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Story-Allie Playing Around....Of Golf!

posted 4/21/2008 8:46:04 AM |
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In the continuing series of Naughty Allie Adventures....

David called and said that he had won a free round of golf for a foursome at a local golf course near his home. He and Allie were wondering if me and my two friends would like to come down and join him in a foursome. I contacted the guys and we were all up for it so we made plans to come to Cincinnati and play golf. We went back and forth on dates and finally agreed on a date in September. David made the tee time for a mid morning start, so we drove down the morning of and met him and Allie at the golf course. We pulled into the parking lot of the course and started to unload the car and Allie walked up to greet us. She was dressed in a cute little jean skirt and white tight cropped t-shirt that showed off her belly button and hugged her breasted seductively.

We said our hellos and Allie suggested that we go into the club house and find David. He was at the bar waiting for us. We walked into the clubhouse and found David at the bar, drinking a beer and watching TV. When we walked in, he got up and moved to a table so we could all sit down and talk. David said that the course was pretty deserted this time of year and that we could go out whenever we wanted to tee-off. Allie wasn't a golf fan, but she agreed to come with David to see us and she had thought about how we could spice up the afternoon. She would tend the pin for us at each hole. Each guy would have their own cart and whoever won the hole got to have Allie as their passenger until the next hole winner. She said she had a few more rules, but she would explain them as we played. We all hit our tee shots and Allie hopped in with David since no one had won a hole yet. We all hit our next couple of shots and were on the green putting. Allie tended the flag on the first hole for us. B was the only one who was far enough from the hole to actually need the pin tended, but it was fun to watch Allie stand there looking sexy. As Allie stood there tending it, she watched B look at his ball, then back at the hole, then back at his ball, then when he looked back up at the hole and was about to put, Allie lifted up her skirt and showed him that she wasn't wearing any panties and also showed him her perfectly shaved pussy. B tried not to act like he noticed her flash him, but he smacked his ball about 15 feet passed the hole! The rest of us clapped and laughed at his fuck up. We all finished the hole without Allie flashing anymore and moved on to the second hole.

No one won the hole but Allie decided to change carts anyway, and hopped in with R. The tee offs at 2 were about the same, so Allie stayed in R's cart. They road over to R's ball. He climbed out, grabbed a club, and sent a soaring beautiful shot that landed right up next to the hole. We watched as Allie hopped out of the cart and planted a kiss on him. Allie then called out that her new rule was that whoever she was riding with had a great shot, she would hop out and give them a kiss. It was a welcomed second rule! When we got to the second green David suggested that the third rule be that if one of us got a par, Allie would flash her boobs. Immediately after David's suggestion, Allie suggested that for birdies, she would flash her pussy. Seems as though Allie and David had given this whole golf thing a lot of thought!

As luck would have it, we all parred the hole except B, who birdied we all got an eyeful of Allie's breasts and pussy and we were only on the second hole!

B won the hole so Allie stayed in his cart. He had a long straight drive and Allie told us to enjoy the view as the road to his ball... Since he had won the last hole with a birdie, she would keep flashing her pussy at him as he drove to his ball. Allie hiked up her skirt, put her right leg over the front of the cart and pulled her left knee up onto the seat near B. This gave him the perfect view of her pussy. We were all jealous as we noticed and watched what appeared like Allie wetting her fingers with her tongue and it looked like she started playing with herself as the rode in the cart. By the time they got to B's ball, we could make out the outline of him pitching a tent in the front of his shorts!

Unfortunately he hit his next shot almost straight right into the woods. Allie called us over to their cart and said she had made a new rule for us. If whoever she was riding with hit a bad shot they should rub her butt for luck! So we all watched B rub her ass like he was trying to coax a genie from a bottle...and then he went over to the woods where his ball went out. He decided it wasn't worth looking for, and dropped a ball and hit, taking a penalty. He got back into the cart and we rode to the green. When we all stopped, we watched as Allie stroked B's cock through his shorts. By the time he got out of the cart to put, he was pointing towards the flag with his own pole. Needless to say he lost the hole. R, myself and David all parred it, so Allie flashed us her tits.

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Apr 21 @ 8:47AM  
Since all of us except B had tied on the hole, Allie decided to ride in my cart. Between the green and the next hole was a water cooler, so we all stopped for water. It was pretty hot, and we all got something to drink. Allie was drinking very fast and before we knew it, she had spilled water down the front of her shirt. The water was nice and cool and almost immediately, Allie's nipples were standing at attention, starring at us. We got back into our carts and I could hardly keep my eyes on where I was going. I kept starring at Allie's succulent nipples as we rode. It seemed as if the wind blowing as we rode in the cart made her nipples even harder and they stuck out even further...

When we got to the next tee-off box, all of the guys noticed Allie's nipples and R asked if he could rub her tits for luck this hole. Allie said "Sure!" and pulled up her shirt so he could rub her boobs. We couldn't let R have all the fun, so we all said we wanted some luck too! So we lined up and we each took a turn rubbing our hands all over her tits before teeing off.

David hit a super long drive and even though she wasn't in his cart for this hole, Allie ran over to him and gave him a kiss for it. David reached around and cupped Allie's ass and did the full on husband/wife passionate kiss thing. Me and my friends fake coughed to get them back into the game and David laughed and ended their kiss. Allie climbed back into my cart and we took off towards my ball. On my next shot, I smacked my ball into a tree and it flew out of bounds into a dirt building lot where they were building a new house. There was now way to get the ball back, so I asked Allie to throw me a new ball from the cart. Allie grabbed the ball, threw her legs up on the front of the cart, hiked up her skirt, and rubbed the ball all over her pussy and then tossed it to me. I chuckled to myself and yelled over to her that "There's no way I could hit it now...Not with that vision in my head!"

Sure enough, I topped the ball and it only went about 15 feet in front of me. I could hear the other guys laughing at me from their different spots on the fairway. I called out that it was Allie's fault, took another swing and did the exact same damn thing! This time I saw that Allie was laughing too and I called over to her asking "Wasn't I supposed to get a butt rub or something?" Allie called back "Yeah" and she pulled the cart up where I was and then climbed out so I could rub her ass. As I rubbed Allie's ass, she bent over forward to give me a good shot at her pussy. I rubbed her pussy, which was super-wet, and then I went over to hit my ball. I didn't top it again, but it wasn't a great shot, but at least I had to get back into the cart to get to it.

When we got to the green, Allie stepped out to tend the pin and R announced that his putt was for eagle. We hadn't discussed any eagle rules, but he was a good 20-25 feet from the pin. Instead of just flashing her pussy, Allie just hiked up her skirt up over her hips and left it there as she held on to the pin. We all hooted and hollered at the sight of Allie exposed, but somehow R kept a straight face and hit a perfect putt to make his eagle. So that immediately brought up an eagle rule discussion. Allie finally suggested that for eagles, who ever was putting for eagle would pull out their cock and Allie would kiss it for luck.

We all agreed that this was a great rule and almost as soon as Allie had said it, R was unzipping his shorts. He just stood there with his semi-hard cock poking through his zipper, waiting for Allie. Allie knelled down on the green and instead of just kissing it, she put the head of his cock into her mouth and started swirling her tongue around it. R ran his hand through her hair and made a moaning noise. We all shouted out in protest that what Allie was doing wasn't just a kiss!

Allie stopped for a second and then amended her rule. She said if someone was putting for eagle she would kiss it for luck...but if the guy putting for eagle made it, she'd blow him until each of other guys was done putting. Once she was done explaining her rule, Allie wrapped her lips back around R's cock and continue to blow him. As the rest of us resumed our putting, R called out for us to take our time! We all looked at each other and shrugged and and went back to putting It took us a good three or four minutes to finish up the hole. By this time R was rock hard and begging Allie not to stop. Allie took her mouth off his cock and reminded him that he had won the hole and she would blow him in the cart as they rode to the next tee.

Apr 21 @ 9:03AM  
As we stopped at the next tee, Allie continued to bob her head up and down on R's cock. She stopped sucking on him so he could hit his tee shot. Just as he was about to put his cock back into his pants, Allie said that if he'd hit all his shots for this hole with his dick hanging out, she'd continue to blow him the entire hole! We all laughed and thought R was going to balk on the idea, but he hopped right out of the cart and hit his drive, with a hard-on popping straight out of his pants. All of us guys were falling down because we were laughing so hard at the sight of R hitting his tee shot with a hardon. R's shot wasn't a bad drive either, but he didn't even watch soon as he hit it, he rushed back to the cart and sat down so Allie could continue sucking on him. The rest of us hit our tee shots and were about to take off down the fairway, but stopped and watched Allie work her magic on R.

R moaned just a little and he began to shoot his load into Allie's mouth. She moaned and sucked even harder on his cock as his cum went down her throat. R spasmed like mad as he came, and Allie just kept sucking. Once he was done cumming, R thanked Allie and said that her blow job was the coolest thing he'd ever done on a golf course and thanked her for the blow job. R climbed out of the cart and grabbed a towel from his bag and handed it to Allie in case she needed it. Allie had swallowed all of his load, so she didn't need it, and handed it right back to him. He wiped himself off a little and then stuffed his cock back into his shorts...since the show was over, we all gave them the "golf clap" salute and then went back to our carts and took off down the fairway towards our balls.

We finished up the hole with pars for everyone except R, so Allie gave us each a full round of boob flashing. Allie stayed in R's cart since no one specific had won.

The next couple of holes were pretty uneventful. R won them and since Allie just gotten done blowing him, he wasn't really that horny anymore. I won the 7th hole, so Allie got to switch carts and get into mine. When we got up to the next tee-off box, Allie leaned across both seats of the cart, hiked up her skirt and spread her legs as far as she could and told us that for this hole we could all lick her pussy for luck! David went first, licking her a few times and then walked up to the tee-off box. R was next, then B. By the time it got to me, the other guys were still taking their practice swings and getting ready. So I had plenty of time to lick Allie. Allie leaned back even further and pulled her shirt up over her tits and played with them while I licked her. While I sucked on her slit, I put a finger inside her,and began to gently finger her as I licked. After a minute or so it was my turn to hit, so I gave her clit one last kiss and headed up to the tee-off box.

While I hit, R came back over to Allie and picked up where I had left off. I came back to the cart and pushed him aside and Allie and I took off towards my ball. As we drove, Allie said she was horny and started to stroke my cock through my shorts with one hand and played with her pussy with her other hand. I hit my next shot left and into some woods that weren't out of bounds. The other guys drove on up the fairway to their balls. Allie and I went off into the woods to look for my ball, all the while she stroked my cock. By the time we got to my ball, I was rock hard.

Unfortunately my ball was in plain view so we drove straight to it so that the cart was on the left-hand side of the ball, with Allie close to it. As I got out to get my club, Allie leaned back across the seats again, and spread her legs and told me to stick my cock in her real know...for luck! I was a little shocked at first... I looked at my ball, then at Allie's pussy, then rubbed my cock, then I looked back at my ball, then back at Allie's pussy...She was now fingering herself, looking sexy as hell. I said "What the fuck!" and yanked down my shorts just enough to get my cock out so I could put in Allie. I stood next to the cart, and was at perfect height to slip inside Allie and looked quickly around to make sure no one could see, and then I slid my cock in Allie. I fucked her really fast for about five seconds, then pulled out, pulled up my shorts and ran over to where my ball was. I managed to hit a great shot out of the woods and back onto the fairway up near where the rest of the guys were. We could barely see them but we could hear them shout that it was a great shot.

I walked back over to the cart, yanked my shorts back down and stuffed my cock back inside Allie. This time, I slowed my thrusts down a little and gave her some nice long smooth strokes. Allie played with her clit as I fucked her. I reached up and grabbed her tit with the hand that wasn't still holding a golf club! I still only fucked her for about thirty seconds or so and then pulled out, zipped up and put my club away...and we drove up to the rest of the guys.

Apr 21 @ 9:04AM  
When we got up to them, I mentioned something about not being able to find my ball and the guys laughed and said they bet I found them OK! This time while tending the pin Allie hiked up her skirt and played with her pussy while everyone putted... We all missed our putts as we watched Allie play with herself. In fact, every single one of us bogeyed the hole except R. Since he parred it, Allie flashed her boobs at him and then hopped in R's cart for the next hole.

The ninth hole came and went without anything exciting happening. Between the ninth and tenth there was a little snack stand so we got out and got something to eat and drink. The snack stand guy was staring at Allie. Her shirt was still a bit damp and clingy and because she was so horny, her nipples were damn near bursting through the fabric. There weren't any other golfers at the snack stand (in fact we hadn't seen any other golfers near us all day) so Allie stepped up a bit closer to the snack stand. The snack stand guy was a college kid in his early twenties, and just stood there staring at her tits. Allie pinched the bottom of her shirt and peeled the material away from her tits...and then flapped the shirt several times as if to draw cool air..."Hot day, isn't it?" She asked looking straight at the snack-stand guy. The kid just nodded in agreement. The tee box was only a few fee away from the snack stand.

Allie grabbed one of David's golf balls and walked over to the ball washer and did the full on Caddy Shack routine, pumping the ball washer up and down, while moving her hips and ass like she was getting fucked. We loved it! The snack-shop dude was now trying his best to act like he wasn't watching, but was clearly watching through the corner of his eye. B dropped a golf ball on the ground in front of Allie, and asked her if she could pick it up for him. Without bending her knees and with her ass facing the snack guy, Allie bent over and picked up the ball. We heard a crash behind us looked over to see that the snack guy wasn't there anymore. He had lost his balance and fell over! We all lost it and just burst out laughing and finally decided to go ahead and tee off.

While heading down the tenth hole we started thinking of new rules to step up the pace. Allie suggested that from now on, whoever lost the hole had to lick her pussy at the next tee-off box until it was his turn to hit. David suggested that whoever won the hole got a blow job from the tee-off box up to their first drive. Allie was starting to get really horny and wanted to up the stakes so she could get more attention.. B lost the tenth and licked Allie's pussy until it was his turn to hit.

David won the 11th, so Allie unzipped his shorts and pulled out his cock while they drove to his first drive. He drove very slowly and had all of laughing as we drove beside them watching Allie's head bob up and down on his cock. He stopped the cart and hit his second shot. The 3 SF guys parred the hole and David actually won the hole, so since no one lost, we all took turns licking Allie's pussy while each other teed-off.

As luck would have it, I got a hold of my tee shot and had a monster drive and out drove the others by about 20 yards. Allie hopped into my cart and unzipped my shorts and pulled out my cock and she started to blow me as a I drove to my shot. As we sat waiting for the others to hit their second shots, Allie continued to go down on me. She kept sucking on my cock head while using her hand to jack off the shaft with one had and squeeze my balls with her other hand. I was in heaven and forgot about the other guys. I was on the verge of cumming when they all pulled up beside us and told me that I was holding up the game. I tapped Allie on the top of her head to let her know that I was pulling my cock away and got out and hit my second shot.

As we got to the green R announced that he had yet another eagle putt coming. This time it was only about 15 feet away, but he was still further out than the rest of us. Allie pulled the pin and then sat down behind the hole, spread her legs so that her pussy was right up next to the back of the hole and told R that if he sinks his putt, he would get to fuck her right there on the green until the rest of us guys were finished putting. R couldn't believe his luck and took his time lining up the putt. The way Allie was sitting on the green, he could've easily just hit the ball to one side or the other and it would've rolled up her leg and into the cup. But the shot was perfect and before the ball hit the cup he was already pulling his dick out. He walked over to Allie and and she reached out and took his semi-hard cock in her hands and gave it a few strokes and then she wrapped her lips around it to lube it up and get him fully hard. Once his cock was to her liking, Allie got on all fours, doggie style, facing the hole...R got on his knees on the green behind Allie and slowly pushed his cock inside her. The rest of us just stood there with our mouths open, watching R fuck Allie right there on the green. We looked around to make sure that there weren't any golfers anywhere that could see what they were doing...and then we resumed watching R pound into Allie from behind. After a couple of minutes, David remembered that we were supposed to be putting. R laughed at the comment and told us to take our time and that Allie's pussy felt great.

Apr 21 @ 9:05AM  
We all finished putting, and R and Allie stopped fucking and got ready to go to the next hole.hole. Allie stopped and pointed to a lone cart in the distance. David saw it also and said " I bet it's the snack stand guy following us!" We all laughed at the idea of the kid following us, jacking off as he snuck around behind we drove to the next tee box. B had lost the last hole and we all expected him to balk on his pussy eating chores, since we had just watched R stuff his cock into Allie, but he got down there and took care of business while the rest of us hit our tee shots.

R had never bothered to put his cock away and climbed back into the cart with a full hard on after he hit his shot. Since he'd won the hole, Allie was supposed to blow him to the first ball, but instead she climbed on top of him, facing out, and sat down on his cock. Allie told him to hit the gas and she'd steer! It was a funny sight, watching them try to drive down the fairway to R's ball while fucking in a bumpy golf cart. After they got to his drive, Allie climbed back over to the other seat and R put his cock away. We finished up the hole and I won.

Between the 11th and 12th there was a water cooler and we'd all forgotten to get water. Allie mentioned that all this fucking and cock sucking had made her thirsty, so we back-tracked a little back through the woods to get some water. As we neared the cooler we noticed that lone cart again...and then we saw a figure run from a group of trees back to the cart next to the cooler. As we got to the cooler, we could see who it was and sure enough, it was our snack stand guy. He mumbled something about filling up the coolers...Allie laughed and got out to grab some water. Allie and I both could see that the snack dude was totally tenting his shirt. I was guessing that he was jerking off in the group of trees watching us and didn't have time to put his cock back in his pants.

Allie whispered in my ear "Watch this..." and she acted like she stumbled and dropped her water, and to stop her fall, she grabbed with one hand snack boys cart and put her other hand right under his shirt and grabbed his cock. Sure enough his cock was sticking up out of his shorts and was hard as a rock! Allie pulled his shirt up and acted as if she was all upset and said "Hey, what's this? Were you were masturbating in the trees?"

The snack dude grabbed his shirt and pulled it back over his dick. He was all flustered and I thought he was almost going to cry. He pleaded with us not to tell the greens-keeper or he would get fired. Allie told him to let her see his cock again. He didn't want to lift his shirt and shook his head no. She told him to let her see it again or we'd tell the greens-keeper that we found him masturbating. He slowly lifted up his shirt again to expose his cock. Allie took her hand and wrapped it around his cock and slowly started stroking it. "Is this what you were doing?", she asked...he just nodded his head.

Allie looked over at me and asked me "What should we do with our little masturbator?" I looked at her, with his cock in her hand and said "Suck his cock.." Allie knelt down onto the floor of snack boys cart and started to licked his cock. I looked over at him and his eyes were shut so hard his face looked like he was in pain. Allie noticed the look on his face and asked if she should stop. Snack boy just moaned "Don't stop..." Allie wrapped her lips around his cock and swirled her tongue around his head and then started to bob up and down on his shaft a couple of times.

Allie stopped sucking on him and looked over at me with a wicked look on her face and said "Give me a condom" We had all put condoms in our golf bags before we started to play In case Allie wanted to fuck on the course for real, and not just play, so I pulled out a rubber from my bag and tossed it over to her. She handed it to snack boy and stood up. She pulled her skirt up over her hips. She then helped snack boy put the condom on his cock and I watched as she straddled him and slowly moved his cock to her pussy and slowly slid down on it. The cart seat didn't make the best position for sex and Allie was having trouble getting a good rhythm going, but I don't think the snack guy cared. Allie did her best and she began to build up speed while riding snack guy. She glanced over at me and gave me a big smile.

Apr 21 @ 9:06AM  
I couldn't take watching any more and went over and stood next to the cart. Allie reached over and started stroking my cock as she rode snack boy. Allie lifted up her shirt up over her tits and pushed a nipple into snack boys mouth. He got the hint and started sucking. After a couple of minutes of Allie stroking me and watching her fuck snack boy, I let out a moan and started to shoot cum everywhere. I shot my load all into the cart, but behind where Allie and snack boy were fucking. No more than 10 seconds after I finished cumming, snack boy opened his eyes up wide and said, "Oh God...!" and he started to cum. Allie bucked down really hard onto his cock and looked into snack boys eyes as he shot his wad inside her.

Allie got up off snack boy and gave him a kiss on his cheek and thanked him for the fuck and got back in my cart and we headed back to rejoin the rest of the group. Allie turned and waved goodbye to snack boy as we zipped along the path. Snack boy was just sitting there, stunned by the fact that he had just been fucked by a sexy woman on the golf course.

Once we got back to the group, we pretty much tossed the rules and just goofed off. We all tried to see if we could tee-off while Allie gave us head...Didn't work... We all tried to see if we could putt while getting head. Nope....couldn't concentrate. We all then wanted to try the fucking while driving the golf cart thing, so we took turns doing that. Between holes instead of licking Allie's pussy, we decided to take turns fucking Allie while the other guy hit. It only took another hole or two before the golfers behind us finally caught up. We decided we'd pushed our luck as far as we could today, so we calmed down and let them play through. They did give us and Allie some strange looks as they played through, as I'm sure they're not used to seeing female golfers in a short skirts and little cropped tops.

On the 17th, I hit a ball out of bounds and asked Allie to go hunt it with me. While we were out in this field looking for his golf ball, Allie found it and bent over to pick it up...Her skirt rode up and I had a clear shot at her pussy. I told Allie to hold that pose, and came up behind her, put a rubber on and stuffed my cock in her. I must have fucked her for a good two or three minutes before the other guys finally came to the fence and yelled at me to hurry up!

Allie started to stand up but I asked her to stop. I was close to cumming.. Less than a minute later I was squeezing my fingers into Allie's hips as I power fucked into her and shot my load into her. Allie gave me a kiss on the cheek and said "That was fun!" We got our clothes back in place and hopped the fence back onto the course. We didn't really do much more since we were getting near the club house and no one wanted to get in trouble.

When we got back to the club house, Allie and I saw snack boy again. He was punching out for the day. He waved us and, Allie blew him a kiss. We had one final beer in the club house and laughed and chatted about the craziest round of golf any of us had ever played. Allie then asked "If you guys are up for it, you could come back to our house and fuck me all night..." We all looked at each other and stood up and said "Let's go!"

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Story-Allie Playing Around....Of Golf!