and real results, you have to do real work, and learn/improve how you play that game.


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